Things To Know About The Marijuana Dablicator

With the legalization of marijuana across the United States, there has been a push to see which product is better and how its application is convenient for consumers. The marijuana dablicator is one such product, and many weed consumers are unaware of its versatility and convenience. Additionally, for those users of marijuana oils, this equipment is the best at dispensing cannabis oil extracts and is mess-free. There are Things To Know About The Marijuana Dablicator.

Marijuana oils like distillates, live resin, solventless extracts, and more, the dablicator will eliminate the guesswork of how much to use, especially for medicinal ganja users. 

About The Marijuana Dablicator

Manufacturers of the marijuana dablicator oil applicator are on a drive to educate consumers about this unique product. It was invented in 2014 by Jetty Extracts of California. Their vision is for customers using weed oils to have an easier and more efficient way to dispense their oils. The concept of being able to distribute oil without causing a mess and losing any of this expensive product is what they aim to accomplish. And this is what they have done. The marijuana dablicator delivers these services and more. 

Medical Marijuana Users

For medical marijuana users of oil extracts, this is the perfect tool for them to have at their disposal. The dablicator enables for:

  • Direct sublingual- under the tongue application
  • Perfect dosage dispensing for infusion in food and beverages
  • Ideal for topical application
  • Facilitates repeatable dosing as needed

Recreational Marijuana users

  • Easy heat-resistant dab tip for direct application
  • Perfect for infusion of oils in food or beverages
  • Ideal for input in weed joints and flowers
  • On-the-go ease of transporting

The Unique Features of The Marijuana Dablicator

Because manufacturers of marijuana oil extracts are always looking for innovative ways to market their products, the dablicator is excellent for doing this. 

Rockin Extracts are on a drive across the United States to the states that have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use to introduce this unique product to them. As a result, dispensaries, manufacturers, and consumers alike can be aware of what the dablicator can do to make lives more manageable overall.

Manufacturers of cannabis oils and tinctures can afford to utilize these dablicators oil applicators by enabling customizable hardware.

Rockin Extracts dablicator oil applicator facilitates the quote:

  • Customizable hardware with your logo
  • Certified Child Resistant (CR) recyclable packaging
  • Customizable packaging with your logo, brand/product descriptions, and variable data
  • Unique hardware colors
  • available, based on MOQ
  • Turnkey marketing program including POP displays, retail education cards, digital asset library, and more
  • California-based customer support

These options are perfect for manufacturers to utilize the brand to market their oils and extracts in a manner for safe delivery. In addition, they have facilitated manufacturers with expert videos and PDF format and live training in loading these dablicator oil applicators for your brand—end quote.

How The Dablicator Van Tour Works

Yahoo Finance posted an article on November 3, 2022, on the plan and expectations of the Dablicator of California on their educational tour across the United States.

Dablicator aims to educate consumers and budtenders in every state where marijuana and its products are legal. They started the tour in California in September and have so far been to Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and West Virginia. Their van tour ends in December, covering Washington DC and seven other states.

Yahoo Finance: “For each location on tour starting at San Francisco, the Van Tour plans to stop at partner dispensaries from now through to December, remaining in markets anywhere from a few days to 10 days at a time. Each stop features fun activities like product demos, Dablicator dab pen giveaways, and chances for both budtenders and consumers to enter Ticketmaster gift card giveaways, with values ranging from $75 to $500. For exact dates and locations, visit the Dablicator website.”

Partnering With And Servicing Global Locations

Dablicator is partnering and servicing manufacturers across the globe, and they aim to deliver the products so brands can provide customers with the best marijuana oils consumption experience ever. In addition, the limitations of loading dabbing equipment and the messy affair it brings with the dablicator consumers can eliminate the fuss in dabbing.

Product Brands Partnering With Dablicator

Several known marijuana brands partner with Dablicator to offer their customers the best equipment and lifestyle. They are:

  • Jetty
  • Seed & Strain
  • Bedford Grow
  • Firelands Scientific
  • Ancient Roots
  • Leafline
  • Colombia Care
  • Cold Creek Extracts
  • And more

Using A Dablicator

Using a marijuana dablicator is the easiest thing to do when consuming weed oils and concentrates. The method for use is as follows.

First, remove the cap off the tip. Then, by holding the tank, twist the body, exposing the plunger. Next, you will hear and feel the clicks as the plunger extends. Each black mark on the plunger represents approximately 55mg of oil, and the final red line is about 165mg. 

Once you select the required dosage, twist and press the plunger to dispense the oil, and after issuing the oil, turn back on the body to stop the flow!

If you are using a new Dablicator, you must prime the plunger. You do this by going through the above steps to use the device. By doing these above steps, you release the air trapped in the body. Once you clear this air bubble, you are usually ready to use the Dablicator.

The Stone Conclusion

There is the responsible use of any equipment concerning marijuana, especially if you are using it for the first time. The same applies to the dablicator. And this is the reason we are providing you with the information. It is necessary for consumers also to know and understand the options available to them as it relates to marijuana and its safe use. 

Never rely on word of mouth all the time, as people who are experienced users of these weed products can manage themselves better than most. The marijuana dispensary nearest you are equipped with the information to help newbies when needed. Avail yourself of their expertise and give yourself a chance to enjoy your first, knowing that after you do so if you decide to continue consuming marijuana, you have the best place to go for supplies. 





Featured - Things To Know About The Marijuana Dablicator

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