What Is The Best Way To Trim Marijuana Buds For Rosin?

Movies featuring marijuana cultivators in broad hats, gloves, masks, and trim shows them arduously at work. It is not for the love of doing this tedious and time-consuming job. The result is satisfaction when reaping the financial, recreational, and medicinal benefits from tending the plants with so much love. A well-cared-for marijuana plant is like liquid gold to the grower. 

What Is The Best Way To Trim Marijuana Buds For Rosin?

New growers of marijuana consider the task to be time-consuming, but if they knew what to do and the techniques for trimming marijuana buds, it would not be so daunting. Knowledge is power! And for this reason, anyone venturing into marijuana cultivation, even for growing the six plants allowed by the federal government, understands the reward for the work. So, what is the best way to trim marijuana buds for Rosin?

The Best Way To Trim Marijuana Buds 

There is joy in the journey, and plant lovers understand communicating with nature. A seasoned marijuana grower understands this concept, so it is no trouble to go out in the field or in your weed greenhouse to trim buds. 

Trimming marijuana buds is crucial to the quality, appearance, and price you can demand. It requires you to cut the plant’s sugar leaves, unnecessary branches, and stems. What you have remaining is the tighter, more uniformed buds with trichomes containing the needed terpenes and cannabinoids. And this trimming factor not only removes the unwanted parts of the plant, but it also facilitates the plant has less moisture content. A marijuana bud with less moisture is better for processing Rosin. 

Proffered Trimming Methods- Wet or Dry/ What is the Difference

Cultivators choose different trimming methods depending on the understood science of marijuana. Then, they decide the time to do this tedious chore, either when the plant is dry or wet. So, what is the difference?

Trimming Marijuana When Wet

The process of wet trimming marijuana entails cutting down the plant. After cutting down the plant, trim off the buds/ while putting them on a drying rack to remove the excess moisture. This process of drying takes a few days.

What Are The Pros of Wet Trimming Marijuana?

  •  The process removes the unwanted sugar leaves- because they shrivel and dry down, and there is less to remove during dry trimming sessions.
  • If you are in a humid climate, wet trimming helps to cut down on the moisture content in the buds, lessening the possibility of mold growth.
  • Wet-trimming adds appeal to the appearance of the product. 
  • Experts of wet trimming marijuana will stick by believing that you lose less of the sticky trichomes/ thus maintaining terpenes and flavor.

The Cons of Wet Trimming

The process of wet trimming causes the trichomes to stick to you everywhere; hands, gloves, clothes, and body. As a result, you lose more of the precious trichomes than you realize, which is what you need for pressing your marijuana, Rosin. 

Of course, for persons who are not interested in growing marijuana for Rosin extraction, it is easier to buy from and marijuana dispensary near you. Check the local listings in the areas within your community and make your purchases either online or do a walk-in buy. Remember, you cannot make online payments, however. Banks do not get involved with holding the proverbial marijuana purchasing bag! You have to make payments in-store with cash, which is why most dispensaries locations are near an ATM.

Trimming Marijuana Dry

For dry trimming marijuana, you also cut the plants down. The next step is to hang them to dry for several days. When dry, you can trim the buds off.

The Pros of Dry Trimming

  • The drying process allows for more trichomes preservation and fewer terpenes to lose from getting them stuck all over you, and this is because the trichomes get harder.
  • It also provides more extended drying and is more agreeable in hotter climatic conditions.

The Cons of Dry Trimming Marijuana

  • The hard trichomes during dry trimming are brittle, and you must handle them delicately. 
  • It is challenging to ensure your harvest yields the high levels of THC you want from the brittle trichomes.
  • Dry trimming needs more space for hanging the marijuana plants- ensure you do

Although dry trimming marijuana may be more delicate, you are that quicker to extract Rosin. The same is true; should you not be inclined to plant your marijuana plants and go through the dry trimming process to get at the Rosin concentrate, buying from the marijuana dispensary is just as good. 

Tools For Trimming Marijuana Plants

Like avid gardeners taking the time to trim their flowers, they use special tools for the task. Likewise, trimming marijuana buds requires the same preparation. The tools you need are:

  • Bud trimming scissors 
  • Pruning clippers 
  • Comfortable chair and area- because the process takes a while, you must be comfortable
  • A clean surface, like a table
  • Tray/bowl and a clean surface for storing trims separately
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Rags
  • Proper clothes/ work overalls
  • Entertainment/ I-pad music

Is Marijuana Trim Any Good?

This question asks more often than you may think. The answer is yes. Understand this; most home cultivators cannot afford to waste any of the precious six plants they can grow. They must utilize every part of the plant, and what better ways to do this than making marijuana-baked brownies, teas, smoking joints, use in cooking recipes, and more- be creative. Investing in any marijuana cookbook is an excellent way to be creative. 

The ‘trim’ and ‘shakes’ you see for sale in the marijuana dispensaries are the dried sugar leaves, stems, and some buds they package. So, if they know the benefits of using every part of the plant, why not you?

The Stone Conclusion

It may be fun to try your hand at growing a few marijuana plants for extracting your Rosin concentrate. Who knows, you may like it and enjoy having to fun recreational parties with friends. Also, remember that marijuana is legal in some states across America. Hemp is legal state-wide, so it may be best to cultivate hemp for medicinal use. Always seek a doctor’s advice when venturing into using anything marijuana for treating any ailment. 


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