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$14 - (Out The Door) **** DISCLAIMER: PRICES ONLY GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. PLEASE BE ADVISED. **** It is good to have a healthy interest in cannabis and its many uses. The knowledge most persons have about the plant is what was known decades ago for smoking it. In the twenty-first century, that has changed considerably. Scientific research into the many curative and healing properties of Cannabis far outweighs the experience one feels when smoking the plant.

About Wax and Shatter

Firstly, apart from the Cannabis flower used to make marijuana brownies and gummies, the Wax and Shatter are derived from the plant through the extraction process. It results in the concentrate form of the plant for use. Wax and Shatter are more potent than using the flower, so the benefits are more defined when used for medical reasons, and when documented, are helpful to others who may be wanting help in those areas.

What is Wax?

The extraction process removes the cannabinoids, major oils, and flavonoids from the Cannabis plant. It forms a concentrated Marijuana product that gives a longer-lasting HIGH; and more effective ease to persons that use the product to relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and nausea. The extraction process is similar to produce Wax and Shatter. However, to make each product the heat is the determining factor. Producing Wax uses less heat; than producing shatter. Wax is a more pliable and "waxy" product, this makes it easier to use. The portions sold in grammage can be portioned less by the user. The more experienced wax user may choose to add a bit to the flower to smoke, Which is fine, but other users of marijuana may think it is a waste of a "good thing" to mix. Because of the High levels of THC and CBD contained in Wax, be careful when deciding to use it. Gradually up the doses until you are comfortable with the feelings you experience. There is also the care to use when at home or in a comfortable space. Never use before going to work or driving.

What is Shatter?

Shatter needs more heat to derive the consistency for this marijuana. Shatter is a glass-like mass that is translucent. The color looks like gold glass, and as the name suggests, it shatters easily. Unlike Wax; shatter is harder to control the amount used since on "shattering" the pieces contain different amounts of THC or CBD. Care is needed when using Shatter to lessen the likelihood of it breaking apart.

Wax and Shatter Conclusion

Although both products contain about 60% concentration of cannabinoids, use is base on experience. For easier use by Cannabis novices or experienced persons will tell you Wax is better. Shatter because of its fragility, may not be so welcoming, but the effects are the same either way. Storage and shelf life are different. With Wax, it has a shorter shelf life than Shatter. This depends on the amount you use, how much you have in storage, and how they are stored.

Where to Buy Wax and Shatter

The Stone Dispensary Denver, Colorado, is the place to buy Wax and Shatter. We will ensure you are informed, on the use and storage of these products for better results. Never be shy about asking questions, as this is the only way you can understand more about Cannabis products and their many uses. Order Marijuana Today!

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