Things To Know About Marijuana Topicals

In today’s world, where scientific discoveries and knowledge is increasing, what we know about marijuana 100 years ago is changing. As a result, there is a push for more financing for research about the herb. Not only are consumers smoking, vaping, drinking, and eating products manufactured from marijuana there are topicals on the market to affect relief for pain and inflammation symptoms. Let’s discuss Things To Know About Marijuana Topicals

Things To Know About Marijuana Topicals

And this is a good thing, as many people want to move away from the pharmaceutical drugs that mask the symptoms and create new ailments, Which is unsuitable for the body. You end up with more chronic medical problems and not being cured. The natural chemical from marijuana is one of the most promoted sources in this decade for people suffering from pain symptoms.

What Are Marijuana Topicals?

Topicals are a sexy way of describing a marijuana-infused product specifically for skin application. The specificity of topicals allows people to understand what to do and how to use them. Unlike weed products that you smoke, vape, eat or drink, which are interchangeable at best. A marijuana topical product is specific in how it works and differs from your consumption via other methods. 

Generally, we understand topicals as creams and balms to apply to the skin to relieve symptoms. However, more products are available on the market that is not creams or salves. They provide the relief you desire with satisfactory results, not the overwhelming feeling of a hangover. There is the concern of being addicted, like prescription meds, and there is no likelihood of this happening as the body only uses what it needs. The portions of chemicals in each application are based scientifically on the FDA requirements for what is safe. 

Depending on your medical needs, marijuana-infused body oils, creams, bath bombs, salts, sprays, sexual lubricants, and transdermal patches are available. This is based on people’s different needs and the desire to ‘go GREEN’ with treatments. Marijuana topicals offer this alternative.

How Do Marijuana Topicals Work?

Unlike marijuana joints, vape concentrates, and edibles that work by entering the bloodstream, topicals do not. Instead, it works by zoning in on the sight-specific areas where you require relief. For example, you are applying a marijuana topical to the areas of inflammation, pain, arthritic pain, cramps, muscle spasms, or even migraines. The medication focuses on the site and does the job. 

The marijuana topical works by seeping through the first two layers of the skin, the dermis, and epidermis, where it connects to the cannabinoid receptors and effective relief.

Manufacturer’s Recommendation On Using Topicals

The manufacturers recommend that users of marijuana topicals not use them on broken skin. The absorption rate can be rapid, and you may experience some feelings of intoxication. Although this is rare, endeavor to use the manufacturer’s prescribed amount in each application. Transdermal patches are known to cause a high and contain higher levels of THC than you consume. Some sex lubricants may have similar effects when used, as the genital areas are more sensitive to rapid chemical absorptions, and the related marijuana products may contain penetration enhancers. 

Using Marijuana Topicals

Like most skin applications, you place on the affected area and rub. The same applies to using marijuana topicals. The critical thing to note is; topicals work their best on clean skin surfaces. It works better after bathing as your pores are open and cause absorption readily. However, the skin must be dry for those using transdermal patches to make the patch stick. 

Because some marijuana topicals contain menthol, lubricants, and essential oils like Shea, you may notice added benefits to using the product, like clearing up eczema and acne.

Always wash your hands thoroughly after applying the topicals. If you forget to do this, you can experience discomfort should you touch your eyes, nasal area, or genitals after using. In addition, there may be burning as most marijuana topicals contain menthol. 

The Legality of Using Marijuana Topicals

Most businesses are doing random drug tests to ensure their workers can perform to standards. Using a marijuana topical while on the job may not be a wise thing to do. Of course, people possessing a medical marijuana card are under treatment by a doctor; you have them out for showing a positive on your test. Consequently, this is for medical reasons.

For recreational marijuana users, the opposite is true. It would be best if you took care when you use it and how a frequent weed user stands a greater chance of showing a positive blood test. If you know the date for your drug test, you must ensure consuming marijuana and knowing how long it stays in the body is your benchmark for use. And, if a sex application topical is your kryptonite, then for that period, try going the regular route or abstain until after you do your test.

Laws Concerning Hemp 

Any hemp-derived topical is legal. The US has legalized hemp CBD and THC products as the plant does not contain enough THC to cause the psychoactive effects of marijuana products containing full-strength THC. Knowing your state’s marijuana laws concerning THC and CBD is crucial. Also, the marijuana dispensary that supplies you will have information about how and when to use it before a scheduled drug test. 

The Stone Conclusion

Marijuana topicals help fight the war on chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and much more. It is now the best option for people desirous of not using pharmaceutical drugs as they can be addictive. Consultation with your doctor is best to know what to use and how to use it. There may be issues concerning mixing medications with marijuana products, and you need to know. 

The fascination with marijuana and its products is healthy. However, like any other drug, lack of knowledge and poor methods can become dangerous. Use the internet as your go-to for information; if that is not enough, visit any local marijuana dispensary in your area for help. They have the relevant information you need to approach using marijuana, the different effects, and what is best for you should you be a new user. 




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