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$26.21 Lebanese / Moroccan Hash

The Stone

4842 Morrison Rd. Denver,
Colorado 80219


$33 - OTD ****DISCLAIMER: PRICES ONLY GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. PLEASE BE ADVISED.**** For years the Lebanese and Moroccans have been producing some of the finest hashish in the world. The reason for this is because these countries are very close to hash producing regions, Morocco being only 2 hours away by car from Spain which has a long history of producing hash. Lebanese Hashish or "Cannabis Orientalis" Lebanese hashish is mainly made from either low quality Lebanese (Cannabis Indica) or any type of Cannabis that grows wild in the mountains and hillsides. The best quality Lebanese hash comes from low grade brown Lebanese, followed by Moroccan and lastly Nigerian. The reason for this is because the THC glands of the plant are what drive the price up, and the Lebanese leaf is a very thin leaf. The best way to identify a high quality piece of Lebanese hash is by checking for "seeds" in the hash. If it has seeds then you know that there are no glands within that part of the plant.

Disclaimer: Must show coupon either printed or on phone. While supplies last. Other restrictions may apply. The Stone
 4842 Morrison Rd. Denver, Colorado 80219

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