become is scientifically formulated for women, by women

In developing become, their team of female chemists sought after the highest quality strains of Cannabis to create a proprietary blend that you can take with you and use as desired. Women are on the go and need to be able to have a product that they can responsibly consume in a multitude of settings.

become is crafted in the heart of Denver and caters to your needs no matter if you are on the go and needing energy and focus (Elevated), at home relaxing and indulging in serenity (Mellow) or just wanting something in between to get you through the day (Balanced). Whether you are new to consuming or you are a Cannabis Connoisseur, we have got the perfect blend to fit your needs.

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Across the globe and around the clock, The Stone Dispensary never stops working to give people the Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana they want. We strive to improve the local community with the bud we all share. We turn our passion for consumers into the Cannabis people love, and create shared opportunity through growth. We are pleased with our progress against some of our goals in the Cannabis industry. We also recognizing that more needs to be done to give the Best Cannabis Deals as the cheapest Cannabis Dispensary in Denver Colorado. We will continue to take action and grow our Cannabis business the right way—not the easy way.

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