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Put Your Hands Down! Cannabis Laws in Colorado

The state of Colorado is one of the first states in the United States to legalize Cannabis. They started making regulations more flexible in 2000 for selling medical Cannabis. The Cannabis Laws in Colorado, legalize medical Marijuana; The plants and its many benefits has sparked curiosity for scientists to research. Marijuana advocates spend their lives lobbying for the plant to be legal for medical use.

In November 2012, Marijuana Laws in Colorado change, and Marijuana became legal for recreational use. Which paved the way for dispensaries to operate throughout the state. These dispensaries can sell Marijuana to people with Medical Marijuana Cards, and, only in limited quantities.

Cannabis Laws in Colorado have relaxed; and, Cannabis is federally classified a Schedule I drug. It is illegal to transport Marijuana across State Lines. This means Marijuana growers in Colorado, cannot sell to other states. And, you cannot import Cannabis products into Colorado from other states.

Colorado and Cannabis 

Colorado had made the sale of medical cannabis products relaxed, they were the first state; to fully legalize Cannabis sales in all its glory. They did this in 2012, and, it is legal to grow and dispense Cannabis products; and laws which govern medical Cannabis sales.. 

Some Cannabis laws in Colorado govern the age limit for sales. You should understand and adhere to those laws. Adhere and you are pretty much OK with the law. For purchasing, the minimum age is 21 and you have to have a state-issued identification card to qualify. To purchase at this age is for recreational use. 

To consume Cannabis medically, you can be as young as 18 years; and possess a medical card issued in Colorado. 

Purchasing Marijuana in Colorado

To purchase Cannabis in Colorado, the age requirements for medical use is 18; and recreational 21. It is illegal to buy from persons not licensed. The state issues its licenses and regulates these operations, and its licenses afford persons to open a Cannabis dispensary. The dispensary regulations determine advertisement of products, how they make purchases of products, and the amounts. Dispensaries in Colorado, is license to sell medical and recreational cannabis products separately. Each category of sales carries a different license, based on the Cannabis Laws in Colorado. 

To ensure customers stay within the parameters of the Colorado Cannabis laws, selling Cannabis on the street is illegal. “Unlicensed Cannabis Businesses” have advertised methods of distribution and sales, contrary to the designated laws. The business do get in trouble with the law, and customers as well.

For Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado to be within the law; these dispensaries must pass the Regulations Board. The dispensaries must follow the regulations to pass the inspections. The regulations board pass the dispensary; the applicant is receives the much-coveted license. 

Purchasing Cannabis at a Colorado Dispensary 

Cannabis dispensaries sell many brand products, and the menu displays can list;products like edibles, concentrates, joints, vaping products, and more. To purchase Cannabis flowers, you legally can buy one ounce for recreational use. For medical use, the user is legal two ounces per purchase. Purchasing edibles, you are legally 800 THC per product. And, for Cannabis Laws in Colorado, concentrates sold should be 8 grams. 

Orders for delivery of Cannabis products are in the cities of Boulder and Superior; and only for medical users. If you have a Cannabis medical license, you may order for delivery of your products. 

Legally you can use Cannabis in your homes, using outdoors, you can receive a fine. The Cannabis Laws in Colorado has strict guidelines. If you are not clear about them, ask the dispensary you make your purchase from. Having smoking paraphernalia that contains Cannabis residue can be fine up to $100. It is an easier fix after using the pipe to clean it carefully. 

Other Laws within the state of Colorado apply to persons that choose to go into the business. Traveling with cannabis, commercial and home growers and DUI- driving under the influence, are some of the laws which apply.

These are the things to remember as a Colorado resident that chooses to use Cannabis recreationally. It will help in any decision-making and help you to adhere to the laws.

Featured - Put Your Hands Down! Cannabis Laws in Colorado


Despite Marijuana not being legalized at a federal level, Marijuana Laws in Colorado have been relaxed throughout the past years. It is legal to carry around an ounce of Marijuana in the state, and it is legal to grow up to six Marijuana plants. Marijuana Laws in Colorado are still restrictive when it comes to selling Marijuana though. Marijuana dispensaries are only allowed to sell Marijuana which they have grown themselves . Marijuana sold by dispensaries must be tested for quality control purposes, but there is no regulation on where this Marijuana can come from. Marijuana growers in Colorado do not have to be centrally located though, making Marijuana very accessible for people with Medical Marijuana Cards.

An interesting aspect about Marijuana Laws in Colorado is that Marijuana dispensaries are taxed at a higher rate than any other business . Retail Marijuana Sales and Medical Marijuana both see this tax applied, and the revenues of these taxes are used to benefit public school budgets. Marijuana dispensaries are also prohibited from being located within 1,000 feet of a public or private elementary, middle, junior high, or high school. Marijuana Laws in Colorado are becoming more relaxed as time goes on. There is also talk about Marijuana becoming legalized throughout the United States within the next few years.

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