$10.29 – 1/8ths of Borealis by Potato Rios

The Stone

4842 Morrison Rd. Denver,
Colorado 80219


$13.01 (OUT THE DOOR PRICE) Borealis is a hybrid strain with a complex genetic make up and has a sweet and earthy aroma, with hints of berry and pine. Smokers can expect a relaxed physical feeling, accompanied by cerebral effects such as euphoria and creativity. Borealis is said to be effective in treating symptoms of stress, depression, and chronic pain. Borealis buds are hand trimmed and cured to perfection, delivering a consistently high quality smoking experience for consumers. In addition to their attention to detail in cultivation and curing processes, Potato Rios prides itself on using sustainable growing practices and supporting local communities.

What is an eighth of cannabis?

One eighth of cannabis, commonly referred to as an "eighth," typically weighs 3.5 grams. It can vary slightly in size and appearance depending on the strain and how it was trimmed and cured. Upon inspection, an eighth of cannabis will have densely packed buds that range in color from bright green to deep purple, with hints of orange pistils and a coating of crystal-like trichomes. The buds may give off aromas of citrus, pine, skunk, or sweet earthiness. When broken apart by hand or with a grinder, the buds should have a strong scent and give way to a sticky texture. When smoked or vaporized, the eighth of cannabis will likely produce a smooth and potent smoke with immediate effects on the mind and body. Users may experience heightened sensory perception, euphoria, relaxation, creativity, and even hunger. Overall, an eighth of cannabis is a great choice for both recreational and medical use thanks to its potency and diverse range of effects. **** DISCLAIMER: PRICES ONLY GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. PLEASE BE ADVISED. ****

Disclaimer: Must show coupon either printed or on phone. While supplies last. Other restrictions may apply. The Stone
 4842 Morrison Rd. Denver, Colorado 80219

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