Can You Gain Weight From Eating Marijuana Gummies?

Like most health-conscious people, they watch whatever they eat. And since marijuana and its products are becoming more and more widespread in their uses, consumers want to know if eating the gummies can cause weight gain. 

Can You Gain Weight From Eating Marijuana Gummies?

The scientific information concerning the making of these marijuana gummies contains the answer. While they have some sugar in recipes, you can only eat one piece from the package. Therefore, you are consuming the breakdown of 20 calories, with 3 grams of sugar and 4 grams of carbohydrates. 

When consuming marijuana gummies, it is good to understand you do not feel the effects immediately. Instead, you have a window of a few hours before the effects kick in, and try not to be overzealous to have the experience. Eating more than the prescribed amount in one sitting can cause you to feel high!

With all of this said, eating gummies with carbs, sugars, and caloric count measurements will not cause weight gain. And this is because the amounts are too small, and you are not having a full meal of marijuana gummies. However, if you are still concerned about the possibility of weight gain, it is best to investigate vegan marijuana gummies. 

Healthier Edible Alternatives Than Marijuana Gummies 

We hear a lot of these words thrown around, marijuana edibles. Marijuana edibles are not only gummies. Although they have been around since the early twenties, there were always brownies, infused butter, beverages, oils, and more. Furthermore, the main reasons people consume marijuana products are for recreation and medicine. 

Marijuana gummies recipes are changing as the manufacturers hear the concerns of consumers. Nowadays, for gummies, manufacturers use fruit juices as natural sweeteners. 

So, what are the alternatives to gummies?

Here is a list of these foods you can choose from and still enjoy your marijuana fix for whatever reason your need is.

  • Tinctures
  • Rosin concentrates
  • Capsules/ gel caps
  • Sublingual Sprays
  • Beverages- teas, juices, coffee, etc

Consumption of any of the items above is in measured doses. Therefore you are sure to consume what you need to have the desired relief. 

Sugarfree Marijuana Gummies And What It Means To Consumers

Like any food or pharmaceutical you consume, the body absorbs it in measures. You start feeling its effects anywhere from 2-3 hours, depending on your metabolic processes. There are sugar-free gummies on the market for people whose concerns are weight gain. It applies to people who are not thrilled about going the vegan route. 

The Forbes website reports a marijuana edibles company located in California- Kushys Punch. They are successful in making the first sugar-free marijuana gummy. However, they were careful in their approach to the manufacturing process and wouldn’t release the product until they were sure it was the best product for consumption. 

The Kush Punch marijuana gummies are natural sweeteners from lychee. After many years of experimentation and trial and error, the one natural sweetener for the product they wanted to manufacture came from the lychee fruit. The gummy contains 100mg of THC from full-spectrum marijuana oil and is non-cariogenic, making them healthier for your teeth, and contains 2.5 calories. 

How Does The Body Utilize Marijuana Gummies

In this case, marijuana gummies can take 2-3 hours to absorb into the body before you start feeling its effects. These effects can last as long as six hours or more, depending on how your body metabolizes the product. The recommendation, as always, is to wait for the 2-3 hours presentation before taking any more. By doing this, you will start to feel the desired effects. Consuming more before the time you run the risk of overdosing. Most new users of marijuana products are to understand the need to follow this rule. 

We know the taste of a candy treat that tempts us to want to eat more. However, this marijuana gummy contains an amount of THC for one dose. Overeating can keep you on a protracted high for more than 12 hours. 

Asking your marijuana dispensary about the protocol for consuming marijuana edibles, like gummies, is essential. Although each state conducting marijuana business must label the packages for edibles carefully, some may not fully adhere to these regulations, so consult your dispensary about how much to take. 

Buying Marijuana Products

Buying marijuana products from an unlicensed source may not be the best decision you ever make. And this is because you may purchase a product with more THC and possibly other hazardous chemicals to your health. 

Some marijuana websites claim to sell genuine consumables across state lines. And This is illegal! The federal government is careful about this practice. You can buy products online in your state and do pick-ups in-store. No legal authorization exists for marijuana to cross state boundaries and offer delivery services to your address. The FDA frowns on the practice, and you can get in trouble with the law. 

Reasons For Using Marijuana Gummies

The marijuana plant contains chemicals like CBD and THC for recreational or medicinal uses. The therapeutic benefit is for relief from symptoms of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • ADHD
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Nausea from Chemo treatments
  • Insomnia
  • And more

For recreational users, it is more for the effects of the high they crave or for a relaxing time with friends socially.

Whatever reason you use marijuana gummies and its other products, remember you use them carefully and responsibly. Consume in your home or a safe place with family and friends. It is also the law to not consume outdoors, in national parks, stores, or anywhere public. It is also the question you ask from the dispensary as to the health benefits of the consumption of marijuana edibles like gummies.

The Stone Dispensary Conclusion

Marijuana is a versatile plant. And the more you know about what the plant offers, the better you understand how to use it. Concern for storage is the reason many people with children get into trouble. They must remember the gummy packages looks like children’s candy. They can easily mistake the sweet treat for one of their own and end up in the hospital. Always be conscious of the fact where you store your marijuana treats. 





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