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$130.05 – Platinum Ounce of Flower.

The Stone

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$164 (OUT-THE-DOOR PRICE) If you are a regular user of Cannabis, you know about the potency of the platinum flower. It is the highest-grade weed you can hope to buy with the expected effects. The platinum ounce of the flower is a hybrid Indica strain of Marijuana, which is powerful!

Uses of Platinum Ounce of Flower

Buying an ounce may be considered a large amount because of the powerful effects of this hybrid flower when used for medical purposes. Understand this; although it is for medical purposes, it is also a recreational weed.

It is known as Platinum OG and is used in medical aid to relieve chronic anxiety, stress, and pain. When using the platinum flower, your experience is one of utter relaxation. The euphoria is almost immediate, and some reported feeling sleepy, happy, and hungry. Statistically, because of the medical uses of this cannabis strain, Leafly has a charted survey as to what to expect when using the drug. The effects vary from person to person. But the common denominator on using the platinum flower is one of relief.

Side effects of using the platinum Cannabis flower are dry mouth, headaches, anxiety, and dry eyes.  The user should remember to have a drink of water nearby because you will feel very thirsty on waking from your sleep.


The Personality of The Platinum Flower

The aroma is a bit surprising! Although named platinum- giving the thought of a metal, it is of a woodsy, organic aroma when used. You will enjoy this aroma if you love the smell of wet earth during and after a rainstorm. I guess this is what gives the relaxed feeling. You are transported to the outdoors, at a bonfire, wrapped in your most comfortable blanket, and enjoying a drink of hot spiced cider.

The flavor is also an experience. Imagine inhaling the odor of pine cones and tasting it on your tongue. It is what the flavor of platinum cannabis flower tastes like. Adding the best coffee you have ever had and a hint of pine to the mix, and you are transported to the described location by the bonfire. Remarkable!

The THC content is the highest for the Indica strains. Reported contain 12% in this hybrid plant. The CBD level cannot be quantified, as such high levels of THC.

The Stone Denver Colorado Dispensary

The Stone Dispensary sells the platinum Indica strain of cannabis flower; though a bit pricey, you are sure to get the right product. Listed as Platinum Ounce of Flower, the stone dispensary has deals you can take advantage of if you purchase online. These Denver dispensary prices can be had, along with the coupons posted on the website. With their exclusive deals, the platinum flower is accessible.

If you are looking for relief from stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue, the platinum cannabis flower is for you. Although the "high" is intense, your experience will be memorable, and the relief sought is worth the cost. Stone Denver, Colorado, has what you want. Ask the dispensary about the menu, and you can receive a detailed introduction to the product. It is the stone's mission to ensure everyone entering their store is educated.


Disclaimer: Must show coupon either printed or on phone. While supplies last. Other restrictions may apply. The Stone
 4842 Morrison Rd. Denver, Colorado 80219