Know Your Marijuana Tools And Accessories And Where to Buy

Like every skilled worker, they have special tools and accessories to help perfect their craft. They ensure they have everything they need while on the job to make life easier for working. Marijuana connoisseurs are the same. Although they use some tools and accessories when building a joint or packing the vape pipes- they never consider the benefits of adding a few more to their arsenal.

Know Your Marijuana Tools And Accessories And Where to Buy

Today we will re-acquaint you with some oldies but goodies of marijuana tools and accessories that you may or may not know. And maybe we will introduce you to some new ones. 

Marijuana Tools And Accessories

Marijuana and its tools and accessories are a unique sort of pass time to indulge if you are a recreational user. The best part of the adventure is discovering the many ways you can use each tool and accessory. Not to be outdone, medical marijuana users will enjoy the go and learn more about what will make their lives easier. Of course, you may already know about and have even used some of these tools and accessories. However, knowing what else they can do to make your life easier is good.

Here Are Some Marijuana Tools and Accessories For You

The Dabbing Tool

Most marijuana enthusiasts know the dabbing tool best for handling waxy, sticky concentrates like resin or rosin. They use it to load the dab rig or their vape pens. Little is known for its use to scrape the tarry, gluey gunk from your pipes or bongs. The dab tool is also applicable for loading your joint and helps minimize the mess. 

A Marijuana Grinder Card

This tool is not so much the consideration as being of much use to a stoner. It may seem clumsy when using, but when applied for the right job, you are a happy camper. The grinder card is perfect for loading the paper for your joint. It picks up just the right amount of material to fit. It is a piece of tool that you can discretely tuck away in your pocket or wallet for the next time you need a quick smoke. 

The Carb Cap

What is a carb cap? The Carb Cap is a unique tool used by most dabbers. Any marijuana dabber can tell you about this tool, but not many realize its versatility. Their knowledge of the carb cap is for containing the smoke when dabbing. However, others who know about this tool consider it a gem. 

While containing the smoke in your dabbing rig, the cap can maintain the temperature you need to vaporize your oils, concentrates, and other marijuana extracts. It is also the perfect tool for stirring up the concentrate while smoking to help you use every ounce. And this eliminates any unwanted residue or gunk sticking to the basin of your dabbing rig or vape pen. 

Handy Glass Blunt

For many marijuana smokers, the tedious task of rolling a joint is always a bother. Some enjoy making their ‘spliffs’ because it is part of the enjoyment. However, the paper you use can get wet, which leaves you with nothing to use. It is best to transition to a glass blunt. 

The glass blunt eliminates the need to roll, and your only task is to load the blunt with the weed you grind and pack it in correctly with your dabbing tool. Viola! You are good to go. The glass blunt is also convenient and discrete for traveling. 

The Silicone Storage Container

These may be a bit more expensive than a regular glass jar, but they are perfect for storing your concentrates. The silicone storage container makes life much simpler when you are down to the last of your concentrate. It is easy to remove when in the silicone container, and this is because it sticks in one place for easy access. You buy in glass jars or the original packaging if you store the oils and concentrates- scraping it out is messier than you care to experience when you are down to the last amount. 

Cigarette Roller

Why would you need one of these? Well, because the task of rolling a cigarette is similar to that of rolling a joint, it makes perfect sense to have a manual cigarette roller on hand. They make rolling a ‘spliff’ easy for an inexperienced marijuana smoker. It is a handy tool for people with medical conditions and who are on medical marijuana. It eliminates the need to make a perfect joint. It is also a discrete piece of marijuana accessory to have on the go. Just ensure you clean it well to get rid of any weed residue. 

The Trusty Terp Pearls

Terp pearls, otherwise named terp gems or diamonds, are the perfect cannabis accessory for the unique dabbing experience. Those expert users of these terp gems compare their experience to using a carb cap. The terp pearls are more functional because they have direct contact with the concentrate and work together to hold heat for far longer. Only add a few of these diamonds to your rig and experience the instant upgrade in quality and results of dabbing. These terp pearls cost a few dollars, and what’re a few dollars compared to enhancing your enjoyment? 

Where To Buy Your Marijuana Tools And Accessories

There are websites posted for you to make your purchase of any marijuana tools and accessories you need. Amazon or ETSY are great options. There are also hundreds of marijuana dispensaries to choose from in your state. They are easily accessed, and you are good to go once they are in your geographical location and US state where marijuana is legal. 

The Stone Conclusion 

There are more marijuana tools and accessories you can research and discover the many ways they can be of use to you. These are only a few we have highlighted. The more you know about these tools can help maintain the budget over time. And this is because you will not find the need to purchase every tool or accessory on the market. You can even discover uses for the ones you may already have. It is the creativity and enjoying how you go about preparing for that recreational marijuana experience that is worth it. 

Ask your marijuana dispensary nearest you how to use some of these items and ask for recommendations from others. You can have this conversation online, over the phone, or as a walk-in customer. 




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