Things To Know About Marijuana Rosin Bags and Can You Buy Weed Online From A Colorado Dispensary

The marijuana era is ever-evolving, and as such, it is essential for the avid weed consumer and the newbies to become educated about the herb. The changes in cannabis are happening at a rapid pace. And growers of the plant confirm the evolution in real-time, which is incredible.

Strains of marijuana are scientifically grown, containing higher levels of THC and CBD for achieving a better high or for rapid relief from medical issues. The extraction processes of these chemicals are also changing to gain maximum extractions of concentrates. 

One such process uses a marijuana Rosin bag or a micron Rosin bag as it is known. So, firstly, what is Rosin?


Rosin is the concentrate you can extract from marijuana buds or flowers. You can make the extraction after harvesting the mature buds and drying them to remove most of the moisture from the flowers. In doing so, you can expect a greater yield and a more potent concentrate. Of course, this depends on the quality and strain of ganja plant blooms you use. 

No solvents are involved in the extraction process; therefore, your Rosin is 100% pure. The method involves using heat and pressure to squeeze the thick gooey liquid from the flowers. And this is Rosin. 

To affect the heat and pressure needed for extraction, most experienced weed users will invest in a Rosin press; either Pure Pressure, Ecofarm, Nugsmasher, Terminator, or Dulytek. Sasquash, Rosinbomb, and Ecofarm. Another option is, using your trusty hair straightener, which can give similar results.

While some people prefer to make their Rosin, others will buy from the marijuana dispensary near them. Extracting your Rosin is legal. Hemp is the legal plant of the Cannabis family of plants. Because it contains about 97% CBD-cannabidiol and 0.03% THC. The CBD chemical does not cause users to have the psychoactive experience; it is for treating medical symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, and more. The THC chemical is the opposite; this is what will give users the high they are seeking. 

Rosin Extraction Processes

For Rosin extraction, as mentioned above, the use of heat and pressure of a Rosin press or hair straightener is the primary tool. There is also unbleached parchment paper for squeezing the buds and collecting the Rosin. You will need a dabbing tool and a storage container for keeping the Rosin. This process only entails you extracting the concentrate from the plant’s flowers.

The other method is slightly different, requiring using the marijuana Rosin bag. The technique is similar but requires you to use bubble hash or kief instead of weed buds. But, you may ask, what is bubble hash? 

Making Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is made from flash-frozen marijuana flowers using an ice-water bath. The process entails placing the flowers in a mesh bubble bag and submerging that into the ice water bath. The buds become frozen, and while the bag is agitated, it causes the resin- different from Rosin- loosens and collects into the mesh bag. 

The resin is ‘washed’ through different grade thicknesses of sieves or screens to extract the sticky trichomes that the flowers produce while they are maturing. The substance passing through the different sieves refines the process and what remains is the sticky, resinous material; bubble hash. The bubble hash may form into granules or a gummy pasty substance you can shape into balls or blocks, depending on your amount, which contains either THC or CBD, depending on the plant buds used for extracting the resin.

Rosin Extraction Using Marijuana Rosin Bags

Because you are using bubble hash, you must have your marijuana Rosin bags on hand. There is a tried and true method for using them, and here it is: Turn the bags inside out and create the shape of a pouch for housing the bubble hash. 

Next, you break a piece of the hash and place it into the bag. Finally, put as much bubble hash into the marijuana Rosin bag as it can hold while allowing space to close the bag. 

Place the marijuana Rosin bag filled with hash into the Rosin press and apply heat and pressure to the bag with the bubble hash to remove the Rosin concentrate. You should hear a sizzling sound coming from the micron bag while being pressed. You press the ‘hash’ for seconds at a time to remove the Rosin. The process can be time-consuming. However, the time and patients spent doing the work results in your having the CBD or THC Rosin you need. 

Please note: depending on the size of marijuana Rosin bag you use, the amount of Rosin concentrate you can extract. If you use a Rosin press for extraction, they are available with bags. The size is important because, should you run out of bags, you can purchase them online. However, you must know the correct size that fits your machine. 

Buying Weed or Rosin From Any Colorado Dispensary

Finding the perfect dispensary in your location is always challenging, depending on where you live. Google is the best option for locating a Colorado dispensary near me. If you live in Colorado, there are over 1000 marijuana dispensaries across the state; you must find one in your location. Remember, utilizing a legally licensed store for your weed and Rosin products is also good. 

And this is because some illegal stores will advertise the offerings of online purchases and delivery to your doors. For example, in Colorado, although there is legislation for home delivery in some cities, not all dispensaries have opted to offer the service to their customers.

However, there are online purchasing services from dispensaries. The drawback is that you must collect and make payment in person, either in-store or curbside. Online banking businesses instead not be caught facilitating payment for anything marijuana. So, customers will have to make payments in cash. 


Marijuana Rosin micron bags are optional for Rosin extraction. However, it is a tidier route to take when extracting Rosin concentrate. Some Rosin extractors will opt for using unbleached parchment paper. But if you are accustomed to the bags, then it is better to have a running order from the Rosin press manufacturers for these marijuana bags. And also you can buy them from any Colorado marijuana dispensary. 




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