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Mary’s Medicinal Muscle Freeze 1.5 oz

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$25 (OUT THE DOOR PRICE) **** DISCLAIMER: PRICES ONLY GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. PLEASE BE ADVISED. **** Medical Cannabis treatments have been around for centuries. The problem was the refined and controlled doses were not yet known, and most people would only use smoking to get relief from symptoms. However, now, in the Twentieth Century, with more scientific research done, and a greater understanding of cannabis; there is better regulation and more refined products.

Mary's Medicinals Muscle Freeze

Mary's Medicinals Muscle Freeze is one such product. It treats muscle pain to give relief and reports to be a very effective treatment in this regard. The CBD percentage is 150mg in a 1.5 oz bottle that packs a powerful punch on any muscular pains you have. The soothing menthol and massage oils help the muscle freeze to be spread evenly over the skin's surface. The product contains all-natural ingredients, so there is no need to be concerned about possible side effects. However, should you be concern about side effects, you should check with your doctor or the dispensary you are buying the product from. The effects of Mary's  Medicinals Muscle Freeze start working almost immediately on application. You start experiencing the feeling of cool icy menthol that soothes the muscles and joints. While the Cannabis CBD concentrates, do its magical work to relieve the muscular discomforts you have. The medicinal rub leaves no residues, no sticky feel on the skin, and no horrible herbs odor you may expect to experience from a plant-based product. Mary's Medicinals Muscle Freeze works for up to five hours after application and can be used as needed. With this Cannabis product, you can securely travel with a bottle everywhere you go and, are comfortable you have your needed muscle relief on hand. Mary's Medicinals Muscle Freeze has become the go-to product for persons, who are always on the go or have pain issues. The great thing about this cannabis product; you can work through your day without having any ill effects after using it.

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Because you are on The Stone Dispensary Denver, Colorado, website, I am sure you know this is where you can buy Mary's Medicinals Muscle Freeze. We are careful to have all items on our cannabis products menus oil of the highest quality. We at the stone, source, and partner with only the best cannabis product manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the best. Located in Colorado, we serve quite a large community so, our customers are satisfied with our services. Our mission is to have as many persons informed about Cannabis and the medical, recreational uses, and advantages of this herb. Being informed can empower persons as to how much help is available to them.

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