Discretion and Potency: The Case for Cannabis Wax?

Discretion and Potency: The Case for Cannabis Wax?

Why do people use cannabis concentrates and or Cannabis wax? Well, the reasons are simple, discretion and potency.   While some people find cannabis flower (buds) to be too strong for their liking or prefer not to smell like weed when medicating, connoisseurs of cannabis concentrates are able to enjoy a more potent version of marijuana through the use of water pipes, vaporizers or dabbing.

What are Concentrates?

Concentrates are one of the many products that can be made in a professional extraction lab or at home with some very simple tools. As only butane and or CO2 based solvents are used to extract cannabis concentrates, they do not contain any residual solvents which is often found in refined BHO (butane honey oil). This is what the general public has become accustomed to. How are Cannabis Concentrates Made? Read Here. Also, solventless extracts like RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and PHO (pure hemp oil), are able to retain 100% of cannabinoids compared to BHO’s 80%-90%. This extraction process leaves a more “whole plant” product that requires very little purging of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

What kind of Concentrates are there?

Concentrates are taking over the medical marijuana scene due to their higher potency and discreet nature when medicating, as they can be stored in a glass jar or used on top of flower for better effect. Due to their production having little negative environmental impact, concentrates have become a more popular method of medicating. With such a wide selection of concentrates, each possesses their own unique characteristics that will affect the way it makes you feel.   The most common type of concentrate used to be “shatter” or “lava”. It is hard and amber in color with a shiny surface when heated. Shatter is usually quite strong and may be more suitable for experienced smokers. Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is slowly taking over as the “marijuana concentrate” of choice, as its production process can result in flower-like crystals that are easier to handle than shatter.   Cannabis concentrates or “Cannabis wax” has risen sharply in popularity these past few years. As technology improves, so does the efficiency of these devices and how they are made.   The most common and popular concentrates include: shatter, hash, wax, rosin, BHO (butane honey oil), budder/live resin & co2 oil. Stay tuned for a newsletter with an in depth description on each concentrate and the benefits that they offer.

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To learn how to take a dab or smoke weed concentrates, check out this article that explains the two most popular methods; hash oil pens & vaporizer pens.

What is Cannabis Wax?

Although Cannabis WAX is very versatile when it comes to its application, one of the main reasons people prefer wax over shatter and other concentrates is it’s versatility.   Cannabis WAX can be used on a variety of smoking devices that are available. Whether you like to dab, vape, or use bongs and pipes WAX will work for you! This is because the consistency of Cannabis WAX is much softer than shatter and this makes it easier to handle without the risk of dropping it. Check out our product page to learn more about the nectar collector which is probably one of the most popular ways of dabbing!   If you are looking for a Weed wax pen, I recommend checking this article out where we have reviewed some of the best vapes and vape pens that contain cannabis concentrates (wax). If you’re looking for a larger dab rig, check out this website or you can always ask us here at The Stone! 🙂

Featured - Discretion and Potency: The Case for Cannabis Wax?

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