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$39.55 – SPHEREX PAX PODS 1000mg

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Spherex Pax Pods 500mg

The Stone Dispensary Denver, Colorado, at 4820 Morrison Rd Denver, Colorado, has Spherex Pax Pods 500mg on our marijuana menu. We stock every product of the highest quality in the Cannabis line, so it stands to reason we will sell Spherex products.


Spherex engages the Yoda of Cannabis extraction and refinement for extracting the raw potential of the plant. We hold ourselves and our customers at the highest standards, and we strive to ensure our staff adheres to these standards. Thus our prize product Spherex Pax Pods 500mg.

Spherex Pax Pods 1000mg come in 9 unique flavors for you to choose from, and the flavors individually packaged. One great thing about Pax Pods is, they are scientifically programmed to only dispense the regulated amount of activated oils you need for any session.

The upside for this unique product is, you do not have the advantage of overdosing, and the experience is just so for you to enjoy. Whether you choose a small, medium, or large, hit. You can expect the vaping pod to cut you off at the desired option you choose. Although the Pods are for recreational use, at this level; for medical use the manufacturers of Spherex Pax Pods 500mg are careful not to have the be-all and end-all of regulation for medical cannabis users.

The control for them has to be, based on the prescription of the medical users' doctor. The grey area can become Deep Waters to be wading in when you think of a person's health. Recreational, the concepts are open to the experienced Cannabis user, against the newbie.

Because each Spherex Pax Pods 1000mg contain 5 grams of Cannabis oil, users should choose either small, medium or large puffs, as the pod can dispense up to 1000 puffs. WOW!! That is a lot, so you see the wisdom in having a regulated device to help you not dosing too much.

Here I am sure you understand that regulated use is important. It enables you to have a longer usage time with every Spherex Pax Pods 1000mg. Generally, it should last up to two weeks; however, if used a lot harder and at the higher puff level, you will have your HIGH  lasting for days at a time.

The Spherex Pax Pod 1000mg contains 85% THC, Terpenes, and 12% cannabinoids. Extracted from the Sativa strain, the producers of this unique product have ensured the flavors are enjoyable, and for recreational use, you have all the control. The Spherex Relief CBD dispenses 1:1 CBD for relief of pain, relaxation from stress.

The Stone Dispensary

The Stone Dispensary has a range of flavors within the Spherex Pax Pod brand. Our dispensary can demonstrate using the product to ensure you have a memorable experience. The staff can provide you with the most up-to-date information on all products, should you need to know. Our dispensary opens Monday- Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:50 pm. Convenience is our aim for our customers hence, our times. We are here at any hour convenient for you, only come in and get what you need from our menu of cannabis products.

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