Are You Allowed to Fly With A THC Vape Pen?

Cn you fly with your THC vape pen? Cannabis and the products are generally illegal to travel across borders. Some countries have legalized medical marijuana and have users fitted with a medical marijuana card for security reasons. However, traveling to another state or country with Cannabis products does not give you the privilege if the TSA- Transportation Security Administration deems your stash to be illegal. 

Are You Allowed to Fly With A THC Vape Pen? 

Cannabis Class How Long Does Vape Vapors Stay in Your System - The Stone
Cannabis Class How Long Does Vape Vapors Stay in Your System – The Stone

Living in the USA, because some states have legalized Cannabis; for medical use and others for both medical and recreational use, it does not give you a license to travel across state borders with marijuana. Federally, Ganja is still illegal. Flying across state borders, you should expect to be searched. Anything remotely related, or resembling Cannabis, can be confiscated, and you may be prosecuted for possession. 

Because air travel has changed since 911, various products are restricted for carry-on luggage or checked luggage. It is the intelligent traveler who researches the items that you are allowed to have when traveling. The website is perfect for getting the information you need. 

An electronic vape pen is mainly the issue when flying.

The electronic parts and batteries of the vape pen can be a safety hazard. They may require you to put it in checked luggage, or you may have to throw it out. Depending on the brand battery and the voltage the vape pen operates at, it may either have you securing it in your carry-on or your checked luggage. The discretion of the TSA officer is what you have to rely on. 

Your product’s Cannabis THC percentage potency level cannot contain more than 0.3% of dry weight. For marijuana, you are legally allowed one ounce, and should the TSA Officer determine, you have to throw it out. You have to.

If they search and discover your stash, and you are cordial and cooperative when being questioned, they may allow you to keep your weed. Although TSA Officers do not search for Cannabis; or any illegal drugs. Should they find it in your possession, it is their responsibility to make the report to a law enforcement officer. 

Medical marijuana users should always have their medical marijuana carried in their possession.

Cannabis in the United States Things to Know About Cannabis Legality - The Stone
Cannabis in the United States Things to Know About Cannabis Legality – The Stone

Should you be traveling via plane to another state or country, the card is your cannabis passport. The product should be packaged carefully for travel. Remember, if the state or country you are traveling to is not a legal tender for Cannabis, and its products there, will be a problem with TSA. If you are traveling to a state or country with legal cannabis laws, it is prudent you do not travel with your stash. Just buy when you get to your destination.

The conclusion

For people who believe they have to fly with Cannabis; be brilliant about this! It is better to enjoy your trip, don’t make waves, and get home to enjoy another drag. But, if you can’t live without using marijuana, you are in some deep trouble. This means you do need help. 


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Did you know that the city of Denver is known as “The Mile High City?” And the state of Colorado welcomed over 25% of its tourism for marijuana reasons. As a result, the state embraces tourism, and, Marijuana-related travel became its big focus.

The Best Cannabis Dealers in Denver 


On January 1, 2014, the first legalized retail sales of recreational marijuana started in Denver, Colorado. Since the legalization of marijuana within Colorado, its Cannabis industry has grown tremendously, with well over 500 licensed dispensaries. Colorado continues to cause a sensation, and statistics support that approximately a third of those dispensaries are in Denver. They remain at the top of the Cannabis food chain and are among the largest and best dispensaries worldwide.


The city of Denver is known to create some of the world’s most potent marijuana varieties, ranked for both recreational and medical purposes. Research has shown that the majority of its sales are for recreational purposes. Medical sales over the years have remained constant for the most part, with a slight fluctuation and recreational sales hold the majority of the market share. Reports are that Marijuana sales in Denver will see an 18% increase in 2020. Another astonishing news was released; the retail chains within Denver sold over $7 million worth of Cannabis products in 2020 than the overall state ever sold during its first year of Cannabis legalization.


The rise in marijuana sales caused many to zoom in their figurative lenses more into the city of Denver. According to the Office of Research and Analysis, Colorado Department of Revenue, while a few counties either have friendlier environments for setting up marijuana shops or more eager residents, approximately half of the state’s Cannabis purchases are contributed by Denver, Adams, and Arapahoe in 2020. The statistics depicted Denver with the highest Cannabis purchases, 33% compared with other counties. Further noted that at $651 million in total, Denver’s sales; are estimated one-third of the state’s and dwarf every other county in recreational and medical sales.


With all that said, it is without a doubt that one can confidently perpetuate that the city of Denver houses the best Cannabis dispensaries. Their offer listings range from wellness retreats, cooking classes, and private smoking lounges, eagerly

accepting out-of-state visitors. Many retailers tailored products from just flowers to edibles, and businesses are selling higher-value products, like vape pens and topical creams, to name a few. To date, we have also seen dispensaries adapting to the changes in the market by offering online ordering services and curbside pickup. Furthermore, some of the best and largest dispensaries in Denver are the early adopters, accounting for revenues estimated at over $100 million per year. They include but are not limited to The Green Solution, Native Roots, and LivWell.

The Green Solutions; is listed as one of the top notched dispensaries within Denver, aimed at providing easy access to Cannabis worldwide through innovation. The company has 13 locations within the city of Denver, embracing a user-friendly atmosphere. It is also known for achieving over 50 awards for quality flowers, concentrate, and edibles. The Green Solution offers drinks, pre-rolls, topicals, transdermal, and clones, among these products. Their staff is well-equipped with the concierge-level expertise needed to craft everyone’s Cannabis experience. Per a recent news release, the company currently offers pre-online order services for its unique brands, and prices for pre-packaged flowers at eighths start at $13.95 and may go to $60 depending on the brand and collection.


Native roots have eleven locations in the Denver area. Their brand is well known for inexpensive flower and skate-shop vibes. Its products are similar to that of its competitors and range from their flower variety collections, producing tinctures, topicals, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, accessories, and vaporizers. The prices offered are highly competitive. For example, 1/8 oz of Cannabis flower is estimated between $25- $80, which highly depends on the collection and brand of the flower. LivWell has operated one of the largest seed-to-sale Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, with approximately 7 locations in Denver. The company has over 21 years of experience in recreational marijuana dispensaries. They pride themselves on being on top of its competitor in partnering with American Rap artist Snoop Dogg; for branded lines of flower, edibles, and concentrates. As a result, LivWell became the first dispensary with celebrity-endorsed Cannabis products. In addition, the company strategically poised itself in a favorable location targeting many recreational locals and tourists for shopping. The premium and high-quality products, a wide selection

of brands, and friendly staff at LivWell, like their competitors, are among those that offer prices that are accessible to almost anyone. The company offers membership loyalty packages. For example, marijuana flowers of 1/8oz are priced from $12.99 up to $25. Outside of this loyalty program, the average price is between $25- $40.




The Mile High City is regarded as an attraction for mostly recreational marijuana, supported by statistical data. Each Cannabis dispensary strategically positions itself within the competitive market, with different attributes that may appeal to its customer base, including attractive prices, celebrity-endorsed products, tailored expertise, and a friendly atmosphere.



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