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Cannabis: A Quick Education on Marijuana

Since the 1960’s, Cannabis in the United States has returned to the public consciousness. The psychoactive healing properties of the plant is effective in helping people to relax. It also helps in reducing mental stress, tension, and anxiety.

People use Cannabis (the racist term is marijuana) for its ability to produce euphoria.  Not to mention the healing properties of CBD made from Hemp and Cannabis. It also creates changes in sensory perceptions, a distorted sense of time passage, and a difficulty in handling complex tasks. This is due to disruptions in memory retrieval associated with THC’s effects on nerve cells in the brain.

Education on Marijuana

The Marijuana plant contains over 460 known chemical compounds. These chemicals are in three categories: cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. These three compounds are responsible for the various effects of marijuana on users including euphoria, creativity, depression, and anxiety relief. Although there are no conclusive evidence to date, proving Cannabis can be used as a medical treatment; doctors prescribe it to patients with symptoms from certain mental disorders. Because of this there needs to be more education on marijuana.

The Cannabis plant commonly known as marijuana is a plant native to Central Asia. Because marijuana has psychoactive properties, using for recreational purposes has not been encouraged across the Middle East and North Africa. However, recently, changes to legislation have led to an increase in consumption of Cannabis and other derivatives such as hashish.

Cannabis: Education on Marijuana Around the World

The marijuana plant is traditionally for recreational purposes. Smoking is the traditional method for enjoying the plant. Many people blend cannabis with tobacco, and rolling a joint or, using a water pipe, excellent methods of consumption. A few other good ways to enjoy the marijuana plant is with foods such as baklava, or teas called (tash-beer). However, nowadays it has become increasingly popular to use cannabis extracts orally. These extracts are known commonly as hashish oil, wax or butter – or to vaporise it.

In the past, marijuana was an ingredient in traditional medicines – although this has now become less common. Consuming different parts of the plant are effective when used for medicinal purposes. The use for recreational purposes its use can cause euphoria and relaxed feelings. For patients suffering from chronic pain relief or nausea associated with cancer treatment, Cannabis can be an effective medicine. For these beneficial reasons, there need to be the conscious push to research for gaining more education on marijuana.

Cannabis: Education on Marijuana Medicinal Properties or not?

Cannabis is not recognised as having any therapeutic or curative properties in the majority of countries across the region. However it has been legal for recreational use in Turkey since 2002 under certain conditions. Recently, Tunisia has been asking their government to decriminalize marijuana for medical and scientific purposes. This is only legal if prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner.

However, recently across many countries in the region there has been a growing attitude of tolerance towards Cannabis. Which has led to an increase in domestic production and consumption. This is true for Morocco. Cannabis cultivation there accounts for nearly half the total value of agricultural sales. Marijuana cultivation; was illegal in Morocco; in 2003.

In Lebanon, the Cannabis cultivation was legal for a short time. And the agreement for the legalization of marijuana was, for it to be sold to tourists. In order to satisfy the growing demand, farmers began cultivating cannabis at larger scales in Turkey and Jordan. Which has led to an increase in drug related crime across the countries.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis sativa, better known as marijuana or weed, is a plant with psychoactive properties. It contains the chemical compounds THC and CBD which are responsible for its mind-altering effects.

Medical and scientific research has shown, CBD compounds are effective to treat illnesses. Some of these illnesses are; mood disorders but also multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetes, glaucoma, cancer, appetite loss and numerous other medical symptoms. Other studies also show marijuana’s effectiveness to help suppress nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy treatments.

Scientists are still unsure whether or not cannabis is effects on users who do not suffer from certain medical conditions. Hence the reason for more education on marijuana.  Despite this fact, research shows that 41% of adults admit to trying marijuana at least once in their lives. Another 8% admitting to daily use. While only 6% percent of current smokers say they started using the drug after the age of 21.

The Myth About Cannabis: More Education on Marijuana Needed

It is anecdotally believe marijuana is the gateway drug for people that use it; to graduate to use more dangerous drugs.   This is a complete lie.  While some people may experience a psychological addiction, there is still no evidence supporting the fact that marijuana use can lead to harder drugs. Addiction is addiction.

There is Hope for Education on Marijuana

Although many people are embracing medical cannabis as an alternative treatment for their mental disorders; scientists find it difficult to develop an objective understanding of the effective benefits of using marijuana. However, Canada now legalizing marijuana for recreational use; there is expected to be more scientific research being done on the plant. Which includes long-term studies on the side effects and benefits of cannabis usage.

Although marijuana can be used to treat a myriad of illness and disorders, it is not without its drawbacks. The effects of overconsumption includes drowsiness, red eyes, dry mouth and increased heart rate. People who consume high quantities may experience severe paranoia or anxiety. Many use marijuana in tandem with alcohol to counteract the side effects. The risk of addiction is very low, however. There are more harmful legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol that have a greater propensity for abuse than Cannabis.

With new legislation, people who suffer from mental disorders find themselves in a society split. This is because those who support individuals who turn to medical marijuana as pain relief, believe, it opens a gateway to usage of harder drugs. More decriminalization, legalization and education on Marijuana.


People who are in favor of marijuana use will often advocate for its medical value. While those against it may say that it creates dependency and can lead to harder drugs. The truth is, both parties might be right.    Because science has not yet developed conclusive evidence either way, only time will tell what lies ahead for Canada’s budding Cannabis industry.

Featured - Cannabis: A Quick Education on Marijuana

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