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Cannabis Deaths: We at the Stone Need to Correct the Record

Many respiratory diseases and even deaths are link to people smoking cigarettes. Although this information is fact, cigarettes are legal across the world. Scientific research done on cannabis deaths is small, to say the least and, it is more difficult to definitively say, ‘Cannabis DOESN’T cause deaths’. Smoking anything on the other hand, is bad. The smoking of Cannabis, is one method use for experiencing the plant, is safer than smoking cigarette. Unlike cigarettes; Cannabis is illegal in many countries, and since the last few decades and Cannabis have come into its own, we begin to understand more about the plant. The Stone Dispensary has taken up the challenge to educate persons.

Cannabis Deaths:  Is It Factual?

A greater understanding of Cannabis globally has caused the world to sit up and take notice. And, by using science, factually making decisions about the plant, will allow us to make informed decisions about using it. 

Cannabis has been around for centuries and used in many cultures for recreational, medical, and ceremonial reasons. Discoveries on records within China have found that after 5000 years; Cannabis has not been related to any deaths. Can we take this documented information as fact? Or do we use science as we know it now; and definitively answer questions? 

If we should compare medical information for weed smokers with non-smokers based on the statistics, the person that does smoke Cannabis died a natural death. There were no correlation between these deaths and Cannabis. All that changed in 2014; the reported deaths of two young men living in Germany. Cannabis suppose is responsible for their deaths. The report recorded heart-related complications after smoking the weed. THC-Tetrahydrocannabinol the principal psychoactive compound in Cannabis, is in their blood. After a thorough examination, the coroner concluded- Cannabis-related death. Another reported death from Ganja was, a British woman who overdosed from using the product.

Some Facts About Cannabis Deaths

Because marijuana contains the psychoactive compound THC and CBD-Cannabidiol, scientifically proven to aid patients with various medical conditions like nausea, anxiety and chronic pain. It is the responsibility of users how to use the drug. Dispensaries like The Stone, do educate their customers about the products. People overdose on prescription medications, so why not Cannabis? This is why doctors always write prescriptions for how to take them. The same is true for marijuana. If the prescription dosage isa followed, there will be no Cannabis deaths to report.

Marijuana Dispensary Education

Marijuana Dispensaries, are legal, by law, to educate people about the products they sell. The Stone Dispensary is one such store that adhere to these requirements. The regulation for amounts on sale for recreational or medical use is to be adhered to. Persons deciding to buy Cannabis illegally, do not know what they are purchasing, and they have now emerged “Synthetic Cannabis” on the market. A disgusting and predatory thing for humans to do all in the name of making money! This is the cause of many Synthetic Cannabis deaths. 

Unsuspecting newbies using the weed are dupe and can end up having anxiety and a bad time. The cost of Cannabis products may be pricey, but being careful and disciplined in your use should be the main priority. 

The industry is going strong. In fact, some would say it’s too strong. These dispensaries are daily becoming more common sight on the streets of America and other countries worldwide. However, this has not cut down on Marijuana propaganda in the media. Sure you might see Marijuana Dispensaries on television from time to time or, marijuana medical ads but, you will not see these advertisements in the same light as cigarettes or alcohol. A minority amount of people look at marijuana in a negative light by. This causes attacks on marijuana dispensaries. These dispensaries are target for shut down.

What are Marijuana Propaganda Techniques?

There are many effective ways that Marijuana Propaganda is spread around the nation, even lies about cannabis related deaths. Some of these techniques include:

  1. Adverts with Marijuana graphics
  2. Dispensary brand names/ dispensaries in Amsterdam
  3. “Grow your own Marijuana” booklets
  4. Packages similar to kids toys or candy.

Why is Marijuana Still Looked at Negatively?

Marijuana has been illegal for many years and, propaganda has been around along time as well. The herb was originally banned in the 30’s. This was because Marijuana was said to leave smokers “Mentally Deficient” and it would lead teens into a life of addiction and crime.

One reason Cannabis dispensaries are still looked at negatively is because of the products sold. The dispensaries are closed in states legalized to sell cannabis, for violating laws. Marijuana is still looked at as a gateway drug by some people. The notion is believed by mislead persons who don’t understand, that the war on drugs was a war discriminating against the poorest in our communities.

Cannabis Deaths and Propaganda

There are countless ways the negative Marijuana propaganda is spreading. Marijuana dispensaries are closing down due to moral police. Medical Marijuana is looked at negatively. Marijuana advertisement is still frowned upon due to the morality of the few. Dispensaries are becoming legal in more places every year which makes the propaganda laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. Maybe one day the racist term marijuana can stop. Cannabis is the scientific name for the plant. Marijuana is the derogatory name used as the law propagandizes it as BAD! Hence the false reports of Cannabis related deaths.

Using Cannabis while driving, and drinking alcoholic beverages is a cocktail mix that is, of course, deadly. The stupidity of being out in public, driving or operating heavy machinery, after using Pot is just beyond me!. A decision made to put your life in danger should be considered. Why populate the media waves with more reports of cannabis deaths? This is why you are advised; should you choose to use Recreational Cannabis, use it in a group of trusted friends and family, then you are monitored, and, you don’t do anything stupid. 


Different people react differently; when smoking Cannabis or using any of the products. If you don’t know how you will react when using; and, if you are new to the product, go slow and take care. A conscious decision to use Cannabis, must be followed by being responsible. Then followed by a conscious decision to protect you. 





Featured - Cannabis Deaths: We at the Stone Need to Correct the Record


People have been using Marijuana for medical purposes for centuries. Today, it is used not only for health reasons but also to experience the high it creates.

One reason why Marijuana is still seen negatively by many people today could be because of propaganda. This anti Marijuana propaganda has fueled Marijuana stereotypes including the “pothead” image who are generally slower and less motivated than non Marijuana smokers.

Propaganda against Marijuana is still seen today in the media, whether it be an advertisement about how Marijuana dispensaries are bad or Marijuana users are becoming addicts and ruining their lives. Even when Marijuana has legalization in some parts of America, many people still do not trust Marijuana because of all the negative propaganda that was there before it ever became legal. Marijuana is also still a Schedule 1 drug according to the DEA, which means that it is seen as a dangerous or harmful substance and can not be used or tested for any medical purposes. Marijuana dispensaries are seen in a negative light because of the Marijuana propaganda of Marijuana being bad for you.

There are many reasons why people may want Marijuana to be legal, for Marijuana dispensaries or not. Marijuana can create many different feelings in people ranging from relaxation to pure joy and excitement. Marijuana is also an effective treatment for some of the symptoms of certain diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis and more. Marijuana dispensaries are beneficial because they provide Marijuana users with Marijuana that is clean, Marijuana that is lab tested to ensure people are not getting pesticides in their Marijuana, and Marijuana dispensaries provide Marijuana at a cheaper price than the black market.

The good of Marijuana dispensaries outweighs the negative opinions of Marijuana propaganda because Marijuana can be used for many beneficial purposes. Marijuana dispensaries also provide Marijuana users with Marijuana that is safe to use, Marijuana that is lab tested to ensure users are not getting pesticides in their Marijuana, and Marijuana dispensaries provide Marijuana at a cheaper price than the black market. Marijuana has been used for centuries to treat medical purposes and Marijuana dispensaries continue this tradition of providing people with safe Marijuana. Marijuana dispensaries seem to be a positive thing for society today because they help Marijuana users get Marijuana that is safe and Marijuana dispensaries provide Marijuana for people who cannot afford Marijuana on the black market.

People across America are slowly starting to realize that Marijuana can be beneficial to society instead of dangerous. Marijuana dispensaries are growing in numbers especially states where Marijuana has been legalized, which shows how much support there is for safe Marijuana dispensaries. The negative Marijuana propaganda of Marijuana being bad for you is slowly starting to fade away with Marijuana dispensaries providing Marijuana users with Marijuana that has been lab tested to ensure it does not contain chemicals or pesticides.

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