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Are Marijuana Gummies Legal?

“Are Marijuana Gummies Legal?” This question conjures an image of being legally authorized to buy and sell these products across the United States. This much is true, however, depending on what you are willing to learn about the laws in different states; including their legislative framework concerning Cannabis and the product, Gummies! 

The Smol Differences between Cannabis Edibles and CBD Edibles - The Stone
The Smol Differences between Cannabis Edibles and CBD Edibles – The Stone

Concerning CBD gummies, the Farm Bill of 2018 determines the legal growth of hemp plants. CBD potency levels are not up for regulation. For the THC content, the plants must not exceed 0.03% potency. This information has far-reaching effects, and CBD is still not legalized by the bill. 

CBD merchandise can be found anywhere across the US, including edibles sold online and in physical stores. It may seem they are overall legal. The only legally licensed Cannabis stores to sell Cannabis gummies are the licensed Dispensaries located across the states that have legalized the Cannabis plant and its products. These dispensaries have a license to sell THC/CBD marijuana gummies for medical purposes. Any service that offers marijuana gummies for sale outside the legal states for selling cannabis products is breaking the law. 

States Legalized to Sell Cannabis Gummies 

States that have legalized the sale of marijuana products are:

  • Texas 
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Florida 
  • Arizona 
  • Ohio 
  • South Carolina 
  • New York 
  • Virginia 

Texas legalized hemp CBD merchandise, including gummies, in 2019. There are restrictions to its potency as it should not exceed 0.03%.

Pennsylvania adhered to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, and, for the most part, all hemp CBD products, including gummies, fall under the regulation for sale, like vaping devices, foods, and any hemp CBD merchandise derived. 

Florida laws concerning CBD and THC products have determined that cannabinoids extracted from the plant are not controlled substances. Hence, the edibles and other CBD/THC hemp extract merchandise are legal. 

For Arizona, it is legal to possess and sell products like CBD/THC gummies since they adhered to the Farm Bill passed. It can be purchased online or sticks and bricks stores that sell health food products. 

Ohio is also legal for selling marijuana and hemp-derived edibles once they adhere to the potency levels of 0.03%. 

For New York, the laws also permit CBD and THC product sales. Gummies are one such product, and New Yorkers have taken the law several meters further where regulations are concerned. It is illegal to add the extracts of CBD and THC to food and drinks. 

Though adhering to the Farm Bill, South Carolina has allowed its legal sales of edibles, adding hemp plant matter to farm animal merchandise and food and beverages are illegal. 

Virginia seemed to be the more liberal of states concerning cannabis gummies and the products. They allow merchandise to be sold online without restrictions; you can buy any product derived from hemp CBD/THC in stores. It is not legal or recommended to label products for medical use treating any ailments. 

Cannabis WHO The World Health Organization and its Cannabis Classification - The Stone
Cannabis WHO The World Health Organization and its Cannabis Classification – The Stone


Hemp CBD extract products are “legal” in all 50 states. The regulations concerning states legalizing Cannabis merchandise are more conforming to regulations. For more information that users of these marijuana products need, research should be on the right side of the law.

Featured - Are Marijuana Gummies Legal?

Because marijuana is still relatively in its infancy for legalizing in many countries, the thought of shipping the seeds is of concern. Many people who engage in Cannabis growing have understood the value of strains and what potential they can be if in the right hands for either growing for business purposes or just personal use.

Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal to Ship 

Selling cannabis seeds internationally or nationally is legal. Based on Eurosender Shipping Enterprise, their services facilitate this business. Because they understand the matrix of shipping Cannabis seeds across countries and their borders’ they have listed the requirements for such a venture.

Because it is legal in most countries to grow a small amount of Cannabis plants for medical use, I guess the goal is to share the strain with like-minded users of marijuana. Some shipping companies facilitate the shipping of Cannabis seeds, and so you must find out what your country’s laws are about this. You will also need to investigate the courier that does facilitate the shipping of marijuana materials. DHL, TNT, and UPS do not ship any product that contains Cannabis, neither seeds nor plants.

Eurosender is one such courier that facilitates shipping anything Cannabis seeds; they ask you to contact them for further information. Their online chat service is available to you for getting information about the service.

Cannabis grower box kits are ideal for shipping. If the box kit is the general weight requirement for shipping a standard package, you can. You can Pack the box kit with its seeds, tent, lights, etc., in the kit. If required, the package can be at cost for a standard option shipping rate. Please note: if you are shipping seeds in your box kit package, the THC level of those seeds should be 0.02%. That’s the requirement for most countries that allow this kind of business transaction via shipping. Another note you should have in your portfolio of information; Ensure you know the requirements for shipping and receiving in any country as to laws that govern shipping Cannabis seeds.

For example, in the United States, it is legal to source and ship Cannabis seeds. The service is for legal growers with licensing authority for such a venture. The Growers Choice is one such company that does shipping of Cannabis seeds across the US. Their marijuana seeds are of the highest quality and reported bread from the best cannabis strains of plants. The THC and CBD levels are of the highest percent required. To engage Growers Choice Seeds to ship marijuana seed to your location, you can be sure you get it right to your door, which is the kind of service that this company offers.


Shipping Cannabis seeds across borders globally does require some amount of research to be within the law. As marijuana connoisseurs, you must have the information and follow the guidelines to ensure your business flourish. Having a good reputation in this business of Cannabis supply is good to have. So never neglect the small things. They can prove to be very important.


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