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Denver Marijuana Edibles: Where to Buy and Why

High quality Marijuana edibles are a relative rarity in Colorado.  As of this post, the only state licensed producers of Denver Marijuana Edibles products are Steep Hill Laboratory and Quince Cannabis Company. While there will likely be more edibles options to come in the future (especially with Initiative 1000 passing), those who would like some edible marijuana at this point in time have two options:

Where to buy Denver Marijuana Edibles

First option is to purchase from a licensed producer, but request that the edible product not be put into packaging, if you’d like to keep it private and prevent people (or pets!) from finding your stash.  This is my recommendation as it is the most cost effective route.  Currently, there are two edibles that I know of that can purchased in this way: Stoney Girl Gardens – they sell a plain chocolate bar and an “Apple Crisp” flavor.  I have never tried CB products from SGG but many people are satisfied with their offerings and they do follow organic production methods. Quince Cannabis Company – based on my experience, they will sell you a bulk package of the apple crisp variety.  They are also extremely helpful in answering any questions if you contact them by phone or email before purchasing online (I’d recommend doing so for anyone new to edibles). First off, you want to shop at a Denver dispensary that has an excellent selection of products. There should be several dozen strains available, each one offering something unique. Try different strains and sample them before committing to buy! It’s all about trying out different things anyway – who knows what’ll suit your fancy? Don’t be afraid to ask questions either; not only do budtenders love their jobs, but they also get major brownie from customers for helping them learn and discover what’s best for them. In addition to the above options, there are also quite a few unlicensed growers out there who offer their goods through delivery services.  Some of these listings can be found on Leafly or Weedmaps. They tend to advertise “organic cannabis” or “medicinal Denver grown.”  If you’re new to purchasing Denver Marijuana Edibles online, it is definitely worth looking into these options. They tend to be the cheapest route.  Always use your best judgement though when dealing with any person or business you don’t know personally!

So, you’ve found an online advertisement for edibles.  Now what?

First and foremost: if the deal seems too good to be true… it probably is!  Most unlicensed producers charge between $150-$200/oz., which is quite a bit less than what licensed producers tend to sell their products for (generally $200-$300/oz.).  I’d avoid any deals that seem to be particularly too cheap as it is likely that the quality of the product you’ll receive will not justify the low price tag.

DEAL: $11.12 Quarter of Shake

Of course, if this information leads you to decide that you want to purchase directly from an unlicensed grower: proceed with caution and do not part with any money until you’ve had a chance to inspect the weed in person and make sure that it resembles the pictures on whatever listing you found.  If at all possible, I’d recommend setting up an in-person inspection before committing any funds to purchasing the product. If you are looking for edibles online, you may also want to Google around to see if anyone has reviews on the grower in question or perhaps compare prices and product pictures from different sellers (just be sure that you are comparing apples-to-apples). Generally speaking, if there is a more than $50 difference between prices for products with similar designs and weights, I’d definitely go with the cheaper option.

Never Deal With Un-Licensed Weed Dealers

The Cannabis you receive may not look exactly like what is pictured online:  this was one of my first purchases and what I received looked nothing at all like the picture!  With this particular package, it was clear that it was meant to be sold as “cannabis goo” (i.e., a sticky taffy-like substance). Unfortunately,  the product had been stored too long and its texture had degraded to an almost powdery state.  You may also receive a product in packaging you didn’t expect (if you’re looking for Denver Marijuana Edibles, for example, you may find a package of cannabis flower instead).  Always check the contents of your package to make sure it matches what is described on the website!
Are Cannabis Edibles Legal in the U.S.?
Next, take a look at the dispensary itself. The Stone Dispensary has a great selection of products and an excellent atmosphere to match! This is not just because we’re such big stoners here all the time, lol. It’s also because we want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible during their visit with us. You can thank budtenders like Jesse for making your experience much better than it would’ve been otherwise: “I’m always available and happy to answer questions and help customers discover something new.” Finally, make sure you take a peek at our deals section before checking out! We offer some of the cheapest prices in Colorado on things like Concentrates , budder, and other cannabis sweets. If you follow this advice, you’ll have the greatest experience possible when visiting The Stone Dispensary. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We’re happy to help in any way we can, so come on by today!

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