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Cannabis Edibles vs Flower: Busting Myths

The Cannabis edibles and flower are products not many people are informed about it. So, busting the myths concerning the plant is our goal. Cannabis is a herb and can be consumed orally and in smoke form. Edibles are made from concentrates extracted from the flowers and leaves of the plant. Vaporizing is another method of consumption of the plant. This method is, the act of heating up your herb to around 400 degrees. This releases the active ingredients into vapor form that you inhale into your lungs. Very similar to smoking but without all the carcinogens created from burning the flower. 

Medical Cannabis edibles comes in many forms including oils, waxes, and tinctures. When sold in pill form, meaning no smokable “flower” counterpart is present. And, often times people do not recognize this as being medical marijuana. The confusion behind Medical Cannabis has led to many myths. In this article I will be busting those common myths about edibles vs flower so you know what it actually entails!

Cannabis Edibles vs Flower: Busting Myths

This is a myth; Medical Cannabis flowers and edibles not restricted to consumption in smokable form. And consumption of these products are in many forms. You can consume Cannabis products by infusing oils and extracts in brownies, candy, teas, and drinks. There is also the option of vaping, which is more convenient for both recreational and medical purposes.

The other common Medical Marijuana myth we will be busting:

Cannabis Edibles vs Flower: Health Benefits

Most Medical Marijuana products contains the compound THC- Tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD- Cannabinoid. THC is responsible for users to experience the High! CBD is the compound in most medical Cannabis products for relief of patients suffering from arthritis, nausea, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. Scientifically proven to effect relief for patients.

THC of 20-60% potency may not be contained in these products in comparison to CBD levels of potency in medical marijuana.

Edible Medical Cannabis vs Flower: Which is Better?

Edibles are becoming popular due to its convenience of use. The products also has longer lasting effects compared to smoking. Because smoking weed can be offensive, eating the product is more agreeable.

Now here is what you’ve all been waiting for, the difference between flowers for smoking vs edibles.

When it comes to Cannabis flowers, THC is much lower than the content in edibles. Although smoking flowers gives the effects a lot quicker than consuming edibles. The effects take at least 30 to 60 minutes after using to feel its effects. People that smoke weed generally do this as a recreational pass time. The effects are based on the strain smoked and how much you smoke.

Medical marijuana products- edibles, brownies, Topicals, creams, and oils, are sold in licensed dispensaries. The potency levels of THC/CBD extracts contained in these products are dependent on the strain and the method of extraction used.

Marijuana Edibles and Flowers Legal in States and Their Guidelines for use

States like Colorado, Washington and California have actually put limits on the amount of medicinal sold to patients. The patients can only purchase from dispensaries if they have a legal prescription from a licensed Cannabis doctor. And the patient much show a legal medical card at the dispensary. The Cannabis flowers and edibles dispensaries are required by law, to only dispense to patients what is on the prescription. Should the patient need a higher dose of the drug or are needing more frequent hits, they need to consult their doctor.

Consumption of edibles do take longer for the effects to be felt. The dispensary staff must advise customers as it relates to how and when to use the particular product they are dispensing. Due to the fact that it takes a longer time to feel the affects, patients have discovered, if they consume edibles 20 minutes after smoking some flowers, it speeds up the effect of the edibles. This causes patients to get relief that much quicker.

Although many people think I am wrong because you can get “super high” from eating Cannabis flowers and edibles. There are guidelines set by state laws on how much THC is contained in servings of edibles. This has caused marijuana dispensaries across America to label all Cannabis flowers and edibles products with dosage amounts and other important information such as ingredients. Now, I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad; rather making sure you know what potency contents are available for purchasing. Which is a good thing, because, trust me when I say; the last thing you need is to end up in an emergency room due to consuming too potent a drug. .

Cannabis Edibles vs Flowers Consider Your Preference

Now before I let you go off into this world of Cannabis Edibles vs Medical Cannabis Flower, I want to make sure you’re aware that smoking weed can actually be bad for you! Many studies shows smoking anything has negative health effects ranging from cancer to brain damage and death. (crazy right?). When it comes down to it, although smoking may give quick relief, edibles are becoming the future of medical marijuana treatment.

Its a non-invasive nature on your lungs and whole body. Although all these claims are just speculations until doctors have conducted studies on long term effects of medical marijuana patients. I think having a healthy lifestyle should always take priority!

So what’s better Cannabis Edibles or Flower? In my personal opinion, Cannabis Edibles! I think it is crucial to have a healthy body and mind. Once you are aware of your limits on either edibles or flower then there the responsibility factor kicks in. If you’re anything like me then you know that sometimes smoking can be a huge pain due to its cancer causing agents. Lung cancer is a bitch.

If this happens I recommend eating an edible to make sure that your experience with medical marijuana is a pleasant one! Although flowers has been around for many years, the dawn of Cannabis Edibles opens up new opportunities for patients all across America. The fact is, using the herb does help countless people with cancer for needed relief. Prescription meds can cause more issues than cannabis.

Is Eating Cannabis Safer Than Smoking?

When we think of eating Cannabis, many people believe in eating the plant. This is possible, but you will not get the same results as eating the products manufactured from it. 

Cannabis Edible Products 

Cannabis Edibles are made from flower concentrates. The plant contains compounds called THCA-tetrahydrocannabinol acid and CBDA- cannabidiol acid. For extracting THCA and CBDA, the plant goes through a process called decarboxylation. On exposing the plant to the heating process of decarboxylation, the active compounds of THC and CBD; can be extracted. 

The concentrates extracted from the plant are contained in the products made. Edibles can be gummies, suckers, brownies, oils, and tinctures. These products may contain THC or only CBD, depending on what uses they are to benefit consumers. 

THC content Cannabis edibles products are for recreational users, while; CBD content edibles are for medical relief. Recreational Cannabis; because its THC compound that causes psychoactive effects , you can experience euphoric, mellow, and sometimes erratic behavior. The use of recreational Cannabis must be used responsibly If you are using recreationally for the first time, you should go slow and carefully. 

CBD content Cannabis edibles are prescribed for medical purposes. People who use Cannabis for medical purposes must have a license medical card. The drug must be prescribed mainly by their doctor. The edibles are mainly for treating chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, stress, sleep aids, and appetite loss. These CBD products do not contain intoxicating properties. Your doctor’s prescription is what you should follow, and the Cannabis dispensary you buy your prescription will indicate to you how to consume based on the percentage of CBD in the product. 

Smoking Cannabis 

There is not much literature on studies of the effects of smoking Cannabis flower. But the available research does show that smoking and inhaling the anything can be harmful to the lungs. There is no direct correlation between Cannabis smoking and some cancers, although, there is research that intimate this possibility. To alleviate this concern, consuming edibles are considered safer than smoking the plant. 

To get the full benefit from edibles, you need to understand the strengths and the effects on your body after consumption. When smoking weed, you will feel the effects almost immediately. Consuming edibles, the effects, are felt between 30- 60 minutes after consumption. This is what many people do not fully understand. So, they consume more, believing they have not ingested enough, which can cause an overdose. 

The Cannabis Dispensary you buy legally should tell you how much of a gummy to eat on your first go. Drinking the Cannabis infused drink also depends on the amount of CBD it contains; brownies are the same, even suckers. 

Cannabis Flowers Using and The Responsibility

Should you decide to smoke some flowers, buying from a dispensary is the way to go. Some illegal sellers can have products laced with pesticides that are harmful if ingested. And, this is where the danger lies. Buying from registered and licensed Dispensaries, their products are certified by laboratory testing. And, the products contain approved amounts of THC and CBD. 

Although we at The Stone have given you a lot to think about, the caution; be aware of your options. Find out what works best for you as a medical marijuana patient. I also ask; you keep an open mind and consider, there are options other than prescription drugs.

Marijuana was made illegal due to claims that it has no medical value yet states are now legalizing Edibles across the country. Which tells me, people are finally starting to wake up and realize how important this plant is to us! If they didn’t believe Cannabis helped, then, they wouldn’t fight so hard for medicinal use to be legalized. So keep your head high, make sure always wash your bud before smoking; knowing full well that you are doing nothing wrong!


 Whatever you decide to do, make sure you always stay safe and responsible. Marijuana is not for everyone but I can tell you that there are plenty of people out there who will benefit from its medicinal properties! Although it might be difficult at first to find someone willing to buy medical marijuana off of you, once it becomes legal in your state, the market will explode, causing prices to go down rapidly allowing many more people access to Cannabis Edibles vs Medical Cannabis Flower; making this all worth while right? Until next time my friends… Stay high! And remember, YOU GOT THIS!!

Featured - Cannabis Edibles vs Flower: Busting Myths

Today, there are a vast amount of options available when it comes to choosing cannabis. These choices include flowers, concentrates, and edibles. The most popular choice is Cannabis Edibles vs Flower.

Cannabis flower has been the traditional method for consuming marijuana for decades. However, leaning more towards a healthier lifestyle is a factor in a lot of people’s decision-making process when it comes to smoking flower versus eating an edible or vaping.

One major factor in deciding between flower and an edible is the taste . Many choose not to smoke because the smell gives away their usage to other individuals which may cause them complications. There are also those who simply do not like the intensity associated with inhaling flower. The taste of an edible is milder than consuming flower, which can be appealing to those who do not like the harshness of smoking weed.

The choice between Flower and Edibles is an individual one, but it is important to consider all possibilities before deciding on one over the other. It is vital that Botanists educate themselves on the differences between each product if they are to make an educated decision when purchasing cannabis versus choosing their method of consumption by smoking or eating/drinking.

Cannabis flowers are less expensive than edibles; however, some dosing issues may prevent them from being more cost efficient for consumers. Flower has a longer shelf life than edibles, allowing for it to be bought in bulk at a lower per-unit cost. This is one factor that may prevent the average consumer from choosing edibles over flower due to the price of an edible being more expensive than their equivalent dose of flowers. Many choose not to smoke because the smell gives away their usage to other individuals which may cause them complications.

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