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Cannabis Edu: Why Smart People Use Cannabis

Why do smart people use cannabis? There are many benefits to using it for those well educated on the drug and how it interacts with the body.

Cannabis has been shown to have medical benefits and has a low risk of addiction. The addiction to this plant over pharmaceuticals includes legal drugs such as alcohol and nicotine. Many people look down on those who use weed regularly. This is due to the ties between marijuana use and the racism linked to Cannabis, such as illegal status and the abuse of harder drugs like heroin.

Cannabis Education: Why Smart People Use Cannabis

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This article aims to educate you on some of the positive effects regularly using cannabis can have on your health. It will also dispel outdated notions about bud being a lousy drug tied with criminal activity. Once you have finished reading this article, form your own opinion on why intelligent people choose to use weed as their recreational drug of choice.

The first benefit of using marijuana is its stress-relieving effects

Many studies have shown that smoking cannabis reduces stress levels and can help prevent mental health disorders such as depression. This is due to its ability to interact with our endocannabinoid system. This can lead to low levels of stress, anxiety, and depression when imbalanced. The chemicals in the drug alter the chemical reactions in your brain that cause one to feel stressed or depressed.

Another benefit of using cannabis for those with a high IQ is…

…its ability to enhance creativity. One study has shown that smoking cannabis helps improve your creative thinking. This helps those with a higher IQ think more outside the box and develop innovative solutions. This includes problems they might not be able to solve while sober. There are many stories of famous inventors and other successful people smoking bud to help them think of new ideas. Some notable examples are the American inventor Thomas Edison. He smoked it often to improve his creativity and thought process. Similarly, the British author Aldous Huxley used it to enhance his writings.

The next benefit of using weed is its ability to fight cancer

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Many studies have found that cannabis can help fight cancer by shrinking tumors and eliminating some common symptoms. This includes nausea and pain. This is possibly due to the chemical THC. It has been shown to kill cancer cells and eliminate some of the damage they cause. This points out how bad information on this drug can prevent people from achieving the health benefits of smoking marijuana.

The next benefit of using cannabis is its ability to help with diabetes.

Many studies have found that smoking cannabis can reduce blood sugar levels in those who have diabetes. It may also lower the risk of getting the disease. This is due to its anti-inflammatory effects, which research has shown helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

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The benefits mentioned here are just some of the positive effects cannabis has on those who use it regularly.

It is important to remember that many people consider smoking cannabis a hobby, not unlike other pursuits such as reading or painting. Some people use it simply because they enjoy how it makes them feel, while others want the taste of their chosen strain. Once again, it is essential to remember that just because one has a higher IQ does not mean they are excluded from participating in these activities, nor does it make people who do not have a high IQ automatically brighter than those who do.

The last point that should be mentioned is that anyone thinking of trying marijuana should make sure they are using it safely.

The first thing to consider is how old you are. In many countries around the world, the legal age for smoking cannabis is 18 years old, but in some places, this can go up to 21 or even 25. Other factors play into smoking safely, such as having a safe environment to smoke in and making sure not to drive for at least 6 hours after using it, longer if you feel your body is still reacting to it.

The most important thing when considering why intelligent people use cannabis is knowing the facts about the drug.

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Are There Positive Side Effects Of Marijuana Consumption? – The Stone

Since they were young, many people have been taught that cannabis is a drug and should be avoided at all costs. Some people even believe it is as dangerous as meth or heroin, which isn’t true. This misinformation can prevent those who deserve to smoke from doing so because they are afraid of the legal consequences if they get caught using.

On top of this, many people don’t know about the benefits of smoking cannabis, which is just another way this drug becomes an enemy of those who could benefit from it. Anyone interested in learning more about it should look to organizations such as for accurate information on how they can use it safely to realize the benefits it can have on their lives.

Check out this article from Psychology Today for more on why smart people use cannabis.

Here’s another good one from Janest.

Featured - Cannabis Edu: Why Smart People Use Cannabis

The premise is that Smart people use marijuana to be smarter, and Less intelligent people choose not to go down that rabbit hole of psychoactive adventure that the drug affords. It is proven from research done by the British Medical Journal; that confirms smart people do smoke marijuana over their less-smart colleagues.

Why Do Smart People Use Cannabis

Researchers went further to say their results after studying 8000 individuals between ages 5 to 30 on four separate occasions; the results confirmed what was suspected. People with higher IQs by the time they reach the age of 30 are more likely to venture into the world of smoking Cannabis. The difficulty, discovering the reason for this adventure was not known. However, they did suggest smart people find it intriguing to smoke weed and experience its psychoactive stimulation.

It was concluded that smart people do find they are less likely to form lasting relationships socially. Since they use the herb as means to escape their reality. Being self-medicated helps in their noticeable anxiety.

Interestingly enough, studies by the University College London revealed smart people preferred to use Cannabis and alcohol as stimulants over smoking cigarettes. The middle-class status taught them the dangers of smoking cigarettes, hence, the use of weed. These results are from the research of 11-year-olds in a nine-year study who were high achievers. These high achievers; were known to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana.

The smoking of marijuana method of escape; and, experience for them using marijuana because of the effects it gives. The psychoactive experience; is a means of escaping their reality, and does help their understanding of their minds’ capabilities on some level. The drawback, however; medical science has discovered the correlation between smoking Cannabis and issues with brain development in children younger than 18.

If more people were made aware of the effects of smoking Cannabis on the brain, the decision to smoke weed may be delayed; or the choice not made at all. Like the choice to smoke tobacco over the use of alcohol and Cannabis. This does not change the experimentation and relationship developed from smoking marijuana. It may sound silly; but, a ‘smart’ person enjoys the challenge of engaging in risky behavior. The more responsible, smart person will weigh the pros and cons to starting a trend to use the drug.


Because they take the time to understand the risks and; choose not to open themselves to not being in complete mental control. On the other hand, not many smart people factor in these challenges. They, however, find it incredibly liberating to do something that most people may not even consider is a part of their lives. For, however, the smarter the individual, the greater risks are taken. The smarter the individual, the more accolades afforded them and, so, to get down from that high of achievement, they opt for another high.

Because they are smart people, the greater the achievement expected. This does not mean making wise choices. We have to remember; they are human beings who are open to mistakes, just like the less smart of us mortals.

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