Centennial Colorado was originally home to The Apache nation. The Arapaho nation. The Cheyenne nation. The Pueblo tribes. The Shoshone tribe, The Comanche tribe, The Kiowa tribe, The Navajo tribe, before it was adopted into the United States in 1876 when Colorado was officially admitted into the States. The City of Centennial is the tenth most populated in Colorado, and based on statistical data, is one of the safest places to live within the United States. Centennial was officially named in 2001 after citizens voted for this to be the official name. The City of Centennial is celebrating its twenty years of existence and has many celebratory activities planned.


Recreational Activities in Centennial, Colorado

Centennial boasts of its historic award-winning national park, the Centennial Centre park. It is on 11 acres of land that is near the Centennial Civic Centre. The park seats 5000 in its Amphitheatre, where at any time throughout the year, you can enjoy performances. As posted in VacationIdea, Dream Vacation Magazine, “Other unique features include the Colorado Statehood Walk, which presents interpretive displays detailing facts about the state, and the Viewfinder Walk, which challenges park goers to go on a quest throughout the park to uncover answers to trivia questions.” 

The Topgolf Centennial golf club is a great place to go to blow off steam. Their 100 climate-controlled three stories golfing bays is an indoor facility. The Topgolf Centennial facility, equipped with high-tech driving range elements catering to members and visitors alike. A gaming hall, and a restaurant, are on the facility, so there is no need to be concerned about meals, should you get hungry after golfing. 

For the “foodie,” there is Big Bill’s New York Pizzeria, which caters to your palate. The establishment, owned by Mr. Bill Ficke since 1995 and is famous for its gluten-free and dairy-free pizzas topped with the most delicious toppings, depending on your taste. The toppings are meatballs and jalapeno, pineapple, ricotta, and eggplant. The pizzeria also sports delicious sandwiches like Clever Calzones and appetizers to choose from. 

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Jars of Cannbis Flower

Cannabis Medical Services in Centennial Colorado at The Stone Dispensary

Centennial Cannabis dispensaries, 80015, can be found in their directory. There you can find listings for Cannabis availability for recreational and medical uses. The THC and CBD Cannabis suppliers are closely monitored, and persons can get doctor recommendations for medical cannabis use. 

Whatever the preference of use, whether vaping, edibles, cannabis flowers, extracts, or find a dispensary near you, the Centennial Cannabis directory has all the information.

Persons wanting medical Cannabis services need to have a doctor’s certificate or medical card. Should you need to acquire one, any Colorado state doctor license to grant licenses will ensure you get the state approval. 

The Stone Dispensary Denver Colorado is one such dispensary that offers the best licensed and approved Cannabis products. The Stone dispensary service persons in Centennial and can be contacted either by phone or online for products. 

A note of interest; the City of Centennial has formally implemented the Electric Vehicle Action Plan. Another one of their visions is for going “green” and to ensure they are environmentally friendly. The Centennial website was published on June 21, 2021 reporting: “The enactment of this plan illustrates the City’s commitment to creating a resilient future for our residents and businesses.” 

Centennial has come a long way in a short time, which shows, with a positive vision, anything can happen. A family-oriented, warm and friendly community of people; this is Centennial!

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