30 Days of 4/20: The Ultimate Guide to 420 and Recreational Cannabis (Pt. 2)

30 Days of 4/20: The Ultimate Guide to 420 and Recreational Cannabis (Pt. 2)

If you’ve been following along with our 30 days of 4/20, we’re guessing the first half of your month is off to a pretty great start. Now we have 15 more 420 and Recreational Cannabis products and the best cannabis deals for you to try as we make our way through the end of April. Since the very beginning, those who have been with our list are indeed excited to get to the second half, so let’s dive right into our last 15 Recreational Cannabis product highlights for a month-long 420 celebration, starting with the 16th day.

Cannabis is a plant with many benefits, one of which is its relaxing effects when smoked for recreational use. The number ‘420’ may have come from a police code in California for marijuana smoking in progress. However, Cannabis is also used for medicinal purposes. Marijuana can treat chronic pain and relieve stress while aiding in sleep due to meager amounts of THC (the chemical that creates euphoric highs).

16 – Incredibles Extracts – Black Label Live Resin

Incredibles Extracts – Black Label Live Resin is an award-winning extract for the connoisseur. They’re known for being highly potent in THC and flavor. Since Incredibles has a high focus on quality, you can always count on their live resin to be highly pure and consistent.

Part of their secret to success is performing their in-house breeding projects to grow premium cannabis. By starting with the best flower, they can produce better concentrates. It doesn’t hurt that they also have a state-of-the-art laboratory and a team of experienced employees. Let their live resin add some flavor to your life.

17 – Viola Pax Pods

Simply put, Viola does it right. Everything they do is fantastic, from how they run their business to the products they produce. They’re focused on reinvesting into the community, increasing minority ownership, and encouraging social equity by creating opportunities. All of that should help you feel even better when you’re enjoying these premium Pax Cannabis pods.

18 – Sesh Craft Distillate Cartridges

Craft is known for making some of the best 420 and Recreational Cannabis products on the market, and their Sesh line is no exception. They start with handpicked flower from some of the best cannabis growers in Colorado. They add some extra terpenes to their full cannabis flowers, which makes their Sesh wax even more flavorful than it already would be. This wax is perfect for both dabbing and topping off some of your flower. It’s soft, easy to work with, and convenient for people who aren’t super experienced with concentrates.

19 – Concentrate Supply Co. 500mg Distillate Vape

Concentrate Supply Co., as the name implies, is an excellent resource for people who are interested in stocking up on Cannabis concentrates. Their 500mg Cannabis vape cartridge will last for a reasonable amount of time, even if you like to vape Cannabis regularly or share it with friends. The typical cannabinoid potency ranges from 88%-98%, so it’s safe to say this product packs a serious punch.

20 – Spherex Distillate Vape 500mg

420: This is the big day: 4/20/20! It’s hard to pick just one product to celebrate this memorable holiday with, but Spherex vape products are worthy of consideration. This company uses a state-of-the-art terpene extraction process to ensure premium flavor and unrivaled purity. They’re famous for delivering tasty terpene profiles like Granddaddy Purple, Mango Kush, and Lemon Haze.

420 and Recreational Cannabis Lure

Cannabis is a plant with many benefits, one of which is its relaxing effects when smoked for recreational use. The number ‘420’ is rumored to come from a police code in California for marijuana smoking in progress. However, Cannabis can also be used for medicinal purposes. It has been known to treat chronic pain and relieve stress while aiding in sleep due to low amounts of THC (the chemical that creates euphoric highs).

21 – Spherex Pax Pods 500mg

Just like everything else Spherex makes, these Pax pods offer top-of-the-line quality. The combination of cannabis distillate and additional terpenes ensures that every puff tastes just as delicious as the last. The typical potency ranges from 85-90% THC or more, and the smooth vapor makes for a pleasant experience. Their innovative supercritical extraction process is among the best in the business.

22 – Dablicator 1000mg CO2 Distillate Syringe

The Dablicator is a super convenient way to get a whole, consistent serving of cannabis distillate. The syringe makes it easy to apply wax to your favorite dab rig. That means no more struggling with intricate concentrate consistencies. If you tire of it feeling like it’s a lot of hard work to get a good dab, this is the tool for you.

23 – Airo Pro 500MG Distillate Cartridge

These Airo Pro magnetic cartridges are only compatible with the Airo Pro device. If you haven’t looked into that vape pen yet, this is the time to do so. Their mission is to leverage technology to create a superior Cannabis vaping experience. The battery is reasonable, portable enough to go anywhere, and convenient to facilitate an easy session. It will vibrate as you inhale, so you’re never left wondering whether or not you’re getting anything.

24 – Next 1 Labs Live Resin

Next 1 labs is on a mission to create Live Resin concentrates that stay utterly true to the original Cannabis strain from which they come. Combine that with the fact that live resin usually is exceptionally flavorful as it is, and you’re dealing with one of the tastiest concentrates you can find.

25 – BOSM Live Resin

Now that you’ve discovered the joy of live resin, it’s time to familiarize yourself with BOSM Labs. They produce high-quality concentrates, and their live resin made from the whole plant material is the best of the best.

26 – Koala Chocolate Bar

It’s easy to see why everyone loves Cannabis edibles so much, and brands like Koala take things up a level. These cannabis-infused chocolate bars come in a variety of different flavors, and we haven’t met one we don’t love. Choose from options like Amaretto Orange, Banana Pudding, and even PB&J.

27 – Double Black Edibles Hard Candies

The only thing we don’t like about cannabis edibles is that it always feels like we have to stop ourselves from eating more. Hard candy cannabis edibles are a great solution because they last so much longer than most other types of edibles. Double Black concentrate is renown throughout the state, and these hard candies deliver them in a delicious and lasting way.

28 – Booger Flower – Hybrid

Some people don’t think the name Booger is very appetizing, but they’ll change their minds once they experience this strain. It’s a combination of Strawberry cough and Bubba Kush that originated in Colorado. If you love hybrid Cannabis Flower strains that help your stress melt away without zapping your energy, you’ll appreciate Booger. Bring some of these dense, sticky buds home today.

29 – Do-Si-Dos Flower – Indica

Do-Si-Dos became an instant hit in the Recreational Cannabis community, which makes sense considering the legendary Girl Scout Cookies genetics. This GSC phenotype has a cover in trichomes, almost to the point where you can hardly even see the light green color of the Marijuana flower itself. This day falls on a Wednesday this year, and Do-Si-Dos will help you relax in the middle of the week.

30 – Lemon Diesel Flower – Hybrid

You may be feeling exhausted after a month-long 420 party. Lemon Diesel will help put some pep back in your step. It’s got some stellar genetics from California Sour and Lost Coast OG. There’s a hint of that skunky Cannabis smell, but mostly these buds smell like sweet citrus fruit. It’s been said to creep up on people, so proceed with caution!

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Featured - 30 Days of 4/20: The Ultimate Guide to 420 and Recreational Cannabis (Pt. 2)

Lets Talk about 420 and Recreational Cannabis

420 is a term used to refer to the consumption of cannabis, especially smoking. The number ‘420’ has been associated with marijuana use for decades. Albeit it is still not legal in some places today, we talk freely about our drugs and how we use them; yet in most cases, we hide from direct conversations and discussions about what they can do for us and why we enjoy taking them.

For example, most people like to talk about how weed makes them sleepy sometimes. It’s common knowledge that marijuana is most often used as a sleep aid. However, they do not discuss the actual fact that Marijuana acts on endogenous systems in the body with complex actions in the brain and other organs where cannabinoid receptors are found. There are two G-protein coupled cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) that facilitate retrograde signals regulating synaptic neurotransmission (calming down excitatory neurotransmitters). Most of these effects work together towards the ultimate result of relaxation without excessive sedation or fatigue. What they fail to mention is that Cannabis does this by binding to cannabinoid receptors in your brain, enhancing your moods and sensations. This can be beneficial for those of us that suffer from anxiety, stress and even depression. And furthermore, this cannabinoid receptor is found all throughout the body including organs such as your lungs. Which explains why you feel more relaxed after smoking a joint or using some recreational cannabis.

So let’s continue to talk about 420 and Recreational Cannabis because you should know what it actually is doing to your body before you take any new medications or substances into your system.

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