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Marijuana Tinctures: Do It Yourself – Cannabis DIY

Marijuana Tinctures are made by dissolving marijuana into alcohol. Then letting it evaporate, leaving behind just the active ingredients of the cannabis plant including: THC and CBD. Marijuana contains hundreds of chemical compounds. These compounds include: terpenes and flavonoids. They both have a unique effect on the body. Marijuana’s main two ingredients of interest are: THC and CBD. Marijuana is most famous for its psychoactive effects from THC.

Marijuana Tinctures can affect users much quicker than smoking. This is because they enter the bloodstream as soon as you swallow.

Marijuana Tinctures: THC and CBD

       Everyone is familiar with smoking pot, but vaping is all the rage these days. However, tinctures are where it’s at for those looking to benefit from marijuana without the “head high” associated with THC. Tinctures are what they sound like – herbal extracts you can take orally.

        The first type of tincture is known as a full-spectrum tincture or simply cannabis tincture. This tincture contains CBD and THC in their raw form. Pretty much pure cannabinoids suspended in liquid. There are several ways to make this kind of tincture, but the easiest has got to be Crockpot Cannaoil . After decarboxylating your weed (i.e., baking it for 30 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees), you put it in a crockpot with some olive oil. The temperature is set to low and left for 24 hours. Then you strain out the plant material through cheesecloth or fine mesh, squeezing all of the oil out of it. Voila – potent pot tincture!

Marijuana Tincures and CBD Extracts

        The second kind of tincture is one that contains high-CBD extracts, usually in 99% pure CBD isolate form (i.e., CBD dissolved in alcohol). This method isn’t too difficult either. Dissolve your CBD crystals in some Everclear or Vodka, then add coconut/olive oil until it’s diluted enough to drink. Shake vigorously after adding each ingredient so nothing settles.     The third kind of tincture is the one that contains THC/CBD together, but in what ratio? Well that’s up to you – it can vary from 2:1 to 1:20 CBD to THC ratios and beyond. To make this type of tincture, just add your decarbed weed and oil mixture into any food grade container filled with 99% pure CBD crystal isolate powder. Whisk thoroughly until all the oil is mixed in, then let sit for a few hours. Decide how much you want as an optimal dose and pour off as much as you think will be right to leave some room for shaking later. Then mix thoroughly again before returning it to the Crockpot . It gets shaken every 2 hours or so.

But how do you make them? Read on!

How Do I Make My Own Tinctures?

1) Cannabis Concentration Levels

The first step to making your own marijuana tincture is to determine what cannabinoid concentrations you want in the end product. Will it be a low THC and high CBD product or will THC be the primary ingredient? If you are using a full spectrum extract, as we discussed in the previous section, you can skip this step.

2) Ingredients for Making a Tincture

There are many different recipes for making your own marijuana tinctures available on the internet. If you read through them all you will find that they are generally very similar. For the purpose of this article, we are going to go over one of the most popular recipes for making your own marijuana tinctures. Then we will delve into some discussion about trying to find a purer way to extract cannabinoids from cannabis.

A typical recipe for making a tincture will usually call for vegetable glycerin, Everclear [151-proof], or some other alcohol that is high in grain. Most people will suggest using a full spectrum extract for this part of the process. If you are able to use a pure CO2 hash oil, that is going to be even better.

Everclear For Marijuana Extracts

Using vegetable glycerin or another extract like coconut oil will result in a lot of plant material in your tincture. That is going to make it harder for you to dose the cannabis extract precisely. Using Everclear or another very pure alcohol, on the other hand, will eliminate most of those problems. If you have made a full spectrum extract then using this type of alcohol will also help. This will keep the different cannabinoids in the finished product from separating out.

Many recipes also call for adding something that has a strong flavor, such as vanilla extract or cinnamon. It’s to help mask the taste of the alcohol in your final tincture. With all of this said, when you use Everclear or another very high proof alcohol, most people won’t be able to taste it once the tincture is finished.

3) The Process of Making a Tincture

Once you have decided what type of alcohol and concentrations you are going to use, it’s time to get down to making your product. First, place your cannabis trim or bud into a stock pot and cover with Everclear, grain alcohol, or another high proof alcohol. This is the liquid that will be in your tincture. You want to make sure that this part of the process is done correctly.

The next step is to place your pot on a stove and bring it over to a simmer but not all the way to a boil. You want the alcohol to be hot enough for it to extract cannabinoids from your cannabis. Not boiling so that you burn off any THC or other cannabinoids in your solution. You want the weed to simmer in this alcohol until all of the plant material has become soft and reminds you more of tea rather than a solid chunk of plant material.

You will then want to let the solution sit so that all of the THC and cannabinoids can get into the alcohol. If you are using a full spectrum extract, there is no need to add more liquid later on. Covering your pot with either plastic wrap or a lid (depending on what type of pot you use) will keep in all of the heat and allow your tincture to cook for longer periods of time.

After a few hours, you will want to let your tincture cool down so that you can remove the plant material from the liquid and this is when many people add their extract or other ingredients. You are then going to cover it again and turn the stove on low. Let it simmer for another eight hours and then let it cool down to room temperature overnight.

4) Storing Your Final Product

Once you have allowed your Marijuana tincture to cool, you are going to want to pour off the alcohol that is at the bottom of the pot and this is where most people will use a cheesecloth to help remove the plant material. After you have filtered out most of your plant matter, it is time to store your final product.

Simply pour the Marijuana tincture into whatever sort of storage container you want. Make sure that you seal it tight. That way no light can get in and degrade the THC or other cannabinoids. You are working so hard to extract the Marijuana Tincture. You can use a dark colored glass jar or bottle, although I prefer to keep my tincture in the freezer because it makes dosing much easier.[12]

There is no real need to make large batches of cannabis tincture because they last for years if stored properly and I usually only make a batch every two or three months. Making small batches also makes it easier to dose the finished product so you don’t end up consuming too much THC.

Tinctures are great for people looking to take advantage of the entire cannabinoid profile instead of just THC/CBD. And if you’re one of those who enjoys tinctures, but don’t like waking up with a “head-high”, then decarboxylate your weed first before making your tincture!

Featured - Marijuana Tinctures: Do It Yourself – Cannabis DIY


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