The Stone: What is Edible Marijuana Candy And Can You Buy Online

Marijuana has been a storm all on its own since it became legal in countries worldwide. The fear of the unknown concerning this plant is no longer the issue. It is the information attached to the products that most people want to make informed decisions. Getting the answers to what are edible marijuana candy and can you buy online is the question on everyone’s lips. Getting the answers to the two questions can help consumers navigate when making purchases. 

We are not saying that smoking marijuana is no longer popular. We are saying that because edibles are more efficient, less messy, and concealable, customers are seeking the best product for them and their needs. So, What is edible marijuana candy and can you buy online?

What Is Edible Marijuana Candy

Edible marijuana are foods that you can eat or drink., and it is possible to buy online. The science behind these edible products is foods you can bake, mold, blend, and infuse with concentrates, oils, and buds from the plant.

Anything consumables that fit within these categories of foods marijuana can be in them. And because these edibles contain marijuana concentrates, they are more potent in the effects people experience. More potent than smoking buds and leaves, that was the primary use decades ago. Unfortunately, smoking marijuana is still a pastime for many people. However, because edibles are available in different options, manufacturers are creative in making their products attractive to customers. 

Consumption of marijuana edibles, like candy, can take much longer to feel its effects, hence the popularity. And this is the reason people research facts about these products. The more experienced users of marijuana edibles already understand what to expect, and they are more interested in newer options for them to try. There is also the research as to the legality of buying edible marijuana candy online.

Types Of Marijuana Edibles 

  • Candy’s: Gummies, lollies, taffy, nut bars, breath mints, chocolates, and more.
  • Baked goods: Brownies, cookies, pretzels, crackers, and more.
  • Beverages: Teas, drinks, coffee-infused drinks, juices, and more.
  • Butters and Oils: Coconut marijuana-infused butter and oils.
  • Meals: Salads, soups, seasoning packets, and more.

Although these are edible marijuana products, some are homemade. However, there is also the convenience of buying marijuana edible products online to save you the hassle of a DIY project. How easy is it to buy edible marijuana candy online?

What Is Contained In Marijuana Edibles Like Candy’s

It is safest to buy edible marijuana candy online from a marijuana dispensary. And the reasons are:

Because marijuana contains over 100 chemical compounds, scientists are ardently working to know more about them. They already understand more about the two most talked about chemicals: THC and CBD. THC is the chemical in marijuana that causes the euphoric effect, while CBD is associated with relieving symptoms like anxiety, inflammation, nausea, etc. 

Most marijuana candy contains THC in varying percentages of potency. However, for commercial use, the FDA relays on manufacturers to ensure their products do not have more than 0.03% THC. Natural THC extract from weed can contain as much as 70%. And this is why people who grow marijuana plants need to understand about making edibles.

Unless they know the potency of the strain they grow, making their edibles can be tricky. It is safest to buy your concentrate from a cannabis dispensary, which sells the FDA-regulated amount of THC in its extracts. 

How To Consume Edible Marijuana Candy

Consumption of any food means you eat them. We all know how to eat, so there is no surprise there. The things to know about marijuana candy are how much to eat at any time and the expected effects.

Eating marijuana edibles/ candy for the first time can be overwhelming. You are unsure of what to expect, and you are cautious because you hear some horror stories of other people’s experiences. Caution is a good thing, and this helps in your being careful and following the advice and recommendations of your weed dispensary’s budtender. 

How To Begin?

Firstly, let the budtender know you are a newbie to weed, which is not something to be shy about saying. They will advise you to start low and take it slow. 

For recreational use, start with candy like gummies with THC. As mentioned earlier, THC is for the high most people want to experience. For a new user of the product, then a potency level of 2mg or less is recommended. Gummies are easy to dose and eaten for flavor. Please wait for 30 minutes to two hours to start feeling its effects. Never consume more before the time has elapsed, as you can become quite intoxicated. 

For medicinal use, start with candy that contains CBD/THC. Most medicinal marijuana candies or products have a ratio of 70%CBD and less than 0.03% THC, which is legal by FDA standards. Medical marijuana patient requires only to get relief from their symptoms. Therefore they don’t want to feel high. Medical marijuana products facilitate this. This combination of THC and CBD does give the user a mild yet calming euphoric experience while effecting relief of medical symptoms. 

Caution When Consuming Edible Marijuana Candy

Because edible marijuana candy looks like candy for children, adults should take precautions when consuming and ensure storage with care. Children are curious, and the candy is candy! If you are not careful when storing your marijuana edibles like candy, they can get at it. 

The Parents website reports: THC Candy Puts Kids at Risk For Overdose.

Quote: “Many marijuana edibles companies are without shame overstepping on marketing. As a result, they put consumers at risk and infringe on the trademarks of well-known and trusted confectionery brands,” Christopher Gindlesperger, the senior vice president of public affairs and communications for the National Confectioners Association, said in an email to 7 News Boston.

One terrible consequence of these aggressive and misleading marketing tactics is that kids get sick and end up in hospitals. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there were 4,172 cannabis exposure cases in kids under nine between 2017 and 2019. Roughly half of those, 45.7 percent, were associated with THC edibles.” End quote.

What To Do In The Event Of Edible Marijuana Overdose By A Child?

Unlike an adult being intoxicated after consuming edible marijuana candy containing THC, children are at higher risk for being poisoned and even worse. Therefore, it is the onus of both manufacturers and parents to be responsible. Manufacturers must label their products carefully while ensuring the containment of where they sell. They must also package products in child-proof packaging. And we can not stress enough; parents must store their marijuana responsibly. 

Not because edible marijuana and its candy products are legal means we should be irresponsible!

Online Purchasing of Edible Marijuana Candy and Other Products

Since online marketing is the rage, parents must ensure the monitoring of sites for their children, especially teenagers. Their level of curiosity and age is caution enough not to consume marijuana. An 18-year-old is the minimum age for using weed in any order. Being below 18 years can be detrimental to their mental development and well-being.

However, some marijuana dispensaries facilitate online buying of marijuana edibles and other products. It depends on the state you live in and who accommodates these practices. Ensure you adhere to your State laws concerning online marijuana transactions. If you are unsure, do the needed research to be on the safe side of these laws. And we at The Stone do hope we have answered your question; what is edible marijuana candy and can we buy online?

And remember, marijuana edibles, candies, and other products are not harmful. It is how responsible your usage is that determines the results.





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