The Ultra-Premium Products You Love, Now in a Cartridge.

The Stone is proud to be the first dispensary in the nation to carry this line. We will offer a select few strains, initially, and hope to offer the full line to our customers upon their request. To help our consumers better understand this new ultra-premium product line, the Viola Live Extract Vape, we sat down with the Viola Team for an interview.


The Stone: Thank you giving us such an in-depth, inside peak at the World of Ultra-Premium Products at Viola and, particularly, the launch of the new Viola Live Extract Vape Cartridges! VIOLA: Our pleasure! Our whole team is very excited to show off what we have been working on and launch it at The Stone!


Technology & Quantity

Question: Are the Viola Live Extract Vape cartridges disposable or refillable ? VIOLA: They are, technically, refillable. However, like almost all cartridges, the coils will burn out if a thicker viscosity is used on the coils, and even under optimum circumstances, it will decrease on performance quality over time. We recommend our customers find the best routine for themselves, but to be able to try all the cart flavors, we recommend buying a new cartridge when the other one begins to run out. The Stone:Makes sense to us! Just because it “can be” refilled, doesn’t mean that it is going to work long-term or even at the same performance quality level. VIOLA: Exactly! Might as well try all that The Stone has to offer! “LiveResin”

Question: Are batteries included with the carts and do they take the universal batteries? VIOLA: Batteries are not included with the Viola Live Extract Vape, but they are compatible with the universal 510 threaded batteries. We may release a branded battery in the future; however, it is not available for the launch. 

Question: What else can you tell us about the technology of the cartridge? Ceramic? Coil type? VIOLA:It is a universal 510 cartridge with a ceramic heating element. You will see our branding of the pinwheels, which is very sleek with just a pop of purple 

Question: Do they come in half or full gram? VIOLA: Half gram. That way, the product stays fresher longer. The Stone: We love a small batch craft experience. Makes sense why you wouldn’t want to keep refilling them with this approach too. VIOLA:Exactly! Quality is one of the most important aspects to our ultra-premium products. Our labs have tested enough versions to make sure cannabis consumers only get the best!


Unpacking Ultra-Premium

Question: What sets this cartridge apart from the rest on the market? VIOLA: randing and product quality. We believe our flower is the best in the state of Colorado. Mr. Dank, our head grower and geneticist, who created Golden Goat and other sought after strains, has set us up with incredible selections of flower for this and all of our other ultra-premium products. Additionally, our great team is “leading the brand.” We produce amazing branding that will catch your eye and leave you extremely satisfied. The Stone: Gotta love it when the branding and marketing matches up to the actual quality of the product!

Question: What can we expect out of this line in the future? More strains? VIOLA: You can expect collaborations with the same high quality you experience in all of our ultra-premium products and even more of an abundance of flavors.

“Al Harrington”

Celebrity Stacked Team: Al Harrington and T.I.

Question: Has Al Harrington tried it? What was his reaction? VIOLA: Butane. Yes, absolutely. Nothing goes out to market without his approval. Al and the whole team is proud to serve Colorado such an amazing line of products. He loves the OG… Clem Cake & Vader OG are probably his two favorite and what he is smoking on right now. A little history on the brand, in case your audience didn’t know, Viola is named after Al’s grandmother. She was having issues with her eyes and couldn’t focus her eyes even read her Bible. Al showed her the power of cannabis in a medicinal form, and for her, it changed her opinion. Once a woman who denounced the plant for all the typical reasons we hear, embraced it as a true form of medicine and natural healing. The Stone: Wow, the power of change and progress right before her and our eyes. That’s a amazing story and such a proud moment for cannabis that the brand is formed around. Beautiful.

Question: We saw T.I. just joined the VIOLA family as a social justice advocate. Has he tried the carts or had any involvement in the release of this new Viola Live Extract Vape product line? VIOLA: T.I. and Al Harrington are very close, however T.I. was not involved in the formulation or launch of these products. His main priority is the community impact strategy. TI is very involved in his local community and is passionate about helping the people of his and other communities. Viola is very excited to be working with him to make a positive, lasting change in the cannabis industry. Stay tuned to the latest news by following Viola on IG @VIOLA and Twitter @ViolaBrands as well as Al and T.I.’s personal pages. @alharrington3 and @troubleman31.

Visit the Viola wesbite for more info. The Stone: Awesome. We will do that and we can’t wait to see what you and your team does next. As for now, we are super excited to see the launch of this new product line and our customers’ reactions.


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