Their patented technology delivers 3x the draw of other vaporizers, giving you the maximum dose with each pull. Once you experience the effectiveness of the AiroPro system, you’ll never want to use a different vaporizer ever again. Plus, AiroPro is the only brand to use haptic feedback to indicate when the device is working at its best. As you draw on your AiroPro vaporizer, you’ll feel a slight buzz (pun definitely intended!). That buzz you feel is the haptic feedback system letting you know the device is activated and providing you with a rich, dense pull.

The haptic feedback will let you know your battery status as well: One Pulse – 30% battery remaining Two Pulses – 20% battery remaining Three Pulses – 10% battery remaining, charge soon Halo Flashes 10 times – battery is dead But don’t worry if your battery dies, AiroPro’s convenient micro-USB charging unit offers portability and convenience when you need to recharge. As you can see, there’s a lot to love about AiroPro’s unique vaporizer system, but that’s not all!

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Every Cannabis product The Stone brings to our connoisseurs is an opportunity to advance better ways of doing business that shape a positive future for Cannabis use. It was in that spirit that we first launched The Stone Dispensary. At The Stone Dispensary we were determined to raising the bar on Cannabis products across our offering.

Since we started, The Stone has been thrilled to be involved in the paradigm shift of quality service in the Cannabis industry. We may not be the cheapest dispensary in Denver Colorado. What The Stone does have is the Best Cannabis Deals. We also pride ourselves on our tight knit relationships with our brand partners. It’s clear that together we’re building a better Cannabis future by selling products in better ways. Order Cannabis Today