Things to Know About The Difference Between Marijuana Rosin and Marijuana Resin

Concentrates are the sought-after method of consuming marijuana. The steady growth and popularity in choice are because the potency and quality are higher than other extracts. Although there are different marijuana concentrates in use, like shatter, wax, Badder, and hash, the two that are newest and highly talked about today are; Rosin and Resin. 

Things to Know About The Difference Between Marijuana Rosin and Marijuana Resin

What are Rosin and Resin, and what are the main differences sparking such overwhelming preferences?

What is Marijuana Rosin?

While Rosin and Resin are similar in name and concentrate, consumers must be aware of distinct differences, especially those new to using the products. There is also a difference in the extraction processes concerning the two.

Marijuana rosin concentrate is a higher-level extract in comparison to marijuana resin. The process of Rosin extraction uses heat and pressure and is solventless. After the live marijuana buds after harvesting, they go in an ice bath to preserve the trichomes. Next, they are agitated in micron-bags to separate the trichomes from the flowers. 

After separating the trichomes, the substance, the remaining liquid, is dried out. And what remains is bubble hash. Next, the bubble hash- is pressed using a Rosin press. And this applies the heat and pressure needed for extracting the concentrate. The result is a potent THC concentrate/ live Rosin.

Rosin uses a similar process; the difference is no ice bath is in the method. Instead, the plants are dried for a short time to remove the excess moisture. After drying, the buds are carefully removed and pressed using the Rosin press. This method extracts the concentrate, producing potent THC or CBD Rosin. 

***Please note; THC Rosin contains the chemical responsible for marijuana users’ high. CBD is a compound that does not get you high; still an extract from either the marijuana or hemp plant. 

What is Marijuana Resin?

As alluded to above, Resin is similar to Rosin. 

As written for the website GreenPharms, the extraction process states; For Resin Extraction, the product undergoes an intricate and time-consuming process. This type of Resin is called live Resin due to the applied method. Instead of drying the plant before harvesting the THC-rich trichomes, the process for extracting the live Resin- is flash-freezing live plant matter before putting it through a hydrocarbon extraction process. Should drying the plant be part of the process, there is the chance some of the terpenes may be lost. 

The hydrocarbon extraction process is similar to that of butane to make hash oil. Essentially, the hydrocarbon solvent washes through the plant material by applying pressure. The hydrocarbon solvent is taken out during this process, resulting in the Resin concentrate. 

The finished product is typically more robust in flavors such as live compounds such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids.  

Marijuana Rosin

Because it is solventless, the end product fetches a higher price than any other concentrate you may buy from marijuana dispensaries. However, it is also cleaner, and the terpenes and flavors are brighter and more affluent than what you may use and taste while using Resin. For comparison, Resin will have some residual presence of the hydrocarbon solvent, while Rosin will not since it does not use any for processing.

The price does vary, and seasoned users will say they prefer using Resin as they experience better results. For consumers using Rosin, others will state they like this. The solventless experience is the way to go; the additional cost does not put them out. The quality of marijuana Rosin is higher, so they are comfortable paying the price. 

The same can be valid for marijuana resin; it is just a matter of preference. Consumers become comfortable where marijuana is concerned. Others are curious about the new trends and products, and while they may visit the dispensaries in their location, it is also fun to see reviews from like-minded people who have tried the new products. Getting second and third opinions can sway them to indulge and make a decision accordingly. 

Machines For Marijuana Rosin Extraction

Although marijuana Rosin can be extracted at home using a hair straightener, it is good to know your options for a proper Rosin press. has a good rundown of choices that you may like.

Rosin Press Machines

These machines’ manual operations process 

  • Dulytek 3″ x 6″ Retrofit Rosin Press Kit
  • Rosebud M1 Hand-Held Rosin Press
  • Pure Pressure Helix 3

The Hydraulic Presses

  • NugSmasher
  • Sasquash 1
  • Terminator TRP Stack

Electric Press

  • Rosinbomb M60 Electric Rosin Press

Machines For Marijuana Resin Extraction

Because Resin uses the hydrocarbon extraction method, the machines are more complex in appearance and operations. The website Precision Extraction Solutions carries various models of hydrocarbon pieces of equipment you can choose the one that suits you. Here is the link:

The Stone Conclusion

I hope our information is relevant to what you were looking to get. Our marijuana dispensary, The Stone Dispensary, aims to help consumers understand and be adequately informed about all things marijuana-related. Because Rosin and Resin are in the space about new weed products, we want you to be able to have an informed conversation concerning these products. 

For new users of marijuana, the concern for us is your being misinformed; therefore, we at The Stone are careful to help you understand anything about our products. The staff at our dispensary are knowledgeable in all areas of the products we stock, and we invite you to stop by the store. Please browse and look at our menu and ask questions concerning any item you need to know about the product. 

There are many things to know about the differences between marijuana, Rosin, and Resin. But, at the same time, the information we give is purely a guide. The next step for you is determining your preference of whether Rosin or Resin to use. Then, we suggest you try both products in the line of brands you see on display, ensuring you allow for instructions on use from the dispensary. And remember, start slow and grow in the percentage potency that works for you. 





Featured - Things to Know About The Difference Between Marijuana Rosin and Marijuana Resin

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