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DIY Cannabis: Tips and Tricks for Making Marijuana Tincture

       Marijuana tinctures, also known as Cannabis extractions, are a great way to use without smoking. Marijuana tincture is one of the simplest products of the herb you can make at home with little to no difficulty. Here are some tips and tricks for making Marijuana Tincture!

        Marijuana Tinctures is produced by soaking the plants in Alcohol (Everclear works best). Then place it into a container and let it sit for one or two weeks. The Tincture can be consumed by mixing a spoonful with food (such as applesauce) or adding to drinks for effect. Cannabis Extractions should not be consumed directly because there is no way of knowing how concentrated the extractions are until you consume it!

Marijuana tinctures are a great way to use Cannabis without the risk of using smoking in public. Marijuana Tinctured is odorless. When in use it is hard to recognize by anyone. This means it is easily hidden from others. These Tinctures can be produced at home with few to no difficulties. Making Marijuana Tincture a great option for those who aren’t Cannabis patients. And for people who don’t live in states where the product is legal. The Tinctures is the extract from the herb flowers, trim, shake, stems and seeds!

Consuming Marijuana Tincture And Its Effects

        Marijuana Extractions can get you high. This makes it difficult for beginners to know how much they can consume. Extremely potent extractions can induce euphoric effects very quickly. These effects occur especially if extractions are consumed directly. Marijuana Tinctures can knock people off their feet because of the high they experience.

Cannabis Extractions can be a little harsh on your lungs because of the alcohol content. Consumption is a personal choice for those who prefer eating Marijuana over smoking. Because there are other methods of consumption; you can make tinctures at home from flowers, trim, shake, stems and seeds, to your preference.

        Marijuana Extractions you can produce at home with little to no difficulties. Cannabis Tincture is potent and can get you high, making it difficult for beginners to know how much they should use. Weed extractions being potent will induce effects very quickly, especially if tinctures are consume directly. These extractions will knock Marijuana patients off their feet from being too high. The Cannabis Extractions can be a little harsh on your lungs because of the alcohol, making it a personal choice for those who prefer eating the herb over smoking; or some other methods of consumption. You make Marijuana Tinctures with Cannabis flower, trim and shake and the weed stems and seeds!

Things to Know About Marijuana Shake and Trim

                Marijuana Trim/shake is the part of the plant that is trim from the buds. Trim/shake usually contains a lower amount of THC than the flowers because it lacks buds. However, It does contain high quantities of CBD. And the Trim/shake is a healthy option for those who want the benefits of Cannabis but not the high. Marijuana trim is Cannabis that has been strip from the buds of the plants. It contains a high amount of CBD and usually contain low amounts of THC. Depending on how much you use in your Marijuana Tincture and how potent of a Tincture you make.

Things To Know About The Parts Of The Marijuana Plant

Marijuana stems and seeds are the smallest parts of the plant. And the Stems and Seeds DO NOT contain THC! The stems and seeds contain trace amounts of THC. This means potency content for patients is not as much as they would receive from the plant’s flowers or trim/shake! Marijuana Stems and Seeds do not provide patients with any medical benefits at all! Cannabis Stems and Seeds DO NOT contain THC. Marijuana Tinctures is a great DIY project you can do at home with Cannabis flower, trim and shake, and cannabis stems and seeds!

                Making Weed Tincture is a safe way to consume Cannabis because it contains no THC! The only active ingredient in Marijuana Tinctures is CBD. Which can help patients with ailments like anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia, nausea and other common medical problems. Marijuana Tinctures are great for first time Cannabis because it contains no THC! The tincture can be made at home from cannabis flower, trim and shake and Cannabis Stems and Seeds!

Featured - DIY Cannabis: Tips and Tricks for Making Marijuana Tincture


Marijuana Tinctures are, in my opinion, one of the healthiest ways to ingest Marijuana.

There are many benefits to using Marijuana Tincture; Marijuana Tinctures can be used in cooking, applied topically (applied externally onto the skin), or even mixed with other things for various purposes. One can create Marijuana Tincture with glycerin, alcohol, or oil. Weed Tinctures can be flavored and even colored to suit one’s needs. Marijuana Tinctures are also beneficial because Marijuana is ingested through the mucus membranes in the mouth (specifically under the tongue). Which allows for Weed Tincture to take effect very quickly. Most consumers will feel the effects within 5 minutes (although this will vary depending on how much Marijuana Tincture is ingested).

Marijuana Tinctures are also very long lasting; Marijuana Tinctures, when made with glycerin, can stay fresh for up to 2 years. Weed Tinctures, when made with oil or alcohol, can stay fresh for months. Marijuana Tinctures, when made with glycerin or oil can be used in cooking and will retain their potency in doing so. Pot Tinctures, when mixed with alcohol, cannot be cooked with because Marijuana’s boiling point is 315 degrees Fahrenheit whereas Alcohol’s boiling point is around 173 degrees Fahrenheit; Weed will not get past the boiling point and Pot Tincture will become useless. Marijuana Tinctures can also be applied topically to the skin by mixing Marijuana Tincture with oil and then applying (the mixture) onto the skin for relief of pain and other ailments. Marijuana Tinctures can even be taken orally, further increasing their versatility.

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