Differences Between Medical Cannabis Rosin and Resin

Differences Between Medical Cannabis Rosin and Resin

As Cannabis concentrates continue to attract more users looking for raw cannabinoid exposure, new forms of extraction techniques and products are emerging on a regular basis. One of the latest innovations in this space is the Cannabis rosin technique which was first popularized on YouTube about 2 years ago and has been gaining popularity ever since. This technique is now being described as “the next big thing” in the cannabis concentrate world. This article will review the rosin technique, discuss its similarities to existing solventless extractions such as butane hash oil (BHO), and also compare it with one of the oldest types of cannabinoid concentrate, sap.

What is the Difference Between Medical Cannabis Rosin and Resin?

The concept of solventless extraction has been around for years and encompasses a variety of methods which involve no use of organic solvents such as hydrocarbon based butane and propane to extract cannabinoids from the plant material. These include ice water/alcohol extractions, dry bubble hash manufacture, and vapor-based extraction using a hot plate. However, the term “rosin” as it is used today generally refers to a new type of solventless process in which trichome rich plant material is heated under pressure to release its cannabinoids without any use of organic solvents whatsoever.  

How does rosin differ from other methods of solventless extraction?

  Cannabis Rosin is essentially the same type of product as “dry sift” hash manufactured using an ice water extraction. It likely was derived from attempts to improve on the weaknesses of existing solventless techniques. Dry sift is produced by separating trichomes from dried plant material by passing it through a silk screen or mesh filter. Then you collect the material that sticks to the filter. This process is commonly done in a kitchen using ice water to cool the screen and trichomes during filtration. The main weakness of this method involves contamination by plant materials such as stems, stalks, and chlorophyll. These are very difficult to separate from trichomes using simple filtration, and can result in a final product that is turbid, brown, or unpleasant to handle. Read: 4 Widely Used CBD Oil Extraction Techniques The main innovation presented by the rosin technique involves the addition of heat during trichome separation by filtering through parchment paper. The purpose here is to melt the resins adhering to plant material into wax so that they can be washed away by water. This is in contrast to dry sift where the resin stays on the plant material, which results in a product that is more pleasing to handle as well as lighter colored and with less plant material content.

Cannabis Rosin Vs Live Resin

Cannabis Rosin also differs from “Live Resin” extractions which are gaining popularity. These involve harvesting fresh plant material and processing it while still live, which is purported to result in higher levels of terpenes. Although rosin also involves heating fresh or frozen plant material, the purpose here is to sterilize rather than preserve terpenes.   For those looking for Cannabis concentrates with high cannabinoid levels as well as other aromatic molecules, the rosin technique offers a compelling option for producing top quality products. Next: Find out How Cannabis Concentrates are Made

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