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Cannabis in the Eighties: How Much was an Ounce?

The price of illegal Cannabis, for decades, was based on the strain and potency of the THC content. Cannabis in the eighties, strains were not as potent as strains growing today. Depending on the region the plant came from would determine the price per ounce. The eighties is the time people realize Marijuana could be effective treating many medical issues. Cannabis was still illegal in most states, including California and Colorado. The herb had only recently started making its way into the public limelight, and dispensaries were still a thing of the future. Marijuana dispensaries in California didn’t even exist. Price for an ounce of Cannabis in the eighties were dependent on the black market dealer, and customers were unsure of what they were buying.

About Cannabis In The Eighties

Colorado dispensaries didn’t exist either, meaning, Marijuana was illegal to use recreationally or medicinally. Cannabis dispensaries are regulated to control products potency. The drug is of the highest quality and safe for human consumption. Cannabis dispensaries though regulated are there to eliminate most if not all illegal markets around. Potency testing has to be done by product manufacturers. This ensures products like edibles, brownie, topical and creams contain the regulated amount of CBD/THC. Testing of product batches makes them safe for human consumption. Dispensaries also make Cannabis products healthier by following specific rules and regulations. They even provide jobs for people desirous of being a part of the business.

Because Cannabis in the eighties was not legal, dispensaries were unheard of. Prices for an ounce were what black market dealers charged and customers either took it or leave it. A cocky attitude because they were the ones with the product for sale

How Much Did an Ounce of Cannabis Cost in The Eighties

When the era of sensimilla came into existence from the Far East, the cost to buy Cannabis in the eighties rose. And sales for an ounce of Cannabis in the eighties could be gotten for $15-$20. And it was not as refined as what you can buy now. The weight contained leaves, flowers, seeds, and stalks. Now, you can buy only flowers; and shakes- which are the remains in the bag left after transportation, shaken from the block. Some illegal sellers will still sell you the combination of leaves, flowers, seeds, and stalks within an ounce. 

After the different strains started to evolve with more potent THC contents, the prices went up. Because the product is illegal, you had to pay more per ounce for the risk merchandiser’s took for shipment. So, the cost went up from $100-$400 per ounce, depending on the high you could achieve when smoking. 

Prices In The Eighties

Depending on your supplier at the time, and the potency of the smoke, you could spend that much. If the supplier was known to you and is the grower of the plants, the price may be a bit lower. The grower can sell his product and make a profit for their trouble in growing and selling. Many stoners will tell you it was not farfetched to buy Cannabis in the eighties, for between $45- $80 per quarter ounce. 

Now, as the strains evolved and growers could mix the buds, they could command higher prices for the product. Technology played a big part in this. It entails growers engaging experienced planters who had the skills to graft the plants for produce more potent strains. This happened globally as getting and staying in the market depends on the quality Cannabis strain you had for sals in the eighties. With high quality strains, black market sellers could demand higher prices per ounce.

The Benefits of Cannabis Dispensaries

People didn’t realize how beneficial and important Marijuana was during the eighties. Cannabis for medical use was not a concept in the eighties. The plant was vilified by government, and a lot was known to make a real difference for regulated dispensaries or the plant’s legalization. Weed dispensaries weren’t around, the plant was still illegal and, cost was inexpensive for the average person to afford. 

Marijuana prices were high on the black market and people didn’t really know what they were buying. This is because the weed wasn’t heavily regulated like it is today. Black market sales were dangerous and customers and sellers stood the chance of arrest. Legalized Cannabis translated into legal Cannabis dispensaries. They opened a safer place for people to buy the products and are guaranteed information based on their purchases. A lot different from black market set up of the 1980s. Customers had less information on Cannabis in the eighties as to what they were buying, and stood the chance of ending up in the emergency room. Black market products were sometimes laced with deadly chemicals.

Cannabis Ounce Today

The prices of Marijuana have changed quite a bit over the decades; Marijuana dispensaries and Marijuana regulation make Cannabis products purchased from dispensaries safer than on the black market. People in the US from European backgrounds didn’t know much about Marijuana in the 1980s, and nobody realized how beneficial and important Marijuana was going to be for future generations. 

Marijuana dispensaries provide jobs for people. These dispensaries are a better option than purchasing Marijuana from a dealer on the street. Marijuana dispensaries follow Marijuana dispensary laws so Marijuana purchased from Marijuana dispensaries is safer than Marijuana purchased on the black market. Marijuana needs to be regulated better than it currently is but people need to understand that Marijuana dispensaries provide jobs for people and make Marijuana safer.

Cannabis Products Have Come A Long Way

Today, Cannabis sales have come a long way. With concentrates, the separation of THC and CBD from the extracts, having the capabilities to make different types of edibles, and some jurisdiction’s legalization, the sky’s the limit for selling. With products made from Cannabis extracts; and the varieties of ways you can enjoy or use the products, the cost is determined. 

Unlike Cannabis in the eighties, where there was no regulation, the potency was just what sells. Today knowing how to regulate use based on the level of potency eliminates the psychoactive effects that caused persons to be affected mentally. Addiction is still an issue, and it is imperative dispensaries adhere to the many regulatory aspects of potency sold to the public.


Whether medical or recreational; it is wise to understand the weight of responsibility involved in selling Cannabis products. The laws are changing; countries are beginning to understand not just the economic contributions. But they realize the changes that can happen within the medical field for treating some illnesses. We can’t control customer usage( because there will always be illegal vendors), but we can control where and how they buy the products from dispensaries.

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The first step towards making Marijuana legal was taken by Proposition 215 in 1996 which allowed Marijuana to be used for Medical Marijuana purposes. Marijuana can be used to treat a wide variety of symptoms from glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, AIDS-related weight loss, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, and neuralgia. Marijuana dispensaries help Marijuana become more available to those who need it most because they provide a safe place where patients can pick up their Marijuana prescriptions. Marijuana dispensaries should be encouraged to continue providing Marijuana and Marijuana products for Medical Marijuana patients.

Should Marijuana dispensaries be encouraged? Marijuana dispensaries help Marijuana become more available to those who need it most because they provide a safe place where patients can pick up their Marijuana prescriptions. Marijuana dispensaries should be encouraged to continue providing Marijuana and Marijuana products for Medical Marijuana patients.

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