The gurus of Vapes and Distillates Cartridges is the Company AiroPro. They have rebranded to Airo Brands. Inc and their distillates rebranded to Airo Pod.  They are a United States Company that has been in existence since December 2016. Their CEO, Mr. Richard Yost, is the vision behind the brand that has brought many Cannabis users who vape the experience they want. 



Many Cannabis users may know the brand; Indigo Pro and Airo Vapers, their signature product, but over the years, they have evolved into AiroPro, and their product line has expanded. Not to mention the convenient battery system formulated CCELL system. It does not operate by a screw-on 510 threaded adapter. For convenience it uses, a vibrating battery system on a magnetic base. The system has notifiable indicators to tell Vapers when the battery system is dying.


AiroPro Battery Indicators


  • Vibrates one pulse: there is 30% battery life left
  • Vibrates two pulses: there is 20% battery life left
  • Vibrates three pulses: there is 10% battery life left


No other vaping system has this unique feature, only AiroPro. With its CCELL technology using this product, the cartridge dispels a bit more puffs than you are accustomed to. While carefully regulating the hits because of their potency. The battery also vibrates as you vape, which lets you know whether you are vaping or not. 


AiroPro THC/CBD Product Line


The AiroPro brand line of THC/CBD Distillate Oils; are available in Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, and Washington. Their product line covers types of cannabis strain of; Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The carts cover the line of Live Cannabis Flower Series and AiroPro’s Live Resin series. 


AiroPro’s Live Resin series is the most potent Live Resin series available in the Cannabis marketplace. The potency is consistent right throughout the life span of the cartridge. There was no change in flavor or CBD/THC potency. It is consistent with its claims of high-grade cannabis flowers used in Distillates. 


Products in The AiroPro Brand


  • AiroPro Vaporizers
  • AiroSport
  • AiroX Disposable vaporizers


These three brands cover a series of category products:


  • AiroPro Vaporizers
  • Strain Series
  • Artisan Series
  • Live Flower Series
  • Live Resin Series


Although the cost is adjusted to a lower pricing point, the quality of the product remains the same. It is a testimony to the standards and customer expectations that AiroPro considers relevant to their clients. They have won, The Best CBD Cartridge in 2019 at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards, and they have continued to create even better quality products. 


A sexier range of Cannabis products you will not find. Within the above series, you can buy:


  • Midnight Moon
  • Black Mamba
  • Mystical Melody
  • Sumatran Sunrise


Depending on your need for these Cannabis products, they facilitate experiences in recreational and medical. The AiroPro website can help with your order depending on what your need is base on the products.  


AiroPro, considered to be the best cannabis product, the pluses outweigh the minuses. They have the most products in their product series, the most hits per/smoke,  the vaping cartridge battery life lasts longer compare to other brands, and Cannabis Oil quality is of the highest. 


Overall, the product is of such high quality; the manufacturers of AiroPro test ingredients at every stage of production. They use FDA-approved grown Cannabis Flowers in every batch. Their production facility are exclusively manned by their employees, no outsiders for obvious reasons. Airopro products are purchased, by more Cannabis users across the United States, which is a testament to the product.