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$15 (OUT THE DOOR) **** DISCLAIMER: PRICES ONLY GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. PLEASE BE ADVISED. **** The bronze flower weed, known as the Bronze Whaler, originated in Australia. It is so-called for its likeness to the whaler shark found in its waters. The unique appearance of the whaler shark compares with the color of the weed plant. The leaves have hints of bronze as they change color, while the pistil has a unique copper shade, hence the name, bronze flower.

How Special is 1\8th BRONZE FLOWER?

Used for recreational purposes, you can expect the Bronze flower Cannabis to cause you to experience a feeling of complete relaxation, as though on vacation, lounging under a palm tree on the beach. Its calming effects are felt all over the body from the tranquilizing buzz, which is temporary. As mentioned above, it is a native of Australia, and this weed is cultivated combining the fortified F3 Bronze Whaler and the Skunk#2. It ensures your high is quite pleasing, which makes it appealing and an easy recommendation. It is also a renowned weed as it was awarded the Sydney Cannabis Cup in 2002.

Recommended use of 1\8th Bronze Flower

Recreational Cannabis

Because its relaxing effects tend to creep up on the user, you will begin to feel the effects about 10-15 minutes after the first few puffs. The more continued use of the bronze flower, the experience can last up to three to four hours. Non-experienced weed users, especially of this strain, need to go easy, as it can cause an overwhelming effect to the user. The euphoric cerebral rush clears the mind and improves your mood, leaving you relaxed and happy, after which the unique physical buzz kicks in. Another component of the bronze flower is its rapid use of energy and makes you hungry and thirsty! So you may want to stock up on snacks and drinks before venturing into the realm of your bronze flower buzz. Starting your adventure and having hunger cravings, you may not even want to get up to make a meal. This weed is recommended for use after work or on vacation. Because of its relaxing and lazy feel, users will experience; you may be in a counterproductive frame of mind when you ARE supposed to be productive!

Medical Cannabis

The bronze flower is not a recommended weed for medical uses. Some people prefer to use it for its relaxing experience. It is used because it makes you happy and is a great stress reliever. Persons suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental issues find this weed a comfort. Many cancer patients find this weed helpful as it relieves the nausea one gets after chemo. For persons who are troubled with anorexia, this is an excellent therapy; it helps if used before eating, so you relax and can enjoy a meal without stress.

Fun Fact About 1\8th BRONZE FLOWER

If you want to venture into growing the bronze flower, it flowers more quickly than most weeds. Growers will find it flowering at six weeks, and once mature, the yield is high. Detailed research is recommended, for growing, whether indoor or outdoors, knowing the months and seasons for cultivating is very important.

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