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$19.06 – MoonRocks 1G – DADIRRI

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$24 (OUT THE DOOR) - $19.06 - MoonRocks 1G - DADIRRI


Dadirri Caviar Sun rocks are unlike any other cavier you have had before. They come in a top-shelf bud soaked with distillate and coated bubble hash. Then it's vacuum-sealed for preservation! The potency ranges between 45%-65% depending on the strain type. Hybrid pellets contain both Indica/ Sativa strands to give users different effects while enjoying their favorite smoke session all day long without feeling too high or overwhelming. From Dadirri Extracts, one of our favorite brands comes $19.06 - MoonRocks 1G - DADIRRI!

The Silver Mountain cross is a perfect example of what can happen when two genetics are combined to create something new and exciting. The Bodhi Seeds variety hails from the north. SuperSilver Haze comes out Southern colony-style — but these similarities don't stop there! In addition, they share some common traits; both possess similar aromas (ambient/excellent fuel) with an added hint of melons or citrus flavors formatted throughout their smoke sessions.

The perfect gift for the connoisseur in your life, these beautiful glass jars are filled with top-shelf bud and coated Headley in bubble hash. The sustainably grown marijuana comes from our friend at SunRay Farms, who was kind enough to give us this premium product as an exclusive offering!
I want everyone here today to have fun discovering something new while also helping ourselves improve upon what we already know—to live lives full of compassion, kindness, celebration & gratitude. It sounds like quite a goal, but I assure you it's achievable when each one.

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About Dadirri Extracts

Dadirri Extracts high potency products are made with 90%+ THC distillate with a coat in solventless bubble hash. They only use top-shelf flowers, making our pre-rolls both potent and smokable! Unlike other brands that use shake or tri for their cones, Dadirri always provide you guilt-free solace because all of their SunRocks come straight from the source. This means no shortcuts were taken on quality assurance during the production process.

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 4842 Morrison Rd. Denver, Colorado 80219

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