Karin Lazarus of Boulder, Colorado, is the brainchild behind Sweet Mary Jane. This unique Cannabis enterprise concerns itself with ensuring Cannabis users can not only enjoy Cannabis but enjoy its products safely. The company utilizes the many delicious pastries that everyone delights in and has livened them up with infusions of Cannabis Distillates. The company started in 2009.

Sweet Mary Jane is a family-owned business under the management of women who believe in the unique powers of Cannabis. The company specializes in interestingly flavored snacks, pastries, and Cannabis medical tinctures. Their range of products comprises; Almond Delight Bars, Butter & Sea Salt Popcorn, Caramel Crunch Popcorn, Milkshake & Fries Chocolate Bar, Peanut Butter Cookies, Creature Comfort Tincture, Wake & Cake Brownies, and lots more. Altogether the product line for Sweet Mary Jane is 20 delicious choices. What to Expect from these mentioned Mary Jane products?

  •  Almond Delight Bars: 4/ pack. Infused with 100mg THC/ bar. 10mg THC/ piece. Exclusively sold to medical patients. Depending on your consumption practices of Cannabis products, with each bar and its 10-pieces per bar, you can regulate for yourself.
  • Butter & Sea Salt Popcorn: Contains 100mg GBD/ 10mg THC per box of your classic popcorn. Intricately infused with Colorado brand Co2 Distillate
  • Milkshake & Fries Chocolate Bars: Infused with Co2 Distillate
  • Creature Comfort Tincture: Non-psychoactive 2:1 CBD: THC-A. THC-A is unique as it has similar traits to THC without the activated psychoactive potent properties. An organic MTC blend great for pets and humans
  • Wake & Cake Brownies: A combination of Dark Chocolate Brownie and Birthday cake Blondie infused with 1:1 CBD/THC from Co2 Distillate.The product is all sold at licensed Cannabis dispensaries and you must be age- appropriate 21 and over to make purchases.

    About Karin Lazarus

    She is passionate about your enjoying pastries and getting not only crave satisfaction but relief as well. Her winning the TuttiFoodie-Scharffen Berger Chocolate Adventure Contest in 2009 enables her to start Sweet Mary Jane.

    Her concern and belief that the Cannabis plant was being given a bad taste in “peoples’ mouths and cause her passion for making pastries to be challenged into creating delicious Cannabis edibles and tinctures. Karin’s use of everyday products infused with Cannabis extracts; has made her a household name in the Cannabis club.

    As quoted by Karin, “My passion for cooking using the healing properties of cannabis has been an exciting adventure. I feel very lucky to have been able to channel what I love into a career.” Follow Sweet Mary Jane, Karin Lazarus on her website ilovesmj.com, and on Facebook: Sweet Mary Jane; Twitter: SweetMaryJaneCO; Instagram: smjbakery.

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