Beginning in July of 2006, both founders of Craft Cannabis began their journey as caregivers in the medical marijuana industry. Developing their deep respect for the Cannabis plant, it was their where they got their first taste of the many medical and recreational benefits that a Cannabis plant provides. This lead them down a road of popping seeds and hunting for genetics. Which is turn lead to a lot of the unique and robust Cannabis strains being grown at Craft Cannabis. At Craft Cannabis you will always find a strong tie back to the natural land race genetics of Denver, Colorado. Craft Cannabis strives to produce the most innovative cannabis products on the market. Craft strives to maintain the highest levels of customer service for our customers and end users. These end users are their biggest fans, and they are theirs. Craft’s goals are to be relentless in their pursuit to create a remarkable experience for them. The Craft Cannabis team is passionate about the handcrafted products we produce, and compassionate about our cannabis community.