Arvada was once known as the Celery Capital of the world because of its famed Pascal celery which was grown there in the early 1900s. The White House made it a tradition in the 1900s to serve this celery at Christmas as part of its menu. 

Arvada city became famous in 1850 for gold that was discovered by Mr. Lewis Ralston. His first paid amount from the mountain-stream is recorded as $5. Later the town was formerly named for the founder Benjamin F. Wadsworth; his brother-in-law, Mr. Hiram Arvada Haskin. It is geographically located in Jefferson and Adams counties, and the early 1870s had a population of 100. Today the population has mushroomed to 120,000. The city has a small-town feel to it with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere basking in the rich history of what makes Arvada, Arvada.

Arvada, CO

To visit Arvada is to enjoy a visit to the famous Cussler Museum. Clive Cussler is a famous American Novelist and an underwater explorer. He founded the organization The National Underwater and Marine Agency, which discovered over 60 shipwrecks and is credited to be an excellent writer of 80 books; and some of his novels were inspirational in movies and fictional plots. Mr. Cussler’s books, mostly fiction in content, were inspired by his exploration of the Arvada waters during his many discoveries of these wrecks. 

Even more famous and for car connoisseurs, the remarkable car collection at the museum was named after Cussler. Here is a YouTube link to this nostalgic experience you may want to enjoy. 

Shopping and dining are another pass time you may enjoy in this historic town; at any of their three stops along the G line commuter rail line. The city of Arvada, Colorado, statistically, a low crime rate, with persons educated in entrepreneurial skills to ensure employment remains at its highest. The Red Rick Community College in Arvada has training for the continued filling of employers’ needs. The skills bank in the city is a testament to what vision can do. 

Another part and maybe an innovative business venture is the Cannabis dispensary introduction to this sleepy little city. The Stone Dispensary serves the medical Cannabis and recreational Cannabis needs of its people. For Colorado to be one of the first states, if not the first, to envision the real benefit of Cannabis properties to persons, then you can understand why The Stone is a part of this revolution.

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Jars of Cannbis Flower

The Stone

Arvada has over 100 Cannabis clinics in the city, and depending on your preferences, you can always find a dispensary to fill this need. The culture in Arvada is to embrace change and to ensure their culture and history remain the same. Another thing you may not know about Arvada; they have two sister cities, Jinzhou, China, and Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan.

So, should you be in Arvada and want to get to know this city, we are sure you will enjoy your visit. The welcoming and peaceful atmosphere is sure to have you relaxed and wanting more.

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