Every person who has grown marijuana knows several characteristics about the plant that should be carefully observed. Harvesting, drying, curing, and trimming are all essential parts of maintaining your plants even after they’ve finished their life cycle. Trimming is one of the most tedious jobs in cannabis cultivation. It can take up to 20 hours to finish trimming a single plant. But fear not. You don’t have to suffer the pain of cutting your cannabis alone. Follow these simple steps to trim weed and save precious time for more important things in life!

Here are the highlights:

       1.        Cut off the large fan leaves

         2.        Trim off all the sugar leaves

         3.        Remove any dead or dying matter from your plant

         4.        Take care of white powdery mildew if you have it

         5.        Take the buds down, one by one, starting at the bottom of your plant and work your way up to the top

         6.        Band each branch before trimming so that nothing falls out while you’re busy trimming away! As far as bracing goes, there are many ways this can be done but make sure that whatever you do doesn’t leave crease marks on your bud or, worse still, a break!

         7.        If you strategically cut the sugar leaves, they will fall off naturally, but if they still have a bit of stem attached, they will bend and not fall off

         8.        Be careful with the scissors near the bud as sometimes it’s good to leave some extra matter to encourage more resin production

         9.        Cut around each bud with the scissors lengthways from top to bottom, making sure that all stems are cut equally through when viewed from above

10.     Finally, check your buds for any missed bits and remnants of large fan leaves and moldy buds, and make sure everything is perfect before jarring!

            Start by cutting down the stalks of your marijuana plants. These stalks are useless to you since they don’t contain any THC. Make sure not to throw these away, though, as they can be used for other things like making arts and crafts.

            Next, carefully remove the larger leaves from your marijuana plant. The more giant leaves are typically located around the buds, but check every part of the plant. These big leaves might have hair, which can be used to make edibles later. Once you’ve removed all these leaves, it’s time to move on to the next step!

            At this point, your plants are now covered with only buds ready for extraction. It’s essential not to be stingy with your work, so you should try removing every leaf obscuring the bud’s appearance. The same rules apply here; it doesn’t matter if the leaves are big or small, just cut them all down!

            Use your hand to rip them off if there is any extra leaf left on your plants after you’re done cutting them down. Make sure the part of the bud exposed by these leaves is clean and free of any sticky resin.

            Now is when you cut up all your buds into equal sizes! You can do this by clipping their stems with a pair of scissors. It’s best to cut the buds in half, but you can also cut them into thirds if they’re on the larger side. Keep in mind that it’s better to have small pieces than big ones since they dry out faster and burn more easily!

            Now that your buds are all chopped up, it’s time for…

            ….the most important step! It’s time to trim and remove all the excess leaves and stems from each little bud. This usually takes around 20 hours per plant, so brace yourselves for a long journey ahead. You can invest in cannabis trimming machines or watch tutorials on YouTube. But if you choose the latter, stay focused, and don’t let any distractions get in the way!

            And that’s it! All you need to do now is dry your buds and store them. You can set up a fan in a well-ventilated area and let the drying process take care of itself. But keep an eye on your plants and remove any bits of leaf or stem that might still be attached.

            The next time you go to smoke, remember to thank yourself for doing all the hard work! And while you’re at it, take pride in knowing that your buds are among the best. You can even brag about how long it took you to trim them if you want πŸ˜‰

More Tips

 -These instructions assume that the grower is using scissor trimmers, which is not an entirely suitable tool for the job. If you use bud-trimmers (hand-held electric shears), then instructions will vary slightly (you need to shave down the buds instead of trimming them carefully). However, this is a good starting point that can be adapted based on personal preference.

-It’s vital to leave sugar leaves intact, as they act like little prisms and reflect light into your plant. This causes increased production of cannabinoids and helps prevent dead spots in the room where light is unable to shine inside/through your buds.

-Harvesting before any mold has developed will generally result in better yield harvesting after mold has developed.

-Take care when trimming to keep a steady hand and not get too carried away with the scissors. It’s easy to get carried away, but it’s better to have several tiny buds that you can pick apart at your leisure than one giant bud that looks like Frankenstein’s monster!

-Practice makes perfect. Get a few friends and try doing a significant crop for yourself until you’ve carved out your little workflow. Every grower follows its patterns, but they’re strikingly similar when compared side by side (at least when trimmed well). Good luck!

Well, there you go, another How To grow article completed. I hope this is of help to you guys out there in TV land who are trying their best to get them to grow on! Thanks for reading. Happy growing, and keep it sticky!