$129.73 – 1oz of Barbie OG by Calisto Garden

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Barbie OG by Calisto Garden - 1oz

$129.73 - 1oz of Barbie OG by Calisto Garden - upon purchasing Barbie OG cannabis, the buds are immediately noticeable for their vibrant pink and purple hues. The dense, round buds are coated in a thick layer of snowy trichomes and give off a strong pungent aroma of sweet berries and skunky undertones.

When breaking up the buds, they have a sticky texture that sticks to the fingers. Upon combustion, the smoke is smooth and flavorful with hints of sweet berries on the exhale.

The effects of Barbie OG hit quickly, inducing a euphoric head high that uplifts the mood and helps stimulate creativity. It also has physical relaxation properties that make it ideal for treating pain and tension in the body.

Overall, Barbie OG is a great choice for those looking for a well-balanced high with delicious flavors and potent effects.

What is "1 oz" of cannabis flower?

An ounce of cannabis is a small but mighty package. It contains 28 grams of the plant, which can be broken down into multiple doses or used all at once for a potent experience. The buds are dense and sticky with crystalline trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance and potent aroma.
When breaking open an ounce of cannabis, the scent becomes even stronger, with notes of citrus, pine, skunk, or other unique smells depending on the strain. The buds can range in color from bright green to purple and even blue.
Ground up or broken apart by hand, the cannabis can be smoked in joints or pipes, used in vaporizers, cooked into edibles, or infused into oils for other uses.
The effects of an ounce of cannabis can vary greatly depending on the strain and method of consumption. Some may offer a relaxing body high, while others may induce creativity and focus. It can also provide relief for medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and nausea.
Regardless of its intended use, an ounce of cannabis is a valuable commodity. Its potential for recreational and medicinal use makes it highly sought after by consumers worldwide.

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