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Cannabis Concentrates: Things to Know About

Cannabis concentrates are the Rolls Royce of weed, and consumption is superior to smoking a joint. The experience you get from consuming Cannabis concentrates, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, can be measured on a scale of 1-10. 

Cannabis dispensaries’ have on their menu products made from concentrates, you can choose from. Depending on your method of consumption, the dispensaries have the information on whether you want to have edibles, oils, or topicals. 

Cannabis Concentrates: Things to Know About

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The word concentrates; you understand what we are talking about. We all know what cranberry concentrates are and even vanilla. The plant, fruit, or pod’s extracted essence enables you to have more “concentrated” parts of the plants. The distilling process; that the Cannabis plants go through contains all the terpenes and cannabinoids extracted from the flowers. The results are greater levels in the percentage of potency. 

This potent Cannabis concentrate contains the aroma and flavors of the strain of marijuana plant that is distilled

Look at the plant and examined its flowers in detail. You will see the incredibly translucent and sparkling dewdrops that ooze from the flowers. These dewdrops give you concentrates when harvested and distilled. The concentrate you use for making edibles, oils, and whatever product you choose. The flexibility of Cannabis concentrates and what it is for making depend on the distillation process results. 

Depending on which method of extraction is used to produce the Cannabis concentrates. When the Co2 method is used, it amkes cannabis wax extract. Should the butene method, your concentrate is BHO for butane hash oil. And even more specifically, if you use the extract derived from RSO, Rick Simpsons Oil, they will produce Cannabis extracts. A Cannabis concentrate is produced using mechanical methods. The products derived from this method are kief, Rosin, or sift. 

Consumption of Cannabis

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Cannabis Class: Growing Marijuana Plants in Organic Gardens – The Stone

Consumption of Cannabis concentrates is a tricky venture because there are many methods. When you first start using any cannabis product, you might find the experience either unique or overwhelming. 

Most concentrate consumers use the method of dabbing. This is the means of heating the concentrate for it to vaporize. At this level, the vapors are inhaled. Other ways of consuming Cannabis concentrates are vaping, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more. It is so versatile that many people will try all options until they find some they are comfortable with.

The wisdom and responsibility go with using Cannabis concentrates

For recreational use, always try to be in the company of trusted friends. For medical purposes, follow the prescription; and ask the licensed Cannabis dispenser instructions on how much to consume. For first-time users, the advice of the licensed dispensary is quality advice. And always remember not to use and be out in public. This is especially true when driving. Make sure to use it with a trusted friend and bring snacks because some people experience the munchies. Don’t forget plenty of water to combat cottonmouth!

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Featured - Cannabis Concentrates: Things to Know About

Cannabis concentrates are products containing concentrated amounts of cannabinoids (the chemical compounds unique to cannabis), usually in the form of a thick oil. This oil is typically made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide, resulting in sticky oils also referred to as wax, shatter, budder, butter, and butane hash oil (BHO). Some extraction methods use high pressure but no heat while others require heat to activate the cannabinoids for removal. The result is an oily substance that can be up 80-90% THC.

These extracts have become increasingly popular across Colorado’s cannabis industry because they remove all of the plant matter producing potent oils with extremely high-levels of THC. Extracting concentrates removes unwanted fats and lipids, increasing shelf stability and resulting in a product that can last much longer than traditional cannabis flower.

Cannabis concentrates are typically vaporized or smoked in a variety of ways:

– Dabbing: A popular method for consuming concentrates is dabbing, where an individual will heat a specially designed bong (called an oil rig) and inhale the vapors through water filtration. This is very potent and must be done carefully because of the potentially high THC levels.

– Vaping: Vaporizers such as pens and cartridges utilize both dry herb and extracts to produce vapors without combustion. Cartridges can be reusable but most are disposable. These products often contain taste additives to mask harsh flavors associated with use of extracts.

– Ingesting: Because of the concentration, cannabis oil can be added to food or drinks for ingestion as well as some products that are already edible. This requires a higher tolerance and more preparation on behalf of the consumer because its effects don’t typically hit the user immediately, but they tend to last much longer than traditional flower.

– Edibles: As with concentrates for vaping cartridges, manufacturers use specially formulated ingredients to produce edibles containing THC or CBD extracts. These products are often baked goods such as brownies or candy but also can be beverages like soda and teas. Colorado laws require any product sold in Colorado contain no more than 10 mg per serving size and 100mg total cannabinoid content per package maximum. Colorado requires all products containing THC to be labeled with the Colorado mandated red symbol, a pot leaf inside a cross.

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