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Does that Sticky Yicky Yicky stink?

The answer to the sticky yicky question on numerous occasions is a resounding YES!! Most people believe that it does not have an odor because we are dealing with Cannabis vapors and not Cannabis smoke.

Does that Sticky Yicky Yicky stink?

The truth is, what you smell may not be what you expect. Because people smoking cigarettes experience an overwhelming odor even hours or days after smoking. While vaping and the vapors from the Cannabis product of your choice may not give off a disgustingly putrid smell like cigarettes, you do have some Sticky Yicky odor. 

Does Cannabis Vapor Have an Odor?

Cannabis Plants: Males and Females and Spotting them - The Stone
Cannabis Plants: Males and Females and Spotting them – The Stone

Those incredibly voluminous clouds of vapors that emit from your vaporizer for you to inhale; are mainly some elements of steam. Once the heat is generated in your vaporizer machine and; the Cannabis oil or concentrate is heated to the desired temperature, the plumes of vapors arise when you inhale and release the mouthpiece. The odor you smell may be like popcorn, peanut butter, or weed. And as said before, it depends on what you choose to vape from the Cannabis menu. 

Expert vapers of Cannabis products will tell you that no matter how heated the elements in your vaporizer gets, the odor after vaping is not as stank as cigarettes or smoking a joint. This is because cigarette smoke and weed smoke are much denser than vapors. Your upholstery is tainted, your walls smell of smoke, even your clothes. If the person smoked in your bedroom, no amount of air freshener could get that smell out. You may have to consider painting and plan a day to redo your laundry to get the smell out. 

The odor dissipates after a few minutes

depending on the area you choose to vape with vaping. A ventilated space will clear off-odor quicker than a small space. One thing to consider; if your vaping experience does not leave you with an odor of either popcorn, peanut butter, or weed, then you have to wonder what the HELL you were using? Counterfeit substances are sold at “corner spots,” so it is best to buy from a licensed Cannabis Dispensary. They are certified to sell products from the best suppliers they can engage in, and some do grow and process their Cannabis plants. 

Long Term Vaping Live Resin Is it Safe - The Stone
Long Term Vaping Live Resin Is it Safe – The Stone

Vaping can be a discreet engagement if you are on the go…

Depending on what you are doing and where you are going, an after-work jamming session with friends vaping the best Cannabis concentrate can be rewarding. 

It is best to have a recreational party with friends and in a space where you can enjoy a drag or vape while having a good conversation. If you are vaping for medical reasons, you don’t want to explain why it is best to vape in a well-ventilated space or do it at home, which is more private. Vaping is your business; doing it responsibly is a choice.

Being discreet is also the way to ensure you don’t offend anyone. Not everyone enjoys the odors of Cannabis, whether vaping or smoking it. Unless; you don’t care which, is another matter altogether. 


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Featured - Does that Sticky Yicky Yicky stink?

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The Stone offers Colorado’s most extensive selection.

The Stone has Colorado’s best marijuana, and you can tell when you go in there.

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