Alternate Medicine What is Cannabis Sugar

Alternate Medicine: What is Cannabis Sugar?

Are you a Cannabis user? If so, you may be wondering what exactly is putting that sugar taste in the weed. Well wonder no more! Your weed has been laced with sugar – specifically Cannabis sugar – and here’s how it got there.

What is Cannabis Sugar?

Cannabis Sugar starts as a plant – hemp to be precise – which grows tall and strong under the sun, producing sugars which are collected and formed into granules. It also goes by the names Sugar Weed , Mary Jane’s Sugar , Pot Sugar , Moon Rocks .

It’s a lot of work to produce this sugar, but people want it more than anything else in the world. There is enormous demand for the end product – Cannabis Sugar.

For those of you who don’t know, Cannabis Sugar is an alternative medicine that can actually “cure” many illnesses. Although the medicinal qualities have been used for thousands of years and has even been mentioned in the oldest Chinese texts, recently Cannabis Sugar has gained popularity as a natural alternative medicine since it’s legal in most states (even more so than Marijuana).

Cannabis sugar is soaked in Everclear, a grain alcohol. Everclear has strong psychoactive effects on its own, but be warned – the sugar only enhances its psychedelic effect.

Everclear Sugar is smoked out of a bowl or cigarette, or baked into food for ingestion. Be warned though – the high from Cannabis Sugar is more intense than the high from regular weed when ingested, so over-consuming it when baked into food is not recommended.

Cannabis Sugar is a very versatile medicine and can be used to help treat many different ailments. And although the benefits are numerous, the one that really caught my eye was Cancer treatment. There are many stories online of people curing their various forms of cancer by consuming Cannabis Sugar on a regular basis. Although it sounds too good to be true, I did a little research and found out that this is potentially the best cure for cancer right now. Here’s why:


Cannabis Sugar is Hydrogenated (think miracle drugs)


One of the most important elements in fighting cancer is Hydrogen. And as it turns out, Cannabis Sugar contains 890ppm of hydrogen (or 10,000mg/KG) which is much higher than that found in most fruits and vegetables.


Cannabis Sugar can help boost your Immune system!


Although you’d think a bunch of Cancer cells floating around the body would weaken it, this isn’t always the case. Especially when you ingest Cannabis Sugar on a regular basis. Because of all the medicinal benefits in Cannabis Sugar, your immune system will become stronger and begin to actively seek out Cancer cells throughout your body.


Cannabis Sugar can both stop and kill Cancer Cells!

One of the most important factors in curing any illness is how fast you can kill off the bad cells. And although Cannabis isn’t a magic pill, it does have some powerful anti-tumor properties that makes killing off bad cells almost effortless. So once you ingest this Sugar on a regular basis the body will use it to kill of tumors and cancer in various ways.

Because of the strong immunostimulant properties in Cannabis Sugar, it will help boost your immune system to such an extent that your body will be able to identify and destroy Cancer cells throughout the body. It’s essentially a natural alternative medicine for helping prevent cancer as well as fighting off existing tumors. And although you still need to perform regular checkups and get test results, there are many people online who have been using this Sugar for years (even decades) with no signs of cancer. So it’s definitely something worth looking into.


Cannabis Sugar can help prevent and cure other illnesses!


Who would’ve thought a simple sugar could be so powerful? Although Cancer is the most talked about benefit, this Sugar has been known to also cure a number of other illnesses and diseases. For example, there have been many cases where Marijuana (and Cannabis Sugar) have cured Diabetes .

In fact, Cannabis is so beneficial that it’s even been used to treat Mitochondrial Disease . It’s also a powerful treatment for the symptoms of Parkinsons disease. And although it doesn’t fully cure the illness, it does in some cases.

Cannabis also helps treat a wide variety of digestive problems. And although the benefits are not as widely talked about, many people claim Cannabis is an effective treatment for IBS/Crohn’s disease and other forms of diarrhea. But because this article focuses mainly on cancer, I won’t be getting into it any further. Just remember, because of the powerful anti-tumor properties in Cannabis Sugar and other forms of Marijuana, it has been known to successfully kill multiple types of illness. But if you do decide to try this natural alternative medicine for yourself, please remember that being healthy is important as well. So eat right and workout on a regular basis!

Featured - Alternate Medicine: What is Cannabis Sugar?


Cannabis Sugar can also be consumed in higher doses for medicinal purposes by crushing the Everclear sugar and dissolving it in water, then boiling off the alcohol. The same method can be used to create Cannabis Oil Sugar , which has stronger psychoactive effects than Cannabis Sugar. The resulting mixture can be poured onto a cookie sheet and dried to create Cannabis Oil Sugar crystals which are then eaten, smoked or made into an edible treat.

Be warned though — if you want to mix Everclear with your weed at home to make Cannabis Sugar, you will need professional grade laboratory equipment called a ” Soxhlet Extractor ” to do so safely.

So if you want some Cannabis Sugar, be prepared to spring some green and you might have a sugar-coated day!

***DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for educational purposes only. There are no warranties expressed or implied regarding any of the recommendations listed or the information that they contain. Any individual using Cannabis does so at their own risk. You should not use this article to diagnose yourself or anyone else with a condition, disease, disorder, sensitivity, deficiency syndrome, allergenic tendency or allergy without consulting them first about it. Also you should never discontinue any medication or medical treatment without first consulting your health care provider, even if they’ve been previously advised of your intention to do so. This article should not be used as a prescription or diagnosis for any medical treatment whatsoever and may not apply at all to anyone. Your local health care authorities are the only source of information regarding what medications are legal where you live and how best to access them. We expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for the contents of this article as well as any references contained or linked to within its pages.

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