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Cannabis Laws in Colorado: You should Read This

Like any law in any state or country, they ensure your safety. The state of Colorado has such laws concerning Cannabis sales and usage. The principle to stay within the direction of the state you live in is to adhere to laws, Colorado is no different. Not because Colorado is the first to legalize the use of Cannabis does it mean there aren’t laws to follow for every category of action. 

Things to Know About Cannabis Laws in Colorado

Put Your Hands Down! Cannabis Laws in Colorado - The Stone
Put Your Hands Down! Cannabis Laws in Colorado – The Stone

To enjoy using Cannabis in Colorado whether, medically or recreationally, here are a few things you need to know. 

Colorado has passed the law for marijuana to be sold for recreation and medical use in 2012. Now other states have been moving in that direction. 

Purchasing Cannabis in Colorado recreationally, you have to be 21 years and older and issued with a state ID. The state law requires you to have a state-issued medical card and be at least 18 years old.

Make sure it is licensed to sell for recreation and medicine. This is because licenses are given to dispensaries for selling one. There are rarely any that are licensed to sell in both categories of products. 

To sell Cannabis legally in Colorado

Demand Driven Pricing Ground Zero & Beyond in Colorado's Cannabis Business - The Stone
Demand-Driven Pricing Ground Zero & Beyond in Colorado’s Cannabis Business – The Stone

State licenses are granted to people who want to operate a dispensary. They are where you buy your supply for use. Illegal advertisers are out there who will offer delivery or some other marijuana-related service. Do your due diligence in investigating any place you are not comfortable with. 

Legally you can purchase at least two ounces of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. The law stipulates one ounce to have in your possession.

For edibles…

You are allowed to have eight grams of edibles on you. For concentrates, the law requires you to have no more than 800 mg of THC concentrate at any one time. 

The law also regulates delivery services for Cannabis in Colorado. Boulder and Superior are cities that are able to deliver. Customers who are approved for medical use can access this service Any delivery service offered outside the two dispensaries authorized is illegal, and you open yourself up to theft or other crimes.

The Smol Differences between Cannabis Edibles and CBD Edibles - The Stone
The Smol Differences between Cannabis Edibles and CBD Edibles – The Stone

Suffice it to say…

Colorado has laws that govern Cannabis sales and production. Many people who desire to become a part of the business need information apart from the above requirements, the following: 

  • Consumption laws
  • Smoking in public laws 
  • Growing Cannabis requirements 
  • Home Cannabis crops 
  • Operating a vehicle under the influence of Cannabis/ what is a legit level of intoxication or not 
  • Airplane travel requirements for Cannabis 
  • Transporting Cannabis 
  • Offenses and penalties 
  • Using Cannabis in Government parks and recreational grounds 

Adhering to these laws concerning marijuana sales, distribution, personal ownership, and use will keep you in good stead to live legally once you are involved in any way with the product. 

Source: Colorado Cannabis Tours, Colorado Marijuana Laws

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to inform readers of an alternative treatment option for medical conditions. The FDA has not sanctioned and should not replace conventional medical treatment. This article is meant to show the benefits of cannabis in medicine, not be construed as a cure-all article.

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