Marijuana Shatter And Marijuana Sauce: What Are They?

Marijuana is a herb known worldwide, yet having different names. Ganja is the name in Jamaica, Cannabis is universal, and this is the name most people know the plant to be. Marijuana is more familiar in the United States, and so is cannabis. However, today we are talking about marijuana and some products derived from the plant. So let’s talk about Marijuana Shatter And Marijuana Sauce: What Are They?

Marijuana Shatter And Marijuana Sauce: What Are They?

The plant is versatile, and although many people connect the ‘high’ experience to the herb, there are also medicinal uses. Marijuana shatter and sauce are just two of the many extracts we can pull from the plant’s buds and leaves. Another thing to note, these extracts are concentrates.

What Is Marijuana Shatter?

Many marijuana consumers are looking for a unique experience. That view speaks to the levels of challenge most marijuana users who are connoisseurs understand. The recreational aspect of using weed is for the euphoria and the power of that euphoric experience. Marijuana shatter is one such concentrate that can give users this high

Marijuana shatter is the new concentrate of which people are talking. The buzz is about the uniqueness of the product. It looks like delicate glass and can shatter easily, hence the name. The color looks like liquid gold or straw and is one of the most potent marijuana extracts available on the market. 

The THC content in marijuana shatter is higher than any other cannabis concentrate available. As a result, it supports the kind of heightened experience users of weed look for, and because it is versatile in its uses, shatter is in great demand.

So, How Potent Is Marijuana Shatter?

Because shatter is one of the most potent concentrates extracted from marijuana, it is the reason people are talking about it so much. However, it is pure weed concentrate that uses a solvent extraction method. And this does not consider the fact it uses a solvent, as the process has to be under the strictest of conditions with lab tests to ensure safety for consumption. 

The THC levels are between 80-90%, and purity levels come out at 90%. So comparing recreational marijuana shatter and medicinal cannabis is like night and day. The potency level for medical marijuana is at 30%, depending on the product and the FDA’s legal guidelines of THC content in any product for medical use.

For this level of potency, shatter is not for everyone to use. Marijuana shatter is at five times greater strength than flowers and some edibles. People desirous of getting an exceptional euphoric experience may dabble in shatter. However, for people wanting to relax and be mellow, use a different marijuana concentrate. 

How To Buy And Consume Marijuana Shatter In The US

Any marijuana product, whether concentrate, flowers, oils, tinctures, or edibles, is legal purchasing from a licensed dispensary. There cannot be any more emphatic recommendation than this. When purchasing marijuana products from these dispensaries across the US, you adhere to such states’ laws. You are sure you are getting products that are lab-tested and verified safe for human consumption. 

Now, for how to consume marijuana shatter. Because it is a concentrate and one of the most potent, whether you are a newbie or experienced weed user, the fact is, you need to understand how to use it.

There are different methods to consume marijuana shatter, and they are:

  • Smoking
  • Dabbing
  • Vaping
  • Infusion in a weed joint
  • Eating raw- NOT!!

And this is because of the product’s high levels of concentration and potency. Eating anything containing these high levels of THC can cause stomach issues. So if you decide to eat your shatter concentrate, it is best to use a small amount at a time to make some edibles. The reason is that heat is required to activate the terpenes and cannabinoids to have that psycho-addictive experience. 

The other methods for consuming shatter, once you buy from the marijuana dispensary, these expert staffs give you all the information for use. And this is mainly for users venturing into the marijuana world for the first time.  

What Is Marijuana Sauce?

Marijuana sauce is a gooey and liquid extract with a sauce-like consistency. This method of marijuana concentrate extraction gives you high-profile levels of flavors, terpenes, and cannabinoids, typically produced using a unique process, especially for creating a two-component final product. You end up with cannabinoid-rich crystals containing high levels of THC suspended in terpene-rich oil. 

Marijuana extracts and their products are brands based on appearance, texture, color, and malleability. And this is why you’ll see concentrates like shatter, resin, oils, etc. 

The sauce is no different from these concentrates. However, its unique combination of crystals plus terpene sauce gives it a dense consistency similar to yogurt.

Beyond consistency, marijuana sauce is unique for its isolated cannabinoids and terpenes content. The terpenes and cannabinoids separate during the extraction process. And you will not find any two products with a uniform distribution of either component. As a result, two different dabs from the same sauce may deliver two very different terpene and cannabinoid levels giving users two different experiences. And this is the reason why marijuana sauce is so unique. 

How To Use Marijuana Sauce?

It applies to vaping marijuana sauce. Depending on the vape cartridge you use, there may be some difference in potency levels due to the extraction method. Therefore, not all marijuana sauces are full spectrum. In addition, there may be the absence of some terpenes and cannabinoid components to affect the potent levels of THC you expect. And product manufacturers may go the extra mile to re-introduce these profile traits to ensure the strain of marijuana used is present. 

The Stone Conclusion

Whether desirous of vaping marijuana sauce or consuming some shatter, it is best to indulge in a safe place. The recommendation is not to consume any recreational marijuana product if you intend to drive or operate heavy-duty machinery. Always use it with a trusty friend or in a space where they can monitor you. 

Most recreational marijuana users will consume in groups with friends and ensure the products they use are safe. Hence the recommendation is to purchase your stash from a licensed marijuana dispensary. There you can be sure of what you buy. 





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