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Does Smoking Cannabis Mixed With Tobacco Get You Higher?

Everyone has heard the myth that smoking Cannabis mixed with tobacco gets you higher. As it turns out, there is no scientific evidence to support this conclusion. And people continue to smoke marijuana mixed with tobacco. Smoking the blend is based on historical practices; and social prevalence in society and culture. The mixture of different substances within the same inhaled breath may heighten some effects, which some experienced smokers believe. Meaning, aspect of THC pharmacology can affect the user having a euphoric feel.

The primary reason smoking marijuana mixed with tobacco is to increase the high experience. The assumption from either substance mimics how inhalers should smoke their cigarettes. Causing marijuana, smokers often hold their hits in for extended periods. This practice can maximize their THC absorption. The mixing of tobacco with marijuana, the same smoking practice, makes the experience more intense.

Does Smoking Cannabis Mixed With Tobacco Get You Higher

Many myths connect with smoking marijuana and Tobacco together. People who smoke the combination report experiencing a more excellent high. The thing is, cigarette smoke alone does cause some change in the brain. This is bad for your lungs and heart and can cause many health complications. And smoking marijuana its effects do cause neurological changes in the brain. Albeit the difference is for a short time. With tobacco consumption, you continue smoking to experience feeling the effects. 

Smoking Tobacco is Bad for you! And combining Tobacco and Cannabis; can be just as bad. Here are some scientific facts to help your decision-making about smoking a spliff. Which is the combination of Cannabis and Tobacco for smoking. 

The University College of London, their researchers’ experimented with 24 volunteers who have experienced weed users. The experiment was to see their reactions to smoking a combination of Cannabis and Tobacco, marijuana and placebo, Tobacco and placebo, and Placebo. The volunteers in the experiment had their heart rates, blood pressure, and memory tests. After each session, tests as to how stoned they are. 

Reported Results of The Experiment 

  • Smoking Weed and Tobacco – no change in the level of high.
  • Some issues based on amount of use- smoking Cannabis
  • Fewer immediate memory issues- smoking tobacco and Cannabis
  • Increased heart rate- smoking Cannabis and tobacco
  • Smoking marijuana and Tobacco – increased blood pressure.
  • Smoking Tobacco – improvement in the level of concentration.

The researchers concluded that smoking tobacco does aid in more and better concentration. And the better attention is because of the nicotine in tobacco. Smoking a Cannabis and Tobacco mix is dangerous. Nicotine is harmful to your heart and lungs. And smoking weed must be done under controlled conditions for your safety.

Feelings Experienced Smoking Cannabis And Tobacco 

People smoking tobacco can experience changes in their brain activity. Which is different from smoking marijuana. With Cannabis and its THC content, there is euphoria. Combining the two substances, users may believe there is a higher high! Many Weed smokers enjoy an excellent spliff.

Smoking a Cannabis and Tobacco spliff will experience a certain level of euphoria. The effects are different, smoking only Weed. The feeling is called a Mellow High! The combination makes you feel relaxed and happy, and you smile a lot, something like the Cheshire cat. 

Study On Percentage Of Cannabis v Tobacco And THC 

This Study is based on the research done and reported by The NIH on Cannabis smoke condensate II: influence of tobacco on tetrahydrocannabinol levels. The Study looked at the THC content of smoke released from a spliff rolled with 25% Cannabis; it measured 32.70mg/gram. And, a spliff which is a combination of marijuana and Tobacco the emitted smoke measured in THC content a whopping; 58.90mg/gram. Concluding the researchers based on these findings was; Cannabis mixed with tobacco does enhance the vaporized THC effects for smokers by 45%. 

Considering these findings and the known harmful effects tobacco has on the body, it is safe to say smoking Tobacco is BAD for users. And smoking Cannabis is safer! There are no recorded studies of it being detrimental to the user, except for a natural HIGH YOU GET FROM CONSUMING ITS THC!. 

Featured - Does Smoking Cannabis Mixed With Tobacco Get You Higher?


Some people also believe that adding tobacco to cannabis makes the high last longer. However, this has not been proven and is likely due to the fact that those who smoke cannabis with tobacco are generally less frequent users than those who only smoke cannabis. It could also be because smokers of both substances may be more likely to inhale deeply and hold their breath for a longer time than those who only use cannabis, which would increase the amount of time that the toxins are in contact with their lungs.

The bottom line is that smoking cannabis mixed with tobacco does not get you higher than smoking cannabis alone. However, it may increase the intensity of the effects and lengthen the duration of the high. If you are looking to get the most out of your cannabis experience, we recommend that you avoid mixing it with tobacco and instead enjoy it in its pure form.

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