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****DISCONTINUED**** **** DISCLAIMER: PRICES ONLY GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. PLEASE BE ADVISED. **** Live Resin is the concentrate extracted from the Cannabis plant. The process called Winterization captures the plants' terpenes and trichomes and preserves the integrity of the plants' charm. The process, though time-consuming, affords the producer the means to extract the full profile of the plant. Depending on the specific strain, whether Hybrid, Sativa or Indica, you can reap the Live Resin at over 90% potency.

Live Resin

The potency of the Live Resin reaped can contain THC and CBD that can be used for both recreational and medical purposes.   The THC contained in Live Resin at 90% potency has the raw content of terpenes and trichomes. The terpenes are the unique and distinctive oils extracted from the Cannabis plant; that give the flavor and color of the Live Resin, depending on the strain. It is the same for the Resin that contains high percentages of CBD.   The trichomes produce the potency of the particular strain for its unique and effective results when used.   The Live Resin depending on the Cannabis strain it is extracted can result in some unusual colors. The Resin of particular colors is known scientifically to be effective in giving relief to medical complaints.  
  • For example, some terpene strains Myrcene gives the user a calming effect.
  • Other strain types found to be this effective are; Cherry Pie, Kush, and Granddaddy Purple.
  • Limonene is said to give relief, from anxiety and stress, and other strains found to contain Limonene are; White Fire OG, Wedding Cake, and Do-Si-Do.
  • Caryophyllene is of a purple hue, discovered to give anti-inflammatory relief by activating your endocannabinoid system. Other Cannabis strains containing Caryophyllene are; Purple Punch and Original Glue.
  Suffice it to say, other strains are derived from the Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains that give medical relief. They contain mainly CBD that is effective in treating these and more medical conditions. For recreational use, THC is an effective terpene. The THC gives the euphoric effect many users of Cannabis have come to know.   Some Cannabis expert users have ventured into making edibles. The fact is. Although you have purchased 1 Gram of Live Resin because it is has a potency of 90% THC, you can make quite an amount of edibles from the 1 Gram.   Vaping is also an option for the consumption of Live Resin. The possibilities are base on what you expect to achieve when indulging. Do you want to experience a memorable HIGH, or do you need some relief from a medical issue?   Whatever the need, asking the Cannabis Dispenser the benefits and potency of the Live Resin 1 Gram purchased is very important. The Stone Dispensary Denver, Colorado, is the perfect store to get all information you need about Live Resin. We sell the product and are confident of their high quality. Our suppliers are registered producers and manufacturers of Cannabis products, and we have partnered with them to ensure our customers can get the best Cannabis products there is.

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