Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil: What are the Benefits?

Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil: What are the Benefits?

Cannabis oil has been used for thousands of years to help with a variety of ailments; it has been proven to effectively reduce pain, inflammation and nausea. Today there are many different strains available that have a wide range of potencies – from low THC/medium CBD to high THC/low CBD; and from high THC/high CBD to extremely high THC.

What are the benefits of using cannabis oil?

Cannabis has been used throughout history for a variety of symptoms, but recently it is being researched and used in conjunction with chemotherapy as treatment. Cannabis contains many cannabinoids, an example being cannabidiol (CBD) which is the second most prevalent cannabinoid within the plant. The major benefit of CBD, and its popularity among medical marijuana users, is that it has no psychoactive properties or side effects. This means that according to a report published by Project CBD in 2008:   “CBD can be used safely without concern for any psychoactive effects (meaning high) or any impairment of psychomotor performance. In addition, the long-term studies that have been conducted indicate that CBD is very well tolerated with an excellent safety record.”

What are THC and CBN?

Cannabis contains cannabinoids such as THC and CBN which are responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis but occasionally this may lead to a “high” feeling whilst taking seizure medication. Due to the controlled amount of THC within CBD oil there are no psychoactive effects or feelings of being high, it is therefore a safer option for patients. The Project CBD study stated:   “There were no significant differences in side effects between placebo and CBD-treated patients. Side effects that occurred with more than 5% of the patients on either strain were vomiting, dizziness, disorientation/confusion and headache.”   Although CBD is one of the most popular cannabinoids found in marijuana plants it does not produce a “high” feeling. The levels of THC within cannabis plants can vary greatly – having an effect on how much to use and how high you may feel after using this medication.   Due to the non-psychoactive properties of CBD, it is a very popular choice for patients. CBD oil is available in many different types which are used both medicinally and recreationally. Many have argued that using this type of medication can help with cancer treatment – effectively reducing side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea whilst also helping to manage chronic pain.   CBD oil has been proven to be effective in helping nausea, muscle spasms and seizures whilst also reducing inflammation and pain. The oil is available in many different strengths but the recommended strength for patients using medical marijuana with cancer should be around 15-25mg of CBD per day. It is therefore important that you choose a reputable and high quality company who can produce a safe and effective product.   CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular among patients however it should be noted that research into CBD oil is still in its early stage. The Project CBD study reported:

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“Much of the excitement about cannabis comes from anecdotal reports by parents whose children with seizure disorders have found relief with high-CBD pot strains… However, we are at the beginning of the scientific exploration of CBD’s effects and potential. Much more rigorous research is needed to determine what specific ailments it can treat (and if it works as well as advocates claim), how it does so, how much or how little of the drug should be taken, and any side effects that occur.”   It is therefore important to use CBD oil responsibly if you are using it due to a serious health condition. It is imperative that the correct dose is taken and the patient is aware of any side effects they may experience whilst taking this medication. Due to the vast amount of potential benefits associated with using medical marijuana, many patients are advocating the use of CBD oil. Due to its ability to reduce symptoms associated with cancer whilst also helping patients manage their chronic pain, it is a very appealing medication for those taking medical marijuana.   It is important to note that this article describes the potential benefits of using CBD oil however the exact effects of using this medication may vary between individual patients.   Further Reading:

Featured - Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil: What are the Benefits?

Cannabis oil has been in the news recently due to its potential health benefits. People have used cannabis for many years to treat various conditions, but only recently have scientists started to discover why it works in the body.

Cannabis oil is derived from Cannabis sativa plant which has two main species: Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. The plants contain active ingredients such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These chemicals are believed to be responsible for the health benefits of cannabis oil, including:

  • pain relief
  • reducing nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy
  • decreasing anxiety and increasing mental stability

Cannabinoids have been linked to a reduction in the growth of cancer cells and tumors. It is important to note that not all researchers agree on these health benefits, however, there are currently no known side effects associated with using cannabis oil.

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