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Does Smoking Weed Make you More Focused?

In a world where there is considerably so much going on, we can barely delay to think twice, stop and breathe in the delicate aroma of roses. We drive fast, speak rapidly, and even when we sleep, there is no time for even a catnap; our brains are constantly laboring to keep up with bills, our households, and even our responsibilities for the day. Thinking about challenges too much can cause our lives to spiral out of control. And the capacity to withstand bombardments from life can cause us to plunge into a cycle of turmoil, distress, chaos, and our harmony becomes greatly aggravated.  So does smoking weed make you more focused?

Does Smoking Marijuana Make You More Focused? 

The search heightens for serenity and relief and the opportunity to concentrate on our quest for agreement in life. Enter, Marijuana. “It keeps me calm, allows me to express myself with clarity,” says ‘B.’ Mr. Clarke states an identical opinion, “Smoking the herb gives me energy. Especially since I am not lazy, it stimulates and increases my potential to work and keep fit. Should somebody provoke me, try to upset me, and get me irritated, I am peaceful once I have smoked weed, which is in my core. And I can function with my day-to-day life.” 

The story goes about a musician named Malcolm Kogut, who, while hiking with friends, smoked pot, and happened to pass a vast lake. In conversation, he referred to the lake, to which his friends replied, “what lake?” Persons in the arts, musicians, dancers and even philosophically-minded people claim heightened focus, and clearer imagination; however, there is also an elimination of inhibitions, which causes relaxation and dispels fear. 

There is a former competitive runner by the name of Mike King, in 2019, who said that individuals react differently: lack of concentration and then.

“My brain is like a laser that picks up every word, letter, and nuance.”

A source titled VeRIHEL, in August of 2021, submitted data stating that many individuals residing in the United States started smoking Cannabis to provide stress relaxation and happiness. Between January 2020 to March 2021, a database of patients from Veriheal (125,000 persons) revealed that applications for medical cards for Medical Cannabis increased during the Covid-19 Pandemic and related infections. 

Medical Cannabis has traditionally been viewed as an alternative treatment for relieving physical pain and chronic ailments,” said MAha Haq, CEO of Culticaiton Research Education and Advocacy Group (CREA). The natural effect of smoking marijuana; was to gain that ‘happy’ feeling (46%) while less than ⅓ needed pain relief. 

Of course, let’s be real: All statistics are malleable and can be manipulated in any direction. Always take any statistic with a grain of salt.

Cannabis Class What Do Cured Cannabis Buds Look Like - The Stone
Cannabis Class What Do Cured Cannabis Buds Look Like – The Stone

Research has shown, because of current times, people with the stress of Covid-19, unemployment, and other stressful factors yearned for that feeling of well-being and

the ability to focus on anything that furnished serenity. Pat Anson, the editor for PNN, noted that society was looking to plant Marijuana; to provide relief from psychological stressors; the latter connected to upheavals in society. This discovery boosts professors in the medical profession to better discern consumer relationships with Cannabis. Once this happens, there will be critical advancements in the quality of therapy related to programs in mental healthcare.

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Colorado Marijuana Deals and Coupons

The State of Colorado is home to many retail and recreational dispensaries. Today, the states have recorded over 1000 dispensaries within its city, Denver- “The Mile High City,” hitting records of over 200 retail dispensaries. The Cannabis industry remains competitive as retailers compete in offering world-class strains of marijuana and marijuana-related products such as concentrates, edibles, drinks, and vapers, in naming a few.

Colorado Marijuana Deals and Coupons 

To complement these highly consumed products are attractive deals, coupons, and rewards programs designed to stay ahead of competitors and gain a larger market share. This article explores enticing deals’, coupons/offers to consumers by some of the largest dispensaries within the state of Colorado.

The Green Solution has approximately 21 locations across Colorado and holds a competitive edge to remain top tier within the Cannabis industry. The retail dispensaries offer a wide variety of flavoury flowers, concentrates, and edibles backed by daily deals. Tailoring each experience, The Green Solution offers early bird and late-night happy hour each day of the week.

These deals allow consumers to earn an extra 10% on in-store purchases and a daily bundle deal on popular brands; vape pens, pre-rolls, truffles, gummies, drinks, and flowers, with huge savings offered between 15%- 30%. Not only that, to top it all off, these savings are local special deals, 50% off price matching on digital coupons, and the opportunity to be enrolled in The Green Lifestyle rewards program, where members earn points on every purchase.

Interestingly, LivWell, another giant within the Cannabis industry, offers similar deals with minute differentiation and branded exclusivity. The LivWell rewards program allows a customer to earn a point on every dollar spent, discounts on pre- weigh flowers, members-only special offers, new member deals, and

medical member discounts. Also, members are allowed a $10 reward credit on their birthday. This retail dispensary, like many others, offers BOGO savings/ discounts, for instance, buy 1 get 1, at a penny, or 50% off different marijuana-related products. One of the most attractive deals is their selected vendor deals, offering savings between 10%-25% all day on almost all products.

Furthermore, other retail dispensaries across Colorado; offer deals and coupons outside of what is mentioned above. These may include but are not limited to gift cards, Cannabis accessories, and coupons, allowing a customer

to build their collection and save up to 15%, veterans discounts, best weed deals, and holiday specials. These great deals and discounts are entertainment days of the week that also feature huge savings. The Rocky Station High Company has a designated Cannabis station that highlights each day specials, for example:

  • Munchi Mondays-BOGO deals
  • Two Fer Tuesdays-2 grams of live resin for only $55
  • Wellness Wednesdays-20% off all CBD products
  • Thirsty Thursdays-20% on cannabis drinks
  • Friday Highday
  • Shatterday Saturday
  • Funday Sunday.

All in all, Colorado is the benchmark for what Cannabis dispensaries can achieve worldwide. Their dispensary menu features selections of Cannabis products coupled with fascinating deals of all time. It is highly recommended to visit as many dispensaries’ websites for information on the array of deals, coupons, and reward programs available to eligible consumers.


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