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Rollers making your Cannabis joint too tight? Here’s a Pro Tip to solve that problem!

The average Recreational Cannabis joint roller can fit up to around .5 grams of weed, and the average standard amount of Cannabis flower used in a joint is about .3 or .32 grams. Still, it all depends on the size of the joint a smoker is trying to achieve. No matter how much or how little the herb a smoker uses in a joint roller, it often leads to rolling joints that are too tight to get proper puffs off of. Some smokers get tired of joints in rollers being rolled too close, so they go back to old-fashioned hand rolling or Cannabis Pre-Rolls.

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Rollers making your Cannabis joint tight

But what if there was a way to roll joints in a roller that is already loose and STILL get those nice burns and puffs like a good hand-roll can achieve? Well, now you can! Here’s the best way to use a joint roller and prevents the tiring struggles of roller-made joints being too tight to get a good puff on. Most Cannabis joint rollers are typically one to two millimeters long than the rolling papers they’re meant for. This length makes it easier to use a trick that helps achieve nice burns and puffs from those otherwise too-tight roller-made joints.

Tools to Rolling Better Cannabis Joints

  • Cannabis flower, obviously
  • A Cannabis joint roller
  • Appropriate rolling papers for the joint roller
  • A pair of scissors
  • And finally, the key to this trick two toothpicks!
  • A separate optional trick is to use a cotton swab and water to seal the joint, which is easier to accomplish with a joint roller than compared to hand-rolling. This will come in handy if you share the joint with other smokers.
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Note: It is not recommended to use only one toothpick; your joint could run a lot easier. Running is still possible with two toothpicks, but using two mainly prevents that from happening.

Steps to Rolling Better Cannabis Joints

First, you need a grinder. You can buy one from any head shop for about 5.00 dollars, or you can get an excellent quality plastic grinder for about the same price at Walmart. I prefer the plastic ones because they’re more durable and last longer than glass grinders. Why? Because when you break them, they don’t shatter into pieces everywhere like glass does (which is fun when it’s in your room and you are trying to make a nice joint). Once you have a grinder, you need weed. The more the better! I usually use about half a gram of marijuana per joint, but that’s just me. You can also use hashish or hash oil instead of plain old dried bud if you want a stronger hit.

Now that you’ve got all your material ready, it’s time to make the joint:

  1. Break up the cannabis flower, either with scissors or by hand, until the nugs have all mostly crumbled.
  2. Place the belt roller or the sleeve of the roller on one end of the roller.
  3. While the roller is empty, place one toothpick on the opposite end of the belt or sleeve in the roller.
  4. Evenly add cannabis flower into the joint roller, in the range of .3 to .4 or .45 grams, unless of course, it’s one of those large or giant rollers meant for bigger papers.
  5. Now add the herb and place the other toothpick on top of the herb at the same end as the first toothpick.

Next Steps to rolling a joint

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  1. Insert rolling paper at the opposite end of the toothpicks. Make sure the paper is inserted evenly and doesn’t go in crooked.
  2. Wet the paper gum to seal the joint and roll it up.
  3. Remove the Cannabis joint from the roller.
  4. You may or may not be able to see the toothpicks sticking out of one end of the joint. If you do, simply pull them out, if not, just fold back the end of the joint a bit and empty a bit of flower out of the joint if needed until you’re able to remove both toothpicks, it shouldn’t take much effort.
  5. Re-wet the seal line of the joint as needed.
  1. Be sure to remember which end the toothpicks came out of.
  2. Loosen up and empty a bit of herb out of the opposite side of where you pulled the toothpicks out of by rolling your fingers around the joint. Also roll your fingers around the toothpick end to fill in the gaps a bit of where the toothpicks were.
  3. Gently twist up both ends of the Cannabis joint.
  4. Snip a slight amount of paper off of both ends with a pair of scissors, just enough to still be able to get a good puff on it.
  5. It is recommended to puff on the end of the joint where you removed the toothpicks and to light the opposite end.

Now you are ready to smoke!

By using this method, it mainly prevents the problem of getting tired of joints in rollers being rolled too tight and just resorting to good old-fashioned hand rolling. This will give new life to your Cannabis joint roller so you can put it to good use again. After practicing this method, it will seem natural. The steps described are actually much easier to remember than compared to the words used to describe how it’s done.

There ya have it, folks! How to roll a joint in under 10 minutes! Just kidding. Maybe next time I’ll show you how to roll a joint with a bong and a pipe…We, at The Stone Dispensary, hope this has helped you. We take pleasure in knowing that as the leading Denver cannabis Dispensary we’ve answered a question you had about how to prevent joints in rollers from being rolled too tight!

Featured - Rollers making your Cannabis joint too tight? Here’s a Pro Tip to solve that problem!

Why Smoke Marijuana Rosin?

Why smoke Marijuana Rosin? An Article around who you would like to smoke Cannabis Rosin, Marijuana Rosin.

It is hard and challenging for me, a non-smoker of cannabis, to give advice on the subject of marijuana rosin. I am sure there are many people out there who have smoked this product before, so please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below, if you want to. What I can do however is try my best to explain what it means from a recreational user’s perspective. It is not easy because marijuana rosin is by no means ordinary weed but more of a combination between an oil and a resin, which has been extracted through extremely low temperatures during the process of distillation.

Back to Basics

If we go back to basics, we should mention that at first weed was grown with its leaves intact in order to keep them as dark green and healthy looking as possible. However, once some time had passed, these leaves began to turn brown, making the plant less appealing to consumers and also meaning that the THC content decreased over time. Cannabis growers then decided to take this problem into their own hands (literally) by removing all of the leaves from the plant. This resulted in smaller buds with higher concentrations of THC and CBD, but also made the growing process much harder.

So how did they solve this issue? They learned how to separate the flowers from the stalks by using extremely low temperatures during the process of distilling the cannabis. The result was a clear oil, which could be used both recreationally or medically. In fact, the process of separating the flower from the stalk is called ‘Rosin Pressing’, and many professional and amateur weed smokers use this technique nowadays.

The main difference between cannabis resin and marijuana rosin is the appearance of the end product. If you look closely at the surface of a resin, you will see that it looks very similar to a regular bud. But, when you press it down with a spoon, this thick nugget will crumble into pieces just like any other kind of cannabis concentrate.

This makes the distillate especially popular amongst those who are new to smoking weed since the smoke does not contain the typical burning smell that comes with traditional weed. Instead, cannabis rosin has a pleasant scent and smooth taste, which is often described as being more sweet than bitter.

Effects of Rosin

In terms of the effects you experience after smoking marijuana rosin, it depends on whether you choose to smoke it in the form of a joint, bong, pipe or vaporizer. For example, when smoked through the bong, it feels similar to smoking regular weed with the added bonus of experiencing the taste without having to deal with the smell. In the case of joints and pipes, the effect is milder and lasts longer than that of traditional weed.

However, even though the effects are subtle, they still remain noticeable. For instance, those who have smoked marijuana rosin reported feeling relaxed and calm, while at the same time enjoying their thoughts much more clearly than usual. Since the high is mostly mental in nature, it also helps you feel motivated to get things done. As a result, some weed smokers claim that they were able to finish tasks that they usually leave for later.

Another advantage is the fact that marijuana rosin does not come with the risk of getting addicted or dependent on weed. It is almost impossible to overdose on this substance since the effects are largely psychological and affects the brain, rather than the body itself.

When it comes to disadvantages, there really isn’t anything much to say other than that it is more expensive per gram compared to regular weed. Also, although it is not dangerous to consume, the effects are not as strong as that of regular weed. But, this is true for most concentrates available today. In the end, it is all about personal preference. If you are interested in trying marijuana rosin, make sure to stay away from cheap, illegal sources such as the black market.

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