Best Recreational Marijuana Edibles

Here at The Stone, we take pride in providing our clients with a wide assortment of Denver’s tastiest edibles. We purchase from a variety of companies in order to cater to your every need with the Best Recreational Marijuana Edibles. Whether it’s gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, or more, The Stone has you covered.

Stone Edibles

Edibles have moved far beyond the backyard barbecue brownies of our high school days; they’re now safely regulated by dosage in order to provide you with a comfortable and safe high.

Edibles are highly effective at treating medical concerns as well as for enjoying recreationally. Edibles are all dosed with a healthy serving of THC, which has an assortment of medical benefits that include reducing nausea, stimulating appetite, reducing pain and inflammation, and encouraging sleep. Furthermore most edibles contain other essential components of marijuana besides THC; these are called cannabinoids. This includes CBD—the holy grail of all marijuana medicine. CBD is proven to treat a large number of medical ailments and concerns including seizures, pain management, cancer (tumor inhibitor), insomnia, and an array of neurological disorders. Edibles generally contain small amounts of CBD, and work with the THC to create potent, natural medicine for your mind and body. Many edibles with higher CBD to THC ratios come in tinctures or drinks for ease of administration, and because they activate more quickly!The Stone is a Denver local favorite for the Best Recreational Marijuana Edibles.

All edibles available for recreation in Colorado are strictly regulated to a maximum of 10 milligrams per serving by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. This is clearly labeled on every single package of edibles for sale, whether it’s a single serving lollipop or a ten-pack of cookies. Edibles are safely dosed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of your product! Most are made here in Colorado and are a fresh, tasty option to treat you medically or provide a fun, long-lasting high!

Cannabis leaf with chocolate bars
Cannabis drink


Cannabis drink


Cannabis drink

Cookies & Cakes

We also have food options!

These range from Julie’s healthy and yummy strain-specific granola, to Coda Signature’s hand painted truffles, and Wana’s beloved sour gummies. Nevertheless, with our selection of the Best Recreational Marijuana Edibles you are bound to find your new favorite.